Apache Beach Club

A Great Place for Dancing Under Limbos

Are you on Phi Phi island and searching for an open-air disco? If yes, then do not miss the Apache beach club. It’s a must-visit for everyone who wants to experience the actual nightlife in Phi Phi. The booming music, groovy crowd, and exciting shows are certainly not worth the miss! 

Location/Address of Apache Beach Clubs

To witness the magnificent ambiance, you can drop by at Loh Dalum Bay, Ao Nang, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi 81000, Thailand. The place remains open every day. The timings for the club are five pm-till late. This means you are likely to enjoy the ambiance unless the music stops! 

Do Not Forget to Witness These at Apache Beach Club?

The real fun of Apache beach club starts after sunset. If you come by morning/afternoon, the place may seem quieter with the scenic beauty of Loh Dalum beach. However, wait till the sunsets! That’s when the actual fun starts. By the end of the evening and the start of the night, the place gets filled with all party animals for the never-ending fiesta. There are various things to do at Apache Beach club. Here’s a detailed sneak-peek of the same:

Open-air Disco all Night at Beach 

Who would prefer a compact disco, when you can shake those legs in open-air? Apache beach club is one of the most extensive open-air discos in Loh Dalum beach. You can throw those shoes and dance your heart out on the sandy bay dance floor. The loud techno music is so mood-lifting that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from having a fun time! This goes for all those introverts who are all anti-party. 

Fire Dancers and Fire Shows for Entertainment at Beach

Nighttime Fire ShowsDo you want to experience something daring? Then do not miss the tricks performed by the fire dancers. Right in the middle, there’s a wooden stage with plastic chairs as seatings. You can sit by and watch the stunts executed by them. 

The thrilling tricks are likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As per the review by visitors and guests, these dancers are the best fire team on the island. So, it’s worth a visit for them! A Phi Phi island trip is incomplete without the fire shows, after all!

Great Place for Dancing Under Limbos

How low can you go? It’s time to show it right here in this club! Besides the cool disco vibes, you can also dance under limbo. The main motive is to pass forward without displacing the bars. If you do, you lose! But, if you don’t, you ace the game. Along with the groovy ambiance, this game is a must-play! But again, watch your back and be careful.

Music Till Late Night

Isn’t it annoying when there are restrictions on late-night music? Thankfully, in Apache beach clubs, there are no such scenarios! You are likely to witness loud music till 2 am or even more. When we say it’s the club for partying, we literally mean it. This is also the reason why you are likely to see a lot of young people in this club. However, the millennial population is no less! 

Outstanding Bars Nearby 

The club also has various famous bars nearby to check out. Some of the popular names include Slinky beach bar (Loh Dalum Bay), Sunflower Beach bar (Northern End), etc. You can stop by these places to enjoy free shots, EDM music, pool parties, or sips and cocktails. In short, you wouldn’t be limited to Apache beach club only! The place is situated at such a corner that you would be able to visit the nearby attractions.

Relaxed Sunsets By the Beach

Sunset in Koh phi phiWhile the bar opens from 5 pm, you can stop by a bit early to witness the beautiful sunset by the Loh Dalum beach. It’s the perfect place to bring your dates, sit on the smooth sand bed, and watch the gorgeous atmosphere around. The soothing and calm waves, along with natural surroundings and wildlife, are oh-so-romantic!

What else? The ambiance is ideal for taking those Facebook or Instagram-worthy pictures. You can click the wildlife, the sun, or just the minimal crowd before it gets intense!

Foods, Beverages, Hotel, and Accommodations at Apache Beach House

The best thing about Apache beach house is that it’s not limited to the ambiance alone. They also serve various drinks, buckets, and cocktails to drench your thirsty soul after the wild disco dance! 

Besides that, the place also offers some delectable cuisines to satisfy your hunger palette. The drinks are prepared by professional bartenders, so you can stay assured of good blends. Likewise, the meals are prepared by cooks and chefs to ensure you get what you paid for! 

One of the best things about the club is that the cost is pretty reasonable. You will be able to have a great time without spending a fortune. Also, the staff and hosts are so friendly that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from coming again and again. 

Now, speaking of accommodations, the entire beach hosts Apache beach houses for rent. So you can get rooms/hotel at your convenience. The Apache beach house offers free high-speed Internet and free WiFi along with diverse room features. You have options for air conditioning rooms with complimentary toiletries and room services. 


Apache beach club is everything that a party animal asks for—grooving live music all night? Check. Open-air disco? Check. Delicious cocktails and food? Check! Besides that, the fire shows, and limbo dancing double up the fun! The club’s open all night so you wouldn’t have to worry about the same. 

By the time you are all tired of intense dancing, you can check in to your beach house room and have a good night’s sleep. Or maybe wait for a little and watch the sunrise by the sea with your loved ones! Totally your call.