Loh Dalum Bay in Phi Phi Island

An Absolute Tourist Magnet

Are you looking for the ideal tropical destination to embrace nature? Then that’s Loh Dalum Bay for you, my friend! With exquisite sand, mesmerizing oceanic water, and rich biodiversity, the Loh Dalum beach has everything that you need in one place. You can relish the view of this outstanding bay from the Phi Phi viewpoint itself. 

Of course, there’s more to offer along with the magnificent scenic beauty. But what? Let’s find out: 

About Loh Dalum Bay/ Loh Dalum Beaches

Being one of the busiest and prominent beaches of Phi Phi islands, Loh Dalum Bay is an absolute tourist magnet. It is situated near Tonsai village on the northern side of the sandpit. This sandpit adjoins the two sections of the island. 

The breathtakingly beautiful bay experiences both low and high levels of water tides. During the low tide, the very shallow water drops down to 100 meters with visible stones as aesthetics. 

Likewise, in high tides, the water levels are pretty high. So, it’s worth maintaining distance from the coast, especially for swimmers. Lengthwise it’s about 1.1 km long with a tapered coastline. On the beautiful Loh Dalum beach, you are likely to experience the shallow water, amazing scenic aesthetics, and limestone cliffs. 

About the ambiance, the beach is filled with several restaurants, bars, banks, markets to make a busy bay. Loh Dalum Bay is the ideal place to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones.

Loh Dalum Bay timing: Open 24 hours

Best time to visit Loh Dalum Bay: Dry Season

Things You Can Do at Loh Dalum Bay, Thailand

Things You Can Do at Loh Dalum Bay, Thailand

Besides relishing scenic beauty and nature, Loh Dalum beach is a hotspot for a plethora of outdoor activities (also check out the Monkey BeachThailand ). This includes:

1. Water sports

If you are a fanatic of watersports, Loh Dalum beach has a lot to offer. From parasailing and long tail boat to wakeboarding and banana boat rides, you name and they have it. The combination of watersports with peaceful scenery goes well together. Besides, you can also experience kayaking (Thanks to the flat water flow!) and snorkeling by the entrance. 

2. Parties in Beach Bar

On the east side of Loh Dalum beach, you can enjoy amusing late-night parties and bass-filled music. The vibes are visible as soon as the sun goes down! One of the most renowned beach bars here is Slinky Bar. It’s a hub for games, fire shows, and everything fun in one place. If you win the games, you get mixed drink buckets as a prize.

To make it extra sassy, there is the dazzling swimming pool of Ibiza House Phi Phi near the Slinky bar. Yes, the perfect destination for outdoor pool parties! Note that you may be charged during the days when the parties aren’t held.

3. Jogs and Swims by the Loh Dalum Beach

The peaceful Loh Dalum beach with an enthralling ocean and clean white sand is perfect for jogging. However, make sure to go for morning jogs instead of the evening. That’s because the tide is low, and the turquoise water recedes during the morning. So, you will be able to cherish the moist and comfortable sand. 

For swimmers, the perfect time to dive in would be during the afternoon. You can swim and soak yourself nicely while taking a good sunbath. As it’s surrounded by rocky hills, you wouldn’t experience sunburns. Also, if you aren’t jogging or swimming, the Loh Dalum beaches are the best for a short walk. 

4. Shopping and On-Site Restaurant at Tonsai Village (Near Ton Sai Beach)

Tonsai Village is located between Ton sai beach (or Ton sai bay) and Loh Dalum beach. It’s an absolute hub for shopping enthusiasts with coffee shops, jewelry stores, and book stores. You are also quite likely to get boutiques, air-conditioned rooms, on-site restaurants, the best hotels/rooms, bars, tattoo studios, and other accommodations. 

If you forgot your first aid supplies, you can drop by here. It has full-fledged pharmacies with standard essentials. The place is compact with a source to numerous little alleyways. It also has numerous banks and ATMs for exchanging money.

5. Best Delicacies in the Entire Island

The mesmerizing Loh Dalum beach is home to numerous hotels and eateries. For example, if you are craving Italian dishes, you can go for Ciao Bella. It also serves delicious cocktails with vibing music to maintain a good atmosphere.

Then, you have options like Phi Phi restaurant (for buffets), Thai stalls, and beach-side resorts. From breakfast to lunch, in Loh Dalum beach, your meals would be sorted! The hotels also have a friendly staff and decent attractions to allure the tourists. So, it’s not just the food and ambiance but also the serving facility that’s amazing.

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Loh Dalum Bay

Other than the swimsuits and shades, you have to pre-plan your Loh Dalum beach trip with some essentials. Here’s a quick list:

  • Carry sunscreen to prevent any sunburns. Plus points, if you have a T-shirt to go with the sunblock. 
  • Keep yourself as hydrated as possible. This goes especially for those who are set to gulp down those buckets.
  • Pack insect repellents as you are a bit susceptible to bugs and little creatures. 
  • Do not forget to carry a first aid box and cash for emergencies. Keep yourself updated with emergency contact numbers. 
  • Wear proper footwear like beach shoes to defy the corals. The seabed is covered entirely with the same. 
  • Avoid going to the Loh Dalum beach during high tide as the coastline will be covered with water. 
  • Carry a dry bag to store all your valuables. Secure your mobile phone, gadgets, jewelry, etc., inside the same.
  • Do not throw food packets and containers on the Loh Dalum beach. Instead, carry a garbage bag and discard all your junk in it. 
  • Carry a lip balm to prevent your lips from drying out. That’s because the sunlight, saltwater, and heat can dehydrate the lips. 

Loh Dalum Bay: A Must Visit Heaven By the Sea!

Loh Dalum Bay A Must Visit Heaven By the Sea

From fun activities like watersports to sit-and-chill by the beach, a day in Loh Dalum beach isn’t worth missing! Plan out a trip to Loh Dalum bay with friends, family, or partners, and you won’t regret it (also check out Bamboo Island Phi Phi). 

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