Monkey Beach in Phi Phi Island

Top Tour to Monkey Bay Near Koh Phi Phi Don

Yes, you guessed it right. At Monkey Beach, you can expect to see wild but friendly macaque monkeys on your holiday at the picturesque Monkey Bay. But that’s not the only thing that makes the beautiful Phi Phi Island beach unique and attractive. Nestled in a cove, Monkey Beach is known for its crystal-clear ocean water, soft white sand, colourful fishes, scenic sights, and snorkelling spots. Please note that Monkey Beach is different from Monkey Bay.

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About Monkey Beach

Also known as Yong Gasem Bay, Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Islands is located northwest of Loh Dalam Bay. It’s located on a peninsula on Koh Phi Phi Don, which creates the part of Ton Sai Bay. The secluded beach is set against many splendid attractions and a backdrop of a steep limestone cliff covered with lush jungles offering wonderful pictures. 

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The beach and its beautiful attractions are highly-visible from a far distance. The beach is accessible from all popular locations including Phuket. If you go there from Phuket, you’ll see a lot of interesting sites and capture wonderful videos.

Every day, hundreds of visitors visit ashore to relax by the calm ocean while having fun with the colony of macaques. These crab-eating primates come from the neigboring forest to catch their food. 

The 492-foot (150 metres) strip of white sand on this remote beach makes it a serene and panoramic escape in Thailand. Walk into the shallow water of this laid-back paradise with your loved ones. It’s also great for solo tropical attractions, especially those who love to swim. 

  • Monkey beach on Phi Islands timing: Opens 24 hours

  • Best time to visit Monkey Beach: 6:00 am to 7:00 pm

  • Time required to reach: 2 hours

You can read Monkey Beach reviews to know more before visiting Phi Island. Ideally, travelers choose to go there from Phuket. You can also go there from Maya Bay.

Monkey Beach in Phi Phi Island

Things to do at Monkey Beach Ko Phi Islands

Tour to this small remote beach has a lot to offer, especially to those who love animals and serenity. Some great water sports and things to do at Phi Phi Island Monkey Beach are the following. These things make it one of the wonderful beaches in the country for a memorable trip:

Watch Monkeys Playing [Great for Animal Lovers]

Fascinating and furry long-tailed macaques clamber down the rocky bluffs and lush jungles surrounding the beach. They come down to the beach in hopes to get some food. This crab-eating species of primates is often seen foraging for crabs. But this breed is actually 80% reliant on fruits that are a vegetarian diet. So, if you want to feed them, fruits can help sustain their foraging style of survival.  

You’ll be fascinated, if you’re lucky enough, by seeing their few-weeks-old babies who are incredibly cute. They often cling to their mom’s back, drinking milk. Enjoy watching these mischievous primates interacting with each other in human-like manners. Your tour guide should share some safety tips in advance before you land on the island.

Have Lots of Fun Snorkeling 

If you love water activities and snorkeling, Monkey Beach on Phi Islands can be a paradise for you. This less-crowded snorkeling destination is fringed by a 50-meter-wide coral reef. So, don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear on the boat! Otherwise, you’ll have to miss the colorful fish species and exotic flora and fauna under the ocean on this island.

Explore the eastern part snorkeling because this region has a denser coral than that on the western part. Boat or swim away from the beach towards the rocky shore that is a lesser-known and well-preserved attraction near the beach on the island. 

On your way, you’ll explore colorful giant clams, setting the rhythm to the seabed. The bright yellow color of damselfish flashes against the deep blue ocean water as they move over corals. You’ll also see pink skunk clownfish that look attractive because of their unique single thin vertical white line.

Once done, dry off on the soft sand, spread your picnic blanket and enjoy picturesque views of wooden boats sailing in the water on this island in Thailand. 

Relax by the Ocean

If you want to spend some quality time with your family or partner, Monkey Beach on Phi Islands in Thailand is a great place to be. This idyllic locale is surrounded by nature and natural rock formations, making it a wonderful destination for creating beautiful memories. Feel the pleasant breeze and soak in the endless blue and clean water. It’s a nice place to soak and bath under the sun in peace on the island.

How to Get To Monkey Beach Phi Phi?

There are different ways to reach Phi islands beaches. Phi Phi Island Monkey Beach can be reached only by boat from Phi Phi Don. There are no roads leading to the beach. So, you can’t get there by car. You can get a long tail (also check out long beach on Phi Phi) or speed boat to reach Monkey Beach on Phi Islands. And, the most exciting way is to borrow a kayak on Loh Dalam beach in Thailand (if you’re experienced at ut). Paddling to the beach takes about half an hour. Make sure you rent a kayak for at least two hours for visiting this island. 

From Phuket: Rent a ferry that takes about 2 hours.

From Tonsai Bay: Rent a long-tail boat that takes 40 minutes

The remote beach is a small area of the coastline and can get busy quickly. So, try to reach there in the early morning before all speedboats start arriving. Another best time is to visit in the afternoon if you’re more interested in monkeys and sunset on the island. 

Important Note: You’re not allowed to feed monkeys. So, try not to give eatables to them and help save the natural environment. Just enjoy watching them on your tours to the island. 

Warning and Important Tips when Visiting Monkey Beach [Travel Tips]

  • Stay away from the areas where boats moor.

  • Don’t go beyond the reef flat. So, be careful when swimming.

  • Because monkeys on the beach are wild animals, they can get aggressive. So, biting and scratching are common. So, keep your distance! 

  • If you get bitten or scratched by a monkey, you’re advised to see a doctor immediately.

  • Don’t visit the beach during high tides.

  • Rocks are slippery. So, stay away from them.

  • Monkey Island has no infrastructure. So, don’t litter the beach.

  • You won’t find any hotels or nearby restaurants on the beach. So, bring your own snacks, lunch, and water. Monkeys can steal your water bottles also. So, maybe save your water and eatables for the boat ride only. 

Carry a Dry Bag and Fasten it Securely

Carry a dry bag on tours. Apparently, a dry bag protects your valuables during the long tail boat journey, especially on a kayak that brings in lots of sea water. Make sure you fasten your bag tightly so that monkeys cannot open it. We recommend leaving your handbags at your home or hotel because friendly monkeys find them intriguing and can snatch them. So, be a bit careful.

Are you Afraid of Monkeys?

If you’re afraid of monkeys on your tours, don’t paddle here on your own. Rather, stay with a tour to be on the safe side and follow your tour guides and enjoy an amazing trip to the site. If you don’t bring any food and don’t tease them, monkeys will keep their distance. For your peace of mind, there are locals on duty to monitor the situation and make sure tourists don’t feed them. 

Phi Phi Island Monkey Beach: Once in a Lifetime Experience

If you’re looking for an unforgettable trip to Thailand or on Phi Phi Island, don’t forget to include Monkey Island in your itinerary. Sit on the ground, drip in the clear turquoise water, and capture incredible sceneries in your mind. Wait for the sunset for some wonderful scenery. You can also search for precious stones on the beach. If you search carefully, you’ll take home some good collections from the site. You can also do the popular Viking Cave Tour from Phi Phi Island.



Frequently Asked Questions

Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island is only accessible by boat or kayak from Phi Phi Don. Cars are not permitted to enter, and there are no roads leading to it.

It’s a magnificent 150-meter stretch of fluffy white sand bordered by green waters. The beach is framed by a sheer limestone bluff covered in thick flora. The beach gets its name from the forested cliff, which is where monkeys live.

This beach is near phi phi island and we visited this as a part of our four island trip from phuket. Beach is full of monkeys.

Although Monkey Beach is remote from the main town, it is accessible by kayak from the main beaches on Phi Phi Island, or by stopping by on a boat tour from Phuket.

Koh Phi Phi is one of Thailand’s most expensive islands, especially when it comes to affordable accommodations. Even a bunk in an 18-bed dorm room might set you back more than 1000 baht ($33) each night.

With turquoise ocean and beautiful beaches, Koh Phi Phi is a paradise that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Whether you come alone or with family and friends, Phi Phi Island has everything you might want for a pleasant vacation.

Monkey Hill is Phuket’s highest point, making it an excellent spot for sightseeing, but we understand that most visitors don’t come here for that. This location has an abundance of macaques and other monkeys, as its name suggests.

To get to Phi Phi Island, there are two options. Ferries and speedboats are involved. Traveling the ferry from Phuket takes about two hours, and 90 minutes from Krabi or Koh Lanta. The most popular mode of transportation to Phi Phi Island is now a speedboat.

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