Nui Beach in Phi Phi Island

Complete Guide: The Secret Beach

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Nui Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in Phuket and is popularly known as “Secret Beach.” The reason for naming this hidden treasure is its mesmerizing beauty and location. This 120 meters long beach is located approximately 350 meters from the Kata Karon viewpoint. 

It’s on the road linking the kata and harn beaches. It’s a walk, and while reaching the location, you have to get through the jungle, which makes it adventurous. 

Where is Nui Beach?


Nui Beach is located in the south of Loh Lana Bay on the west coast of Koh Phi Don. This dirt road in the jungle connects Kata and Harn beaches. It lies approximately thirty meters through the jungle from Karon View Point. In front lies magnificent Nui Bay. 

Highlights and Things To Do Nui Beach

Where Exactly is Nui Beach

These top highlights will make you visit this hidden Nui beach not once but every time you visit Phuket.

  • The crystal clear waters in Nui Beach, which have a shade of turquoise blue, look so refreshing.
  • The feel of soft powdery sand is a therapy for tourists worldwide.
  • It resembles a tiny cove surrounded by tall karsts( limestone mountains).
  • Tall palm trees are best for sunbathing and relaxation time on beach chairs.
  • You can encounter many artists and their work.
  • You can swim carefree in Nui beach, as it is one of the cleanest beaches in Thailand.
  • The view feels so good after hiking, and the trail is magnificent.
  • Nui Beach offers lots of adventure activities and restaurants.
  • The beach is eco-friendly, and there are huts made up of all-natural elements. It’s very well maintained and makes the perfect tropical holiday.
  • The icing on top is bars/restaurants, stylish spas, and recreational activities.

The Best Time to Visit Nui Beach

Best Time to Visit Nui Beach

So, if you’re planning the trip to this hidden gem Nui Beach of Phuket, Thailand. Then consider these timing for the best experience, as you can plan according to your suitability.

November to February: This is the best time for visiting Nui beach for any person. These are the coldest months and have a rush that is at an all-time high. Also, it is best for water activities and sunbathing.

March to May: These are the hottest months in Nui Beach. So if you love some tan, you can consider this time.

Mid May to October:  The humidity levels are high as the monsoon will hit Phuket, Thailand, at this time. But the good part is the beach will be less crowded, and as peace-loving travelers, you will love it. The prices are also the lowest at this time.

What Activities shouldn’t you Miss?

  • Try Phuket Swing

This will give you an adrenaline rush as it’s precisely adventurous like the Bali swing. The Phuket swing at Nui Beach is a thrilling experience between all the greenery and beauty. You can also enjoy the fun at the normal swings or a semi-circle swing!

  • Try the Photogenic Bird Nest 

The land part of the location has many beautiful trees and varieties of nests. So, a bird nest is a large nest made from all organic nest elements. So you can lie here under this circle, enjoy the view and have some eatables. It’s a very photogenic point.

What Activities shouldn't you Miss Nui Beach

  • Scuba Diving

With all the beauty, if you don’t engage in water activities, it will turn out to be half fun. So, try scuba diving as you can buy equipment on rent. Explore Phi island with or without a trainer. Have a view of peculiar starfish and extraordinary marine life.

  • Swimming

Taking A dip here is a must, so pack your swimsuit or rent one. Enjoy crystal clear waters with breathtaking views. An untouched stream from the mountain ends with a lovely 2-level pond, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip.

  • Snorkeling

Try snorkeling on a crystal clear water surface with or without trainers. Record the underwater world and get all equipment on rent.

  • Kayaking

Paddle through these glorious waters and rent kayaking gears and go kayak. In addition, you can travel to nearby islands, beaches, and bays.

All Information About the Entrance fee

The Nui Beach is regulated by Nui Bay Members Club property as it is the water beach club. So, the staff cleans and maintains it. So, the entrance fee is 350 baht per person, and the club members will give you an umbrella, a beach mat, and a towel. 

The entry fee is nil for children under age 12. In addition, you can visit the club’s restaurant, which offers many delicious local and international dishes. Also, you can pay for all types of activities on arrival at the reception or later. 

How can you Reach Nui Beach?

How can you Reach Nui Beach

You can access Nui Beach in Phuket, Thailand through many ways. Select the medium which suits you best. First of all, reach Karon Viewpoint, accessible by road and all means of transport. The Nui beach is 350 meters away from Karon’s viewpoint.

Use Main Road

  • Take the dirt road to the right and try hiking south to Nai Harn beaches. The stretch is steep, surrounded by hills, and very bumpy. A parking area is around 1 km from the main road. Now, you can walk for 15-20 minutes to reach the beach.
  • You can also ride your vehicle, but if you’re unconfident about the road full of gravel and bumps, you have another option.
  • Try the easiest way to reach Nui Beach by trucks waiting in the parking area. They charge 100 bahts from the parking area to Nui Beach.

Use Longtail Boat

  • You can take a longtail boat from Loh Dalum Beach in the heart of the main Koh Phi Phi Don island. It will take approximately 5 minutes to reach by sea. 
  • Also, you can try kayaking and reach within 30 minutes from Loh Dalum Bay to Nui beach. 
  • Lastly, if your stay is at Koh Phi Phi, you can reach Nui Beach by hiring private boats or renting kayaking. For advanced hikers, hiking through the jungle of Koh Phi Phi Don is also an option. But, only for professionals as the way has no signs. In addition, you have to climb to reach Nui beach, which is only possible during low tide.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time to go to Nui beach?

The best time to go to Nui Beach is from May to November. This is the dry season and the weather is warm and sunny.

The wind blows from the south-east, so it is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a day at the beach without getting sunburnt or overheated.

2. How long does it take to get there?

It takes about one hour by speedboat from Phi Phi Don Island pier. You can also take a ferry that will take two hours but with more stops along the way.

3. Is it possible to rent a bike?

Yes! There are many rental shops on Phi Phi Don where you can rent bikes for as little as 200 baht per day (about 5 USD). If you want something more expensive but nicer looking, then you can rent from one of the larger hotels in town; prices start at 1000 baht per day (about 30 USD).

4. Is there any food near Nui Beach?

Yes! There are many small restaurants around Nui Beach where you can eat delicious seafood dishes like prawns cooked in garlic sauce or grilled squid with chili sauce

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