Dubliner Irish Pub

A Perfect Place To Dance Under The Moon

Dubliner Irish Pub, located in the inhabited island of Phi Phi islands, the Koh Phi Phi Don is a place to experience the nightlife of Thailand. The Dubliner Irish Pub at Tonsai village of Koh Phi Phi Don stands as one of the top 10 bars of Phi Phi Island. So, dedicate a night of your trip to this pub as it will become your favorite. So, Let’s know why?

What Makes it so Awesome?

So, here are some unique highlights of the Dubliner Irish Bar that will surely make you visit the place:

Enjoy Every Beat of Live Irish Music and in House DJ

The live Irish music with appealing notes gives you “Titanic Irish Party” scene vibes in this Dubliner Irish Pub. The slow ballads or fast-paced dancing music brings the party mood to full swing. Whether it’s Monday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday, every day is live music and party day at Dubliner Irish Pub. You can enjoy or dance to live music, either Irish or popular new songs on DJ.

The Burger Challenge is Full Dose of Live Entertainment

This Irish pub has an enjoyable 30 minutes burger challenge with great food. Well, it’s a challenge you can take willingly. You have to finish off the burger or any dish in 30 minutes. If you do so, the burger is charged free. Many guests take part in this challenge and win a free burger. Try this with your friends to create some fun memories.

There is Great Service of Drinks

So, out of an extensive list of all good things Dubliner Irish Pub offers, the best is the drinks. Well, they import high-quality drinks like specialty beers, wine, fresh cocktails and have a full bar with excellent service. The rates are pretty affordable as compared to other nearby places. Take a note and try all the drinks here as you visit once; this will become your favorite Irish pub in Phi Phi islands. 

Try the Amazing food – Both Thai and Western Dishes

The Dubliner Irish pub has the most delicious food with excellent service. You can try local authentic Thai food, which is finger-licking. Also, if you’re not a fan of Thai food, you can try English and western dishes.

Also, try the shepherd pie, which is scrumptious. The menu has an extensive list of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, you can ask the pretty and friendly waiters for the best recommendations.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to try special breakfast party meals served at this Irish pub. It’s served all day and has impressive dishes. 

Full Pack Entertainment With Variety of Games

What’s a pub without a dose of entertainment? Try pool, as there are pool tables in this Irish pub. Generally, there is a crowd near this place as guests love to sip drinks and play competitive games. 

Dance Under the Full Moon

Dubliner Irish Pub is famous for dancing parties. The live music DJ with the best songs is fantastic. There’s a stage for dancing, and on full moon nights, guests dance under the moon. You can enjoy the sea breeze, with good music, people, and drinks.

Big TV Screens to Watch Sport Events

The Dubliner Irish Pub has four big TV screens for watching almost anything. But, guests love to watch F1, boxing, and Football games on it. In addition, the setup of this Dubliner Irish Pub is such that every guest can face each other, making it a great place to socialize. 

Enjoy the “Happy Hours”

You can hit this Irish pub at “happy hours” if you get lucky. Some food and drinks are half the price with some free meals options. There are “happy hours” daily, which makes it a bonus. You will undoubtedly hit this pub at happy hours in your regular visits during the Phi Phi island tour.

Great Service and Super Friendly Staff

One of the attributes that make this Irish pub stand out from others is the super friendly staff. The waiter girls are super cute, social, and have good communication skills. They offer you great service and ask you if you have any allergies or customization while noting the order. The staff is amiable, and so is the crowd.

Free wi-fi and Basic Amenities

Yes, while enjoying your favorite drinks and food, you can scroll the internet at super high speed. There is free wi-fi in this Irish pub. Also, the washrooms are pretty hygienic and well maintained. 

The Location of Dubliner Irish Pub

So, if you’re already at Koh Phi Phi Don, you can reach Tonsai bay through a ferry and then walk to tonsai village or take a bicycle. The tonsai town is one of the most inhabited places of Koh Phi Phi Don Island of Phi Phi islands. 

The Dubliner Irish Pub is at the center of Tonsai village, with fantastic nightlife. The address of Dubliner Irish Pub is 125/81 Moo7 Phi Phi Island, Thailand, and the contact number is tel:+66-91-034-6598.

Reaching From Krabi and Phuket International Airport:

  • Take a ferry, shAred taxi, private taxi, bus to Ao Nang pier.
  • Now, take a long tail boat to Tonsai Bay.
  • Reach tonsai village on foot or bicycle to reach Dubliner Irish Pub.

There are plenty of hotels near Dubliner Irish Pub, on busy streets in Tonsai village. You can check online booking websites for making reservations. Many ads are advertising the best stays. So, read online reviews for a comfortable and secure stay. 

What to do Near Dubliner Irish Pub?

Before Hitting the bar, you can explore plenty of places near Dubliner Irish Bar:

Explore Tonsai village

Tonsai Shopping CentersExplore this village’s streets to buy pretty Thailand souvenirs. There are many local shopping centers.

Explore Tonsai bay

Tonsai BayIt’s a fun location for rock climbing the limestone cliffs and enjoying water adventures.

Phi Phi Viewpoint

Measure the power of this beautiful view from the height. You can spot pretty sea, cliffs, and palm trees. Hike or take a road trip to this location.

Viking caves

The Viking caves are excellent and were intended to save pirates from sailors. The boats take you very close to these caves near the sea.

Try Water activities

Koh Phi Phi is a hub for snorkeling, kayaking, diving, surfing, and whatnot. So, try all these activities in Tonsai, Loh Dalum, Long, Monkey, Nui, and Maya beaches. Also, they offer certificate courses.

Cooking Classes

Take up Thai food cooking classes. If you love the food, take the certificate with you.

Yoga and massage courses

Yes, you can learn and take certificate courses. Traditional yoga and massage lessons are available on almost all ko Phi Phi Don beaches.

Let’s wrap it

The Dubliner Irish Pub enjoys the prime location of Phi Phi Islands with the best services. In addition, it’s a very famous place for exploring the real nightlife of Thailand. So, add it up in our itinerary for a fulfilling experience.