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A Haven for Rock Climbers

The stunning Tonsai Bay or Ton Sai bay is the best location for having some offbeat fun away from all the hustle. The mesmerizing southern Thailand’s tonsai Bay is famous for crystal clear waters, white sand, island paradise, and recreational activities. It’s near Phi Phi beach and an excellent trip for travelers who want to explore Krabi Province individually.

Why Should You Choose TonSai Bay?

Why Should You Choose TonSai Bay

Ton Sai Bay is one of the two beaches in the center of Koh Phi Phi. The stunning Tonsai Bay is famous for its silky soft sand, turquoise water, and tall cliffs giving a paradise view. It’s a hub of boating activity where ferries come and go, yachts anchor and longtail boats take travelers and goods back and forth.

So, explore this island paradise. The Bay is approximately two kilometers long and has many small beaches near it. As you explore Tonsai Bay, you will notice many monkeys. The east side of the Bay is shallow, with coral reef fringing.

There are many beaches, deluxe villas, and Thai food points on this side. At the mouth of the Bay on the east side is Long Beach and Shark Point, which face Phi Phi Leh. The stunning Tonsai Bay is a complete package with many adventurous activities, good food, views, and the best resorts. 

Getting to Tonsai Bay

Tonsai Bay is a part of the Railay beach peninsula. Tall mountains surround the Tonsai Beach area and Tonsai Bay. So, the transport medium is water. To get to Tonsai Bay, you can:

  • Flying In (Nearest Airport transfer)

Fly to the nearest airport from Ton Sai Bay which is Krabi Airport. After taking the airport transfer, you can:

  • You can hire a taxi and travel to Ao Nang Pier. They generally charge 500 to 600 Baht. A shared taxi can cost you less.
  • Or you can catch the bus/ shuttle service from the airport transfer itself. It may cost you around 150 Baht and can take 45 mins to 1.5 plus hours.

Tip: Always remember to negotiate with taxi drivers. They may price you higher than usual rates, so a bargain is necessary.

As soon as you reach Ao Nang Pier, the tour boats pick travelers. So get a long tail boat, which usually charges 100 Baht per person. The long tail boat services run from 8 am to 6 pm carrying passengers, usually eight in number. The last boat may leave in the late evening too. You will notice many yachts, anchors, ferries, and boats. Convey your location to the long tail boat driver as the boat leaves for Railay beach.

Tip: If you reach Ao Nang pier late, consider spending a night at this location. There are many small bungalow resorts where you can spend a night. Some yacht anchors may charge you much for unusual timings. Decide your stay prior to arrival for a comfortable stay.

  • Bus Station

If you arrive at the Krabi bus station, hire a taxi or tuk-tuk to Ao Nang pier. It may charge you 60 to 100 baht depending on seasons and co-passengers. For Ao Nang, you can take a long tail boat to Railay beach, which has a Tonsai Beach area as a prior stop. The tour boats pick and take twenty minutes to reach Tonsai Bay.  

  • Railway Station

Also, you can reach Krabi province by train and take the train to Koh Phi Phi. From here, you can use a taxi to Ao Nang beach or a shuttle service. The tour boats pick tourists from here for a short boat ride.

Things to do in Tonsai Bay

Things to do in Tonsai Bay

Go for Adventurous Rock Climbing

Tonsai Bay is a haven for rock climbers as there is a beginner to advanced course for around 800-1000 Baht for rock climbing. Tonsai Bay is the birthplace of corrosion-free Titanium bolts and home to young limestone. If you are serious about your rock climbing, they also have five-day assault courses which you can take part in. So, try budget accommodation in Tonsai Bay or a deluxe villa; the choice is yours for rock climbing. 

Explore the Underwater World

Get ready to explore every water activity which is functional in the world with the best view of fantastic coral reefs in Tonsai Bay. So, ask your Tonsai bay resort professionals who will guide you to different schools.

  • Diving: You can go deep diving and witness pretty coral reefs and unique underwater life. 
  • Kayaking: You can rent kayaks from the Ton Sai beach and paddle to Rai Leh or the beautiful Phra Nang Beach.
  • Snorkeling: You can go snorkeling to the chicken island or many nearby points. You can hire a trainer and join with him or alone to explore mesmerizing coral reefs.
  • Surfing: Surfing and windsurfing for professionals and novices are readily available in Tonsai bay. You can make up courses or hire trainers. They will teach you all the basics, including high tide and low tide surfing techniques.

Yoga and Massage

The quiet beach is home to exceptional yoga and massage options. The small beaches inhabited here have some trained professionals. All the Krabi towns are famous for massages and yoga, and many bay resorts offer this service. You can take up yoga courses and enjoy the beautiful view of Tonsai bay. Also, you can rent a deck chair and get various types of expert massage facilities.

Try Island Hopping

It is an island paradise as the views are breathtaking. The Tonsai Bay can never bore you because of its prime location. So, hire a long tail boat or join one of the many island hopping tours available from Tonsai Bay resort. There Are many small beaches inhabited nearby. The three most common boat trips around the area are a trip to the four islands: Chicken Island, Phranang Cave, Tub Island, and Podah Island.

Where to Stay in Tonsai Bay?

The stunning Tonsai Bay has limited but good accommodations, which may be unavailable in rush hours. You can check in small bungalow resorts with a free cancellation option and complimentary free breakfast.

Bay resorts backpacker hostels with superior rooms in the Tonsai Bay area are also options. There are nonsmoking rooms and standard rooms too. Also, you can take rooms in Ao Nang Pier, Ko, Phi Phi, or many small beaches inhabited nearby. Try a beachfront restaurant with excellent Thai food.

Plan your visit now!

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