Banana Bar

An Outstanding Bar with Scenic Beauty

The banana bar is one of the best night bar in Koh Phi Phi Don. The outstanding bar serves delicious cuisines, special diets, and delicacies to satisfy your foody soul. You can sit by the bamboo pavilion, watch the scenic beauty, and relax!

How to Reach the Banana Rooftop Bar?

Speaking of the location of the Banana bar, the address goes like this:

Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand

It’s one of the top-rated restaurants of Phi Phi island with 4.5+ star reviews on Google. You can sip on delicious drinks at the Banana rooftop bar that’s situated at the Sombrero Mexican restaurant in Tonsai Village. 

Must-Do Things for all Travelers at Banana Bar, Koh Phi

Besides the delicious food and diverse drink menu, you can do a lot of things at the Banana bar. In fact, it’s a place where fun never stops. Throughout the night, you can vibe on good music, watch fire shows, or take part in contests. You can enjoy all this while watching the bartenders making the perfect drink for you. This will make your night even more fun! 

1. Good Music

A bar without good music isn’t a bar! Thankfully, Banana bars don’t have any such limitations. The place plays trendy/groovy songs to go with the drinks and food. You can listen to the refreshing music while chilling with your friends and family inside the bar. Trust us! It’s a heaven for those who want a place to relax. 

2. Fire Shows

Fire Show in Koh Phi PhiBeing one of the best bars, Banana bar features the activity that Thailand is famous for! Yes, we are talking about the fire shows. Young men doing stunts with torches and fired ropes can make you all awestruck! The illuminated lights around the bar serve as scenic beauty for all the guests in the place. In fact, the arrangement is so amazing that you wouldn’t be able to get enough of it! 

3. Hula Hoop Contests

Do you want to indulge in some interesting activity? The good thing is that Banana bar organizes hula hoop contests. Yes, the fun activity that you did back in your childhood. 

It’s time to show your skills right in the bar! Fun, isn’t it? 

Challenge your friends to see who can swirl the hoop on their belly. The contest is very exciting, happening, and enjoyable for all the visitors out there. Also, these contests take place till late at night. So, you can stay assured of a lasting stay! 

4. Watch Those Professional Bartenders

While it isn’t technically an activity, it’s absolute eye candy for all the visitors. Banana bars have two counters at the front that are led by professional bartenders. There they mix cocktails and serve beers/spirits to the guests. The tactics that they use to make the drink is pretty cool. Also, you can see how your drinks are being prepared. 

5. Enjoy the Great View of Loh Dalum Bay

Sunset at Loh Dalum BayThe best thing you can do at a Banana bar is, sip on your cocktails while checking out the views of Loh Dalum Bay. The beach, along with Tonsai beach, is one of the largest bays on Koh Phi Phi island. In fact, Loh Dalum Bay is one of the most commonly visited beaches by tourists. The mesmerizing scenic view of the bay with that delicious cocktail is likely to satisfy your soul. 

6. Beautiful Sunsets  

Besides the scenic beauty of Loh Dalum Bay, you can also check out the gorgeous sunsets around the beach. The shimmery water and the orange shades of the setting sun look outstanding together. It’s certainly the perfect time to spend some quality time with your partner or family while witnessing the natural phenomenon. 

7. Beer Pong Tables

While at the bar, you can also play beer pong or Beirut. It’s a drinking game where you have to aim the ping pong ball on a beer-filled cup! You can team up with guests and apply your best aim. The team with the maximum throw wins!  

8. Movie Nights

Additionally, the bar organizes movie nights with comfortable beds. You can watch the classics while relaxing and enjoying your food for the perfect evening. It’s a must-try for those who want a place to relax instead of partying. 

9. Snaps and Pics

The ambiance/atmosphere of the bar is outstanding! So, you can click selfies and pictures with the relishing background at the back. Likewise, the food and drinks are all picture-worthy. So, you can click them for your Insta stories too! The best part? They offer free WiFi service. This means free internet! 

Food and Drinks at Banana Rooftop Bar

The food and drinks in Banana bars are quite diverse. You can sip on a plethora of unique cocktails, including margaritas. The bar serves 2 for one bucket along with happy hour specials.

In terms of food, the bar sells delectable varieties starting from burgers and pasta to chicken, beef, fajita salads, pad Thais, and so on. This means you can gorge on both Mexican food and Thai food. For special diets, the place serves vegan or vegetarian options too. 

Highlights on Banana Rooftop Bar Koh Phi

The Banana bar is known for its drinks, good food, and delicacies. You can sit on their bamboo pavilions that are adorned with colorful cushions and mats and spend quality time with your loved ones. The vibing loud music and breathtaking views go well together. 

Not to forget the shows, activities, and Thai food that keep the party going all night long! However, it’s recommended to get all sober on your way back. That’s because you need to climb the spiral staircase to reach the bar. While it’s not an issue when you enter, it’s important to be without the steps when leaving the bar. 

Additionally, the bar has a friendly staff to make your experience even better! Besides the Banana bar, you can check out the nearby popular bars like Slinky beach bar, Rolling stoned bar, Carlito’s bar, and more. Most of them are accessible within walking distance!