Laem Tong Beach

A Pristine Stretch of White Sand

A pristine stretch of white sand backed by turquoise water makes Laem Tong Beach one of the best places for a quiet holiday. It is a magical beach for visitors around the globe. Dotted with palm trees, it offers an amazing ambiance to relax and unwind amidst nature.

The scenery is so real that it reconnects you with nature and awakens the poet within yourself. No wonder you can choose Laem Tong Beach for a complete makeover of mind.           

More About Laem Tong beach

About Laem Tong beach

Laem Tong Beach is ideal for a serene vacation around the water. It is a location of some of the top-class resorts of Thailand where you can spend nights while exploring the beach. The resorts give their guests the best living experience, complete privacy, and a beautiful ambiance for relaxation.

Also, the seabed of this beach has a uniform depth of approximately up to a hundred meters until the beginning of the coral reef and marine life. When the reef begins, there is the Drop Off. It is a big jump along a steep cliff from where you can go deep under the sea to witness the beautiful creatures.

In addition to this, windsurfing and scuba diving are popular on this beach conditioning that attracts a number of visitors. Moreover, right in front of sand, although too far to swim to, there are Mosquito Island, Bamboo Island, and Hin Klang. These are famous snorkeling and diving locations in Phi Phi island. By longtail boat, these are just 5 to 10 minutes away from  Long Tong Beach.

As a result, it is an ideal place for a relaxing and peaceful holiday in a tropical paradise. You can also enjoy good food along with fresh seafood in the best restaurants of Laem Tong beach.

Highlights of  Laem Tong Beach

Right from water sports and leisure activities to extravagant nightlife, Laem Tong Beach offers the best of everything! You will find various activities in and around this place. Some of the best things to do in Laem Tong Beach include:

  • Swimming: This is an ideal beach for swimming or sunbathing. Bring beach towels when you are here. So, do not forget to bring your swim costumes with you to enjoy swimming at one of the most beautiful Koh Phi Phi beaches.
  • Sunsets: This beach is also known for its gorgeous sunset view. Spread a mat and treat your eyes to one of the best sunsets you dream about.
  • Luxury resorts: Some of the best resorts in Phi Phi are located at Laem Tong Beach. If you are not staying at these resorts,  you can still come here to have a lavish lunch.
  • Relax and unwind: There are various hammocks available under the shade of coconut palms where you can relax and unwind yourself here. Holiday Inn Resort also offers sun loungers to its guests to enjoy the sunbath.
  • Windsurfing: The warm flat water and the cool breeze are excellent for windsurfing at this beach. You should come here to enjoy the weather, natural beauty, and food all in one place.
  • Snorkeling: Swim out to the drop-off, and you’ll find excellent snorkeling. You can witness coral at the north end of this beach without swimming too. Remember to take a snorkel with you because when you swim, you may get to coral and rocks and can have fun snorkeling.
  • Hop on Hop off boats: If you like are looking for something other than sunbath and swimming,  there is the Hop on Hop off boats. These boats sail a fixed route at fixed times, and you can enjoy riding on them. For example, you can go to Mosquito and Bamboo Island using these boats. The best part is that you can also organize your own private tour with a longtail boat by paying a little higher on the beach.
  • Learn diving: On the beach, there are diving schools where you can take lessons or go on diving trips. For this, you need to pay some bucks.

How to Get There?

The only access to this beach of Phi Phi is by long-tail boat. You can get the van to reach Klong Jirad Pier from Krabi Airport. Then, take the ferry to Tonsai Village in Phi Phi island. And, from Tonsai Village, you can take a longtail boat to reach Laem Tong Beach.

Long-tail boats to/from Tonsai Village are available all time of the day. Also, there are several ferries that you can book to reach Laem Tong beach. It takes about an hour from Tonsai to the beach from where you can see the spectacular view of the sea.

Laem Tong Beach Nightlife

As the sun goes down, the lively Kho Phi Phi island offers experiences that don’t let people fall asleep. There is a Sunset Satay bar in the Holiday Inn Resort which is really impressive, where you can experience Laem Tong’s nightlife at its best. This is just a 10-minute walk along the beach on the comfortable footpath. It offers an energetic ambiance, a delightful menu of cocktails and mocktails, and music. Also, there is Jasmine BBQ restaurant which becomes the busiest place after being filled with a fun atmosphere.

Tips for Visitors

  • Get to the beach early to avoid crowds. The views of crystal clear water and coconut palms are breathtaking, and you must not miss them, including the sunset.
  • Carry a beach towel or an old bed sheet so that you can relax on the beach. In addition, it is best to carry a sunscreen lotion, a pair of flip flops, quick-drying towels, and plenty of water with you.

Laem Tong Beach Hotels and Resorts

This beach has the best luxurious resort on Phi Phi – Holiday Inn Resort, where you can plan your stay. Holiday Inn has bungalows filled with all the comforts for guests. Also, the resort has luxury pool villas for couples or a family.

In addition to this, there is P.P. Erawan Palms Resort and Phi Phi Natural Resort that are affordable and best to spend nights. So, there are popular destinations on Laem Tong Beach where you can plan your stay.


Of course, one of the most important considerations for tourists when visiting a vacation place is their facilities because excellent amenities could also determine the enjoyment of the tourists relaxing the beach.

Staying in Laem Tong beach is sure to be an exquisite one because your visit could be slightly costly because of its world-class ambience to offer you and your family.

Some stays in Laem Tong can be high-end in terms of prices in turn of the decent vacation experience.

For your guidance, here are some of the things you could expect in Laem Tong beach facilities:

  1. Sun Loungers – Unlike other beaches, there are no sun loungers or umbrellas rentable for tourists, but most hotels offer them for their guests. This situation is because Laem Tong’s design is made for high-end resorts. 
  2. Rentable chairs – There are rentable chairs around the beach, and they are affordable.
  3. Toilets – are very accessible around the beach and can be found anywhere in hotels and restaurants.
  4. Tiny market – Phi Phi Natural Resort is open to serving tourists as a mini-market that offers beachwear, souvenirs, and necessities that most tourists look for.


Of course, tourists would love to become refreshed by exploring the unique attractions that they can wander on the island of Koh Phi Phi Don’s Laem Tong.

With this, along with many other things, one can say that attractions are named like that because they lure people to visit their place, and of course, it is worth it.

To know more about the stunning tourist attractions in Laem Tong Beach, here are some of them for you to fancy:

  1. Loh Bakao bay viewpoint – This majestic view is a 200-metre climb that crosses the bridge before Aroi Dee restaurant. Wait for a few treks, and an enjoyable dirt trail awaits you. The route to the viewpoint may take you from twenty to thirty minutes. If you only have your flip-flops, it may be fine, but it is highly suggested to wear proper trekking shoes that are more robust. On the way up, expect spectacular Phi Phi views of Loh Lanah bay and some views of Loh Ba Kao.
  2. Phi Phi Natural Resort – With vivid-coloured longtail boats to get you roaming here, coral reefs are also awaiting you. These boats can take you out to the Bamboo island or Mosquito Island, which are neighbouring Islands of Laem Tong, and are both of which have white sand beaches and beautiful snorkelling spots. 


Another way to enjoy your vacation at Laem Tong Beach is to engage yourself in fun-filled activities you can try while you are chasing the sun here in the Koh Phi Phi Don island.

Laem Tong beach offers activities since they are an excellent way to keep your heart pumping, not just for the majestic view but also for the activities that will keep your heart healthy and active.

Watch out as we give you a bucket list of activities to do while your stay in Laem Tong Beach:

  1. Water activities – Of course, who would miss the fun water sports activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, and scuba diving in the clear blue waters of Laem Tong. You can also try windsurfing, which you can find to rent at any resort.
  2. Beach sports – Activities such as beach volley, football, and badminton can make you enjoy your stay at Laem Tong beach if you wish to have an active day.
  3. Thai Culinary – The Thai culture is sure to have a vibrant culture, and one of knowing them is by enjoying Thai cooking classes. 

When to Visit Laem Tong Beach?

When to Visit Laem Tong Beach

The best time to visit this beach is between November to March as the weather remains delightful, perfect for enjoying the beautiful outdoors. These months allow you to enjoy the crystalline waters, a plethora of adventure activities, and natural surroundings. Also, at this time, there’s low humidity and the cool breezes make it feel less hot.

However, you can also plan a holiday during any time of the year as this beach is open 365 days. Laem Tong Beach on Phi Phi Island is an ideal place for an amazing beach vacation with stunning views and to get away from the monotonous life. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience. of relaxing and quiet holiday.

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