Maya Bay in Phi Phi Island

A Tropical Paradise with Magnificent Corals

Remember the iconic 1999 Leonardo DiCaprio movie “The Beach”? It was shot on the splendid beach called Maya Bay. Since its release, Maya Bay has become the main tourist attraction for travelers around the world. With high cliffs and integrated beaches, it’s one of the scenic natural beauties to cherish. Besides, it’s also a hub for numerous fun and interesting activities that helps to satisfy your sight-seeing soul. There’s a lot to do in Maya Bay.

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Let’s find out: 

About Maya Bay

Situated at the stunning Andaman ( Strait of Malacca in Krabi Province of Thailand), May Bay is a tropical paradise that includes serene white sand and magnificent corals. The gorgeous beach belongs to Hat Noppharat Thara, Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park. While it combines distinct beaches, the main one is around 200 meters in length. 

The attractive Maya Bay also has high cliffs (100 m in height) along the sides. Thanks to its dazzling beauty, it’s a hub for thousands of tourists from around the world. However, to relish its beauty precisely, drop by the beach in the morning as less crowd equals more fun!

Maya Bay timing: 10 am to 4 pm (due to Covid19)

Best time to visit Maya Bay: Between November and April ( peak season and calm sea)

Things You Can Do at Maya Bay Beach

Things You Can Do at Maya Bay Beach

Maya Bay is home to various activities other than by-the-bay chillouts. From interesting water sports to nature explorations, the options are endless: 

1. Snorkeling at Maya Beach

Maya Bay has a rich aquatic biodiversity which is worth the in-depth dive! Thus, snorkeling is one of the activities to try in this natural paradise. If you are an amateur who is new to the sport, do not go deep in the ocean. Instead, stay near the boat and try to be well-protected. Ensure that you are under the surveillance of the crew. You should also have adequate protection through life jackets.

2. Explore the Popular Tourist Attractions and Natural Area

As it’s established within the beautiful ambiance of the Andaman sea, you can’t fall short of sites to explore. Make sure to check out the local sites of the place with serene scenic beauty and wildlife. 

Also, the island is filled with goofy monkeys that are fun to watch! So, next time you hear squeaking sounds, you know from where it’s sourced. It also has the fascinating Ao Phang-nga National Park to make this trip even more memorable. You can explore these places either by road or through the sea.

3. Boat Rides at Thailand’s Maya Bay

Maya Bay is a great destination to experience through boat rides. You can either make the rides short (say around 20 minutes) or as long as 2 hours. It’s also near the largest island, so you can take a boat ride towards the same. About the boat ride tickets, you can get them from the merchant themselves. However, if you have chosen a large hotel as your accommodation, you might get tickets in advance.

4. Admire the Scenic View and Natural Resources

The scenic view of Maya Bay is so elegant that you can do nothing but admire the nature around. Yes, we are talking about the composed ocean, breathtaking floral/coral reefs, natural resources, and silky soft white sand. Just sit by, grab your favorite drink and relax! It’s also an exquisite space for those long talks or dates with your loved ones.

5. Gorge on Delicious Lunch at Maya Bay

The beautiful destination is filled with food stalls, barbeque stations, and restaurants. So, you wouldn’t fall short of food varieties over here. It has small food spots to help you snack or munch while exploring the sea. Besides, if you want to have a great barbeque around the beach with family, just get your start off!

6. Photography Hub

The beach has an excellent view of limestone cliffs which makes it ideal for photography. So, it’s a great spot for Shutterstock! You will find an extensive number of tourists amidst the beach, clicking some amazing photographs. In fact, some people come here for the same purpose. Hence, if you are searching for the best ambiance for photoshoots, this one’s a keeper.

How to Reach Maya Bay?

How to Reach Maya Bay

To visit the beach, there is only one source available i.e., through the water. Make sure to take a boat from either Phuket airport or Krabi. You have two choices for boats to go from Krabi town to Maya Bay: long tails and speedboats. Select the option that you are comfortable with.

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Maya Bay

While backpacks and essentials are necessary, there are various other things to know before you visit Maya Bay. This includes: 

  • If you are prone to seasickness, carry a trash bag with you. 
  • Instead of taking the boat for a day, hire it for half a day. That’s because you can cover the area within 2-3 hours, saving both time and money.
  • Keep track of the boat and remember where you left. Make sure to not confuse it with others.
  • As you will be exploring the sea, keep your essentials with yourself. Carry out your own bottle and stay hydrated.
  • As it’s an island, bugs, insects, and mosquitos are common. Make sure to get bug sprays or repellent to keep these creatures at bay. 
  • There are lesser choices for lodges and hotels on the island. But, there are some low-budget accommodations where you can stay.
  • Do not feed the monkeys, or they may end up scavenging for food.
  • Always carry sunscreen to avoid any sunburns. Get other essentials like paper bags, first aid, extra cash for emergencies. 
  • Do not throw your garbage around the beach. Instead, use the paper bags and discard unnecessary elements into the same.

Visit Maya Bay: A Never-forgetting Trip! 

Maya Bay is a must-visit if you are going to Phi Phi Islands. To sum up, Maya Bay is all about aesthetics, nature, marine ecosystem, outdoor activities, food, and monkeys. Lots and lots of monkeys! Go for a day trip or a week; either way, it’s going to be unforgettable!

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