Chill Out Bar

Home to Extraordinary and Most Enjoyable Nightlife

Explore the most inhabited island of Phi Phi islands, Koh Phi Phi Don. The tonsai area is home to extraordinary and most enjoyable nightlife of Koh Phi Phi don. So, don’t forget to plan your trip to this fantastic place called Chill Out Bar. 

The Chill Out Bar and bungalows offer adventure, entertainment, and the best food and drinks. The bar practices social distancing, and it’s completely safe. So, let’s have a look at this fantastic place where every day there is a beach party.

Reasons for Exploring Chill Out Bar

Explore the reasons that will make you explore Chill Out Bar in your trip to Phi Phi island and Koh Phi Phi Don:

Chill Out Bar is Sustainable

The Chill Out Bar is handcrafted from natural driftwood, a tropical setting. The view of the sea with relaxing seating areas and treetop platforms looks impressive. The Chill Out Bar and bungalows enjoy the true spirit of Thailand, as the location is full of artwork made by local artists. In addition, there are bamboo salas, wooden furniture, seatings, and organic infrastructure. You can catch up on a few beers and spend your evening and night at this perfect bar after exploring the island.

Offers Best Drinks

So, you can literally “chill” at a Chill Out bar as there are fantastic cocktails, beer, energy drinks, free shots, and all types of drinks. Usually, tourists explore Ko Phi during the day and unwind here with a drink to experience the real fun of Phi island.

The Food is Amazing

You will get everything at Chill Out Bar with the local Thai food, western or English dishes. The chefs are good at both continental and local dishes. So, you can have your meals with drinks and lots of entertainment. Chill out bar offers pretty cool deals and prices.

Live Folk and International Music Nights

For experiencing the real nightlife of Thailand and Ko Phi, you will have to visit this place. The main attraction is live folk music nights, and local artists perform here. Also, international artists come here to serve and entertain the guests on some nights. In addition, there’s a small dance floor. The beachfront view with music and dance makes it an excellent place to enjoy Phi island’s nightlife.

Fire Shows and Fire Dancers

Fire Dancers in Koh phi phiThe Chill Out Bar has amazing fire shows and fire dances. The live performances by locals perform live music and perform incredible stunts. Many travelers come here to enjoy this entertaining fire dance, fire skipping, fire limbo, and view with some fantastic drinks and food. 

You can Perform Slacklining 

Yes, you can perform and witness impressive slacklining here. Slacklining is quite common in Ko Phi, and this bar is best to watch it. Also, you can try your hands on slacklining. The party animals try this without fear, and falling on smooth sand doesn’t hurt much!

Try Hula Hooping 

At night when this place returns to an abode for night party lovers, there are some fun activities. Many people try hula looping with professionals and match their steps with ongoing music. 

Great Place for Hosting Special Events

Yes, you can host and celebrate special events here. The bar also has pretty sustainable bungalows which can accommodate many people. You can celebrate birthdays, pre-wedding parties, and anniversaries with up to 100 people. The live music, dances, shows, games with unlimited drinks and food will be great. In addition, the view of the beach and cliff in the middle of the tropical plantation feels very raw.

Check out Chill Out Bar Bungalows

The Chill Out Bar also has impressive huts just a few meters away. The best part is the all boho hippie vibes and its sustainability. So, there are:

Wooden Huts

The wooden huts are hand-made wooden huts with all sorts of artistic things. The private washrooms and walls were repainted with Thai arts. It has a twin or a single, double bed with good restrooms. Also, there is a mosquito net and fan in the room. It has a relaxing balcony for enjoying the location.

Jungle Bungalows

The jungle bungalows amidst real jungle look fascinating. The rooms are full of artwork, fancy mirrors, and paintings. There are twin or double beds, a private balcony, storage for clothes, private bathrooms, and mosquito nets.

Chill Out Dormitory

Check out Chill dormitory for affordable prices as the dormitory can accommodate 3 to 6 guests. The bathroom is shared; each bed has a mosquito net, fan, and good linens. Also, you get a private locker near each bed.

Activities Near Chill Out Bar

Rock Climbing

Mountains and cliffs in tonsai bayThe Chill Out Bar and Bungalows are just a few meters away from Tonsai Bay and tonsai Beach. It’s a world-famous spot for rock climbing on beautiful limestone cliffs. First, try this great activity in Ko Phi as you can get many trainers and guides on the Chill Out bar itself. Then, walk to Tonsai Beach and Ton Sai Bay to explore all sorts of water adventures.


You can try snorkeling at Tonsai Beach, sock the sun and explore underwater life. Hire rain from Chill Out Bars and record this significant activity on go pro.


Travel to the northern end of Ko Phi to explore all the beaches and bays. Try all forms of diving or even take up a certificate course. Then, come and relax at Chill Out Bars and Bungalows for a stay that’s nearby.

Ko Phi is Home to Thailand’s Best Tourist life

The Ko Phi Don of Phi Phi island is the largest inhabited area with incredible Thai history. The place rose from ashes after the 2004 earthquake and became a popular tourist location.

You can try unique locations like Tonsai Bay, Tonsai beach for rock climbing and water activities. Also, the limestone cliffs offer a great view. Explore Maya Bay, Loh Dalum Bay, Loh Dalum beach, Monkey Beach, Nui Beach, Moo Dee bay, Tonsai bay, Railay beach. Also, Bamboo Island is quite near. These beaches offer water adventures, land sports, cooking courses, yoga and massage courses, and much more.

Explore The most populated and busiest part of Koh Phi Phi Don, the Tonsai village, beach, and bay. It’s home to many bars like Ibiza Beach Club, Apache Beach Bar, Reggae Bar, only bar, Sunflower beach bar, rolling stoned bar, hippies bar, banana bar, apache beach house.

Stockholm syndrome, Dubliner Irish pub, Sombrero Mexican restaurant, and Carlito’s bar are also popular. 

The Chill Out bar enjoys the actual Thai environment with affordable prices, organic stay and loud music, pool parties, beer pong tables, and a fire show. Many people play pool as pool tables are pretty standard in restaurants, bars, and pubs. Reggae bars have live sports events like Muay Thai boxing too.

Important Details

Address: Tonsai Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Ao Nang, Krabi 81000, Thailand

Timings: All day open

Contact Number: +66 (0)62 943 9288

Let’s Wrap it

The perfect location of Chill Out Bars and Bungalows makes it the ideal spot for Koh Phi. The beach view, friendly staff, Tonsai village, and Tonsai beach make it the best location in Krabi province to explore Koh Phi. So, explore the place for organic and wild nightlife and stay.