Moo Dee Bay in Phi Phi Island

The Hidden Gem of Phi Phi Islands

The hidden gem of Phi Phi islands, the Moo Dee Bay is, also known as Loh Moo Dee in Thai, is an unknown but stunning location. For times full of serenity, tranquility, adventures, and incredible views, you can visit this place.

Discovering Moo Dee Bay – The Location

People on a trip leave for Moo Dee bay for a beautiful morning, day, and evening time. The Moo De Bay region is on the eastern coast of Phi Phi islands in Thailand. The pinpoint location is the southern-eastern tip of Phi Phi Don. It’s very close to Long Beach. Moo Dee Beach is approximately 3.5 km away from the tonsai pier. If you love San Francisco vibes, you will love this bay as it’s a must-plan trip once in a life. Many people from around the world visit Thailand for weeks. During exploring Phi Phi island, they come to Moo Dee bay to experience the raw beauty.

Why Visit Moo Dee Bay?

Why Visit Moo Dee Bay

Well there are plenty of reasons to visit this destination, but some significant reasons are:

  • An exceptional coastline that is 25 meters long has both low and high tides with a quiet atmosphere.
  • Tall rocks surround Moo Dee Bay with palm trees growing on the coast.
  • You can enjoy the beautiful white sand and morning sun from the shore.
  • There are pretty bungalow-style resorts, and you can find a nice bar and restaurant.
  • The beach and surroundings are less developed. Nature is in the best form and remarkably untouched.
  • Best place for viewing coral reefs as the pollution is negligible in the sea.
  • Shallow waters are best for practicing water sports.

Why has Moo Dee Bay Become Popular in the Past few Years?

The Moo Dee Bay and the stunning phi phi beach was unknown before 2010 as it was considered unsuitable for construction. But in 2010, a series of controlled construction developments made it famous. The isolation, crystal clear bay area, and tall palms are prevalent among offbeat location lover tourists. It’s home to world-class resorts and activities.

The Best Time to Visit Moo Dee Bay

The best time to visit Moo Dee bay is from November to February. These are the most incredible months in Thailand. As a result, many tourists plan trips in these months. The best month without any doubt is January, as it has perfect weather conditions and it’s a celebration time too. 

In this season, the arrival of so many people may lead to a spike in prices. March to May is very humid with lots of sunshine. June to October experience prolonged rainfalls and humidity. The offseason rates are low and let you explore nature in peace.

Reaching Moo Dee Bay

Moo De Bay is a very accessible destination as it is close to many popular attractions. You can reach here:

  • If you’re staying at Tonsai village, it’s a thirty minutes long tail boat to Moo De Bay. You will also view Tonsai Pier on the route. You will find a broad dirt road leading south along the island’s east coast. You will see a full resident area with artificial reservoirs for collecting fresh rainwater near Long beach.
  • The second route runs along Tonsai east beach and near Viking Nature Resort. Then one can climb right at the top of the hill to the location.
  • If you stay in Long beach – walking to Loh Moo Dee bay will take you only 10 minutes.

Where to Stay?

The small bungalow-style resort at Moo Dee Bay may or may not be expensive for you. Many travelers leave for Moo Dee bay in the morning and return in the evening. You can stay at Tonsai village,  Phi Phi Don, or Long beach. 

You can book your rooms prior with the help of a website and apps. Always check for reviews, food, and safety from drop-down menu options. Use appropriate versions and vary cookie consent. Find trusted stays through community reviews and share information with your partners.

What to try at Moo Dee Bay?

Visit Moo Dee Bay in the morning till evening to enjoy:

  • Snorkeling: Moo Dee Bay is best for snorkeling as the water is shallow compared to the other sea. You can try as a novice or professional. The coral reefs are pretty visible due to less depth, and you can view amazing underwater life, which is undisturbed.
  • Boating: You can boat yourself, or boat rides are available. You can also share boats as they take many people through tall cliffs palms to nearby locations. The view is simply divine.
  • Try art: Due to its quiet atmosphere, many local artists from the city and world practice art like paintings here. They draw on rocks, canvas, and a lot more and follow art historians. Phi Phi Island is home to many galleries; local artists find this place the best. You can find names written on nearby rocks of famous art historians. You can also practice any form of art, view them and take photos.
  • Fishing: You can find limited species of fish that are easy to catch. Due to shallow waters and the perfect location, it’s pretty famous for fishing.
  • Hiking Tours: The bay and beach have transformed, and many hikers impart education on hiking nearby mountains. Try solo and group hiking to impressive mountains surrounding the location. You can follow their instructions and have a happy camping trip.

Is Moo De Bay Child-friendly?

Is Moo De Bay Child-friendly

Moo Dee Bay is one of the most child-friendly bays in the Phi Phi Islands. The water is shallow, allowing beginners and children to try various water sports. It’s the perfect bay for learning and teaching water activities. 

Some favorite activities to experience here are snorkeling, boating, fishing, and trekking. As a reason, many students from university and school learn their passion here as beginners.

Be Vary of the Prices at Moo De Bay

The Moo Dee Bay and beach are receiving travelers worldwide as it is unexplored. But, the stay and eateries cost a lot. So, you can carry your food and drinks to save some bucks. In addition, bring a foldable chair, towel, and essentials so that you don’t have to rent one.

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