Phak Nam Bay

Best Place to Relax in Thailand

Are you looking for the best place to relax in Thailand? If yes, then Phak Nam Bay on Phi Phi island is your destination. It is famous as a Relax Koh Phi Phi Beach because the atmosphere at the bay is very soothing and relaxing. Also, the beautiful wooden huts spread along the hills increase the beauty of this bay and make it the best place to visit.

Phak Nam Bay

It is a hidden gem of Thailand that you will love to explore. This beautiful bay allows you to experience different shades of nature. Here you will find peace and solitude surrounded by an unspoiled tropical environment.

Phak Nam Bay With Lots Of Luxury And Lovely Coral Reef

The Phak Nam Bay is located south of Loh Bagao on the east coast of Phi Phi Don Island. It is about a 400-meter-long beach that is ideal for taking a holiday off the beaten track. Stuck between the shades of green rainforest and turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, Phak Nam Bay offers breathtaking views.

It has the quiet stretch of Phi Phi Don’s coastline that you must visit once in a lifetime. Moreover, this area is filled with a lot of natural beauty and offers rustic appeal to you. To explore, there are amazing shady areas, soft white sand, crystal-clear water, and an extensive coral reef. It gives you the feeling as if you are on a private beach in a beautiful resort.

How to Get There?

main way to reach Phak Nam Bay

The main way to reach Phak Nam Bay is by long-tail boat. Here are two famous options to get there:

  • Taxi boat: The main way to reach Phak Nam Bay is by long-tail boat from Ton Sai port. One-way ticket costs you around 150 Baths per person. It is the easiest and most comfortable way to reach the beautiful bay.
  • Hiking trail: If you love adventure and are a hiking person, then this way to reach the bay is for you. It passes the viewpoints of Phi Phi, which are a must for any travel lover on the island. This trial from the Tonsai viewpoint to Phak Nam Bay takes about 30 minutes.

Note: If you stay in Laem Tong Beach or Loh Bagao, then you can get to Phak Nam Bay on foot. But, this can be rather steep. You can also take a long-tail boat from Ton Sai Bay to reach there.

Accommodations Near Phak Nam Bay

There are beautifully created spacious huts, a resort, and lodging options to live on Phak Nam Bay. Every hut or bungalow has a private bathroom and outdoor terrace for guests. There’s premium accommodation attached to ocean views and mid-range huts with jungle or garden views. At the time, a single company maintains all the bungalows on the bay and also offer free wifi to guests.

In addition to premium accommodation, there are luxury suites facing the white sand and include Thai massage or sea kayaking at the rate.

Things to Do On Phak Nam Bay

Things to Do On Phak Nam Bay

There are lots of things to do in this paradise on Phi Phi Island. Sunbathe, read books, laze in a hammock or collect shells. In the northern end of this bay, there is Sea Gypsies village where you can get to know the lifestyle of the locals and try their local food. In addition to this, Phak Nam Bay offers the following activities to you:

  • Swimming: The beautiful, shimmering, and turquoise water of Phak Nam Bay is ideal for swimming.
  • Diving: You can also speak with a local diving school for exploring wonderful diving locations of the nearby national park. You can speak with your resort manager for some recommendations.
  • Snorkeling: The corals are not far from the bay and provide an exciting underwater world to visitors. Beautiful coral reefs surround Phak Nam Bay, and you can explore it by snorkeling. For this, all you need is a mask and snorkel.
  • Kayaking: You can enjoy kayaking from the boat at Phak Nam Bay. There is nothing better than having the freedom to paddle where you please,  swim in the crystal clear water while searching for colorful fish. This is a great site for kaya in Thailand.  One of nature’s beautiful miracles!
  • Walk along the shore: The beige-colored sand mixed with shells, colorful stones, and corals offers a great walking way. You will love to walk along the shore in the morning or in the evening.
  • Relax on the bay: Many visitors to the beach simply relax on the loungers in the shade of the palm trees and other trees. The property at bay also offers loungers for guests to take sunbathe.
  • Fishing: You can go fishing with the local people with a pre-reserving amount. In addition, you can go to more beaches near this place and can come back at night.

Phak Nam Bay is ideal for anybody who wants to spend a few days relaxing at a dream beach with a breath-taking underwater world.

Phak Nam Bay After Dark

The night is really amazing at Phak Nam Bay. You can enjoy drinks and food at night. The lights look amazing and increase the beauty of the bay water many times. You can also plan your dinner on the beach as the resort will organize everything for you. It is a perfect place for candlelight dinner too.

Weather & Climate at Phak Nam Bay

Phak Nam Bay is a tropical paradise that offers warm and nice weather all year round. However, the temperature rarely drops below 23 degrees Celsius or rise above 31 degrees Celsius.

The best time to visit Phak Nam Bay is between November and March, when there’s low humidity and a soothing temperature with cool breezes. It is very pleasant to be at the seaside. During this time, you can easily explore or enjoy the beauty of crystal clear waters at bay without feeling heat or cold. Between September and October, the weather here is slightly wetter, windier, and cloudier. So, it is better to avoid visiting Phak Nam Bay during this time.

All in all, Phak Nam Bay is a great location for your valuable vacation and long trip at an affordable price. And with those who desire to fully explore the natural beauty of the bay in just a few days and to experience the high-end service, accommodations are the best option.

From your own place, you can book a Phak Nam Bay tour easily. Give yourself a chance to indulge in the best experience of holidays. Plan a vacation now! Just make sure you understand and follow travel restrictions during your trip to the bay. Also, stay around public areas.

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