Ibiza Beach Club

The Perfect Destination To Party Around

Are you looking for the best beach club to enjoy the nightlife on Phi Phi island? Do not cut out Ibiza beach club from the list! Ibiza beach club is one of the best beach clubs for party animals who want to chill, watch fire shows, and shake those legs a little. Yes, the perfect fiesta for socialites by the sea.

Location of Ibiza Beach Club

The glistening Ibiza beach club at Ibiza house lies right in the middle of Loh Dalum Bay Krabi, Phi Phi Don Island. It’s open 24*7 (of course! the party’s got to be a little late) for all those people who want to enjoy Thailand’s nightlife

Things to do at Ibiza Beach Club

This place has a plethora of stuff for all the partygoers. Good music? They have it! Two for one bucket? They have it! Exclusive beach club fire shows? Guess what? They have it. To sum up, it’s the ideal definition of bars and nightclubs. Let’s dive into a little detail of what this best beach club has to offer:

1. Ibiza’s Great Music 

Thanks to the club’s resident DJs, Ibiza beach club offers the best music for all those leg shakers. The combination of trendy and groovy tunes/live music, along with the bashy ambiance, ensures that you do not take any halts from dancing. Of course, the beats are necessary to pump up the party, and this place ensures the same. 

2. Fire Shows at Evening    

Do not miss this fantastic show if you ever plan to visit the Ibiza beach club. It’s an absolute must-watch! To enjoy the best out of the show, wait until nightfall. That’s because you will be witnessing the Phi Phi island being illuminated with fire and lights. 

The show involves young men with inflamed torches showing stunts. You can also watch the jugglers playing with the fireballs and the skipping rope stunt, where the rope is lit and spun in pitch-dark. These professionals are absolute stunners to the eyes!  The fire show takes place right in front of the bar. 


3. Party in the Beach Club

Bar In Ibiza Beach ClubIbiza beach club is the perfect destination to party around. The mesmerizing sea beach view, beach clubs, and shimmery yet relaxed atmosphere ensure that you get a nightlife experience like never before! 

One of the best things about this exquisite beach club is that it has a dancefloor right on the beach. So, good music and beach dancefloor equal? Party all night! We mean, literally! That’s because the club is open all night long. 

4. Fun Beach Clubs Pool Parties

Highlight of Ibiza Beach ClubIbiza beach club is one of the best beach clubs that’s known for offering pool parties on weekends and holidays. Thus, if you are one such soul who likes water more than the shimmery lights, then these parties aren’t worth missing!

You can gather around with people in swimming pools and vibe on the music while refreshing your inner soul with the energizing atmosphere. And we know what you are thinking? Will the pools be clean? Well, indeed! The pools are absolutely clean, and the staff is extremely helpful. 

5. Mesmerizing Sunsets and Sunrises by the Sea

Before the real-deal starts, you can sit by the beach and watch the beautiful sunset with your loved ones/friends. That’s because the club has an amazing sunset view! The warm sandy beach, sunset sky, relaxed ambiance, comfortable sunbeds, and orange hues are likely to fascinate your fun soul. 

Likewise, you can also relish the beautiful sunrise once you are done with the party! It’s absolutely magical to witness the dawn with cool sand and chirping birds along the beach. 

6. Shops and Phi Phi Viewpoint

As you will be right on the gorgeous beach, you can always check out the nearby local shops and the Phi Phi viewpoint in the early hours. Phi Phi viewpoint is a highpoint of around 186 meters.

It’s a 20 to 30-minute walk to the top with stunning views. You wouldn’t face many difficulties climbing the viewpoint as the roads are well-paved. There are places/space to rest, although it’s recommended to carry a bottle and keep yourself hydrated (especially during summer). 

As soon as you reach the extreme top, you are likely to witness the scenic beauty of Phi Phi Leh, Ton Sai Village, and Long Dalim Bays. 

7. Best Beach Clubs and Restaurant Nearby

Apart from being close to the sandy beach, there are some of the best beach clubs, lounge, and bars nearby. This includes other beach clubs like Slinky beach bar, Stones Bar, etc. In your free time, you can spend some time over there too. By this means, you can get the best of both worlds! 

Good Food, Beverages, and Accommodations/Hotel of Ibiza Beach Club

How can we forget about the most important part of any night bars and party? The beverages. One of the best things about this exclusive beach club is that the cocktails and drinks are reasonable. 

So, you can sip on your favorite delectable drinks without worrying much about the pocket pinch. Besides, their menu is filled with all the refreshing drinks that your soul can ever ask for! The best part? The bars are always stocked up, so you can never run out of drinks. 

Many people say that their drinks are quite adequate. This means you can share a bucket among three people! So, it isn’t just the cost but also the quantity. 

Being one of the best beach clubs, the food is served all day long in the venue. You can gorge on your favorite Thai delicacies and international cuisine as lunch or dinner while enjoying the vibes. The heavenly dishes are prepared by top-class, experienced, and skilled chefs. Accommodations are also available for all guests. 

Overall, Ibiza beach club is one of the best beach clubs in Ibiza to spend the perfect day! Before sunset, you can relax, have lunch, sit by the sea, and after sunset, you can enjoy the ideal beach club evening with DJ sets, cocktails, party with guests, dinner at a restaurant, and many more!