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Ultimate Guide to Phi Phi Nightlight

Koh Phi Phi has earned a reputation as a party island around the world, and it is well-deserved. On Koh Phi Phi, all-night partying till the morning is the norm, making it a favorite holiday destination for partygoers.

The nightlife of Koh Phi Phi is distinct from that of other Thai party destinations. The vibe is young and dynamic, crowded and enthusiastic, and not sleazy like in other places of Thailand.

11 Best Phi Phi Bars

#1 Phi Phi Reggae Bar

The Tonsai village, where people walk and travel on cycles, has terrific restaurants, bars, and scenic views. The famous Reggae bar is at the Tonsai village in the central town. There are many impressive hotels nearby for a comfortable stay.

See Phi Phi Reggae Bar

Phi Phi Reggae Bar

#2 Sunflower Beach Bar

The trip to Phi Phi Island is incomplete without enjoying Thai food and drinks at Sunflower Beach Bar. It’s a restaurant cum beach bar that offers a colossal view of the sea, low tides, splendid sun, and resting boats. So, add this place to your itinerary without fail, and it’s very near to major landmarks.

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Entertainment Beyond the Bars koh phi phi

#3 Carlito’s Bar

Are you planning to visit Thailand for a vacation? If yes, do not miss this chance of enjoying the lively and vibrant nightlife in Phi Phi Island. It is famous for its stunning beaches and fantastic party site. In addition, there are many amazing bars to experience its unique and lively nightlife. One of the popular bars of Koh Phi Phi is Carlito’s Bar.

See Carlito’s Bar

Carlito's Bar

#4 Slinky Beach Bar

Koh Phi Phi is a famous party island in Thailand. Slinky Beach Bar is one of the well-known late-night spots located on the right side of Loh Dalum Beach. It is one of the most happening bars on the island that plays the hippest music and offers excellent food and drinks. So if you are a party animal, this place is perfect for you.

See Slinky Beach Bar

Slinky Beach Bar

#5 Ibiza Beach Club

Are you looking for the best beach club to enjoy the nightlife on Phi Phi island? Do not cut out Ibiza beach club from the list! Ibiza beach club is one of the best beach clubs for party animals who want to chill, watch fire shows, and shake those legs a little. Yes, the perfect fiesta for socialites by the sea.

See Ibiza Beach Club

Ibiza Beach Club

#6 Banana Bar

The banana bar is one of the best restaurants in Koh Phi Phi Don. The outstanding bar serves delicious cuisines, special diets, and delicacies to satisfy your foody soul. You can sit by the bamboo pavilion, watch the scenic beauty, and relax!

See Banana Bar

Koh Phi Phi Nightlife

#7 Apache Beach Clubs

Are you on Phi Phi island and searching for an open-air disco? If yes, then do not miss the Apache beach club. It’s a must-visit for everyone who wants to experience the actual nightlife. The booming music, groovy crowd, and exciting shows are certainly not worth the miss! 

See Apache Beach Clubs

Apache Beach Club

#8 Dubliner Irish Pub

Dubliner Irish Pub, located in the inhabited island of Phi Phi islands, the Koh Phi Phi Don is a place to experience the nightlife of Thailand. The Dubliner Irish Pub at Tonsai village of Koh Phi Phi Don stands as one of the top 10 bars of Phi Phi Island. So, dedicate a night of your trip to this pub as it will become your favorite. So, Let’s know why?

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pure fun and relaxation

#9 Chill Out Bar

Explore the most inhabited island of Phi Phi islands, Koh Phi Phi Don. The tonsai area of Koh Phi Phi don is home to extraordinary and most enjoyable nightlife. So, don’t forget to plan your trip to this fantastic place called Chill Out Bar. 

See Chill Out Bar

pure fun and relaxation

#10 Stones Bar and Resto

One of the well-known and biggest bars on Koh Phi is Stones Bar and Resto. It offers incredible nightlife to partygoers along with form rooms. It has a driftwood and fluorescent cave interiors. It is open throughout the night. Many tourists visit here when other party spots everywhere have closed. Therefore, it is one of the most visited places on Phi Phi island.

See Stones Bar and Resto

Stones Bar and Resto

#11 Rolling Stone Bar

olling Stoned Bar or commonly known as Rolling Stoned Bar, is one of the oldest bars of Koh Phi Phi Don of Phi Phi Islands. Come here to fall in love with old-school music, pretty decor, good food, and drinks with a skilled bartender. It’s one of the most popular bars, which is a must-visit for every traveler exploring the Phi Islands. So, get in here and check out the complete guide to Rolling Stone Bar.

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Rolling Stoned Bar

Tonsai East, Tonsai Village, and Loh Dalum are the three main nightlife locations where you’ll find Phi Phi’s top pubs and clubs. Most bars in Phi Phi Don’s three nightlife districts are always open for a party, and the audiences are mostly young and active.

Thailand’s climate makes fabric selection a priority even at night. You can unintentionally pack a mess of a suitcase. Choose light-weight, natural clothing (for both day and night in Thailand) in the first place: cotton, silk-cotton, and linen tie.

The winter season lasts from November through February. This means that at the coldest point of the night in Bangkok, it may be as chilly as 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s more likely to be 65 degrees Fahrenheit. During the day, the temperature may be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures as low as 70°F and as high as 85°F have been recorded.

Carlitos Beach Bar is the place to go if you want to enjoy Koh Phi Phi’s nightlife. It is one of the island’s most well-known party hotspots, and with good reason. The huge fire show, which normally begins about 9:30 p.m., is the major attraction.

Carlito’s Beach Bar, Sunflower Beach Bar, and Slinky Beach Bar, among others, are some of the top nightlife spots.

Basil Bistro and Phi Phi Paint Bar are the top spots in Koh phi phi Don for cheap nightlife.

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