Phi Phi Reggae Bar

Your trip to Phi Phi Islands, Thailand, is incomplete without having a taste of the fantastic nightlife it offers. So, watch thrilling Thai boxing fights, step too loud music, and have unlimited drinks. So, explore The wild and crazy side of Thailand’s nightlife in Ko Phi Phi. Of course, the best place to explore the nightlife is Reggae Bar, one of the oldest bars on Phi Phi Island. So, go through this travel page for all the information and reviews of the Reggae bar.

Decoding the Location of Reggae Bar

Location of Reggae Bar

The largest island of Phi Phi islands is Phi Phi Don, which has uncountable beaches, bays, piers, water, and land activities. Also, it’s home to talented artists, dancers, and musicians. The Tonsai village of Phi Phi Don is where you can explore the real essence of Phi Phi Islands, a prime occasion.

The Tonsai village, where people walk and travel on cycles, has terrific restaurants, bars, and scenic views. So, the famous Reggae bar is at the Tonsai village in the central town. There are many impressive hotels nearby for a comfortable stay. 

To reach there, use the address – Reggae Bar, 125/55 Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand. Also, you can check their website for reviews, location, following fight updates, the listing of past matches gallery, and contacts.  

The Speciality of Reggae Bar

Speciality of Reggae Bar

The reasons you must visit Reggae Bar, Phi Phi Island are:

1. Muay Thai Boxing

Every day there is professional Muay Thai boxing which is for adults only. There are real fights between professionals, tourists, or locals. It’s a decision of willingness, making the Reggae bar stand apart from all. The music, dancing, drinks, and audience enjoying fights till night are best.

The most enjoyable part is the winner gets a free bucket of drinks and a signature medal. The Ko Phi Phi Reggae bar also provides gears to prepare the match. The fights between tourists are amateur fights, and it’s entirely out of choice. The tourists from various cities accept the challenge and make history. While the professional fights are pre-decided and the crowd enjoys both of them. 

2. One of the Oldest Bars

Yes, it’s one of the oldest bars in the Phi Phi Islands, offering incredible nightlife in Ko Phi Phi. It has been successfully running since 1989 and maintaining its place. So, unwind yourself after relaxing on beaches exploring adventure activities by coming here from your hotels. You can have drinks, dance to music beats and make new friends. 

3. Ranked Number one bar in Phi Phi Islands

Yes, public voting voted the Phi Phi Reggae Bar as the number one bar in 2019. It’s the most popular bar anyone will recommend to you, and your itinerary must have this on the list. Don’t miss Thailand’s nightlife by not having a night here. Also, not a single Google review is against the bar; the travelers from the countries have only praised the atmosphere of the Reggae bar.

4. No Entry Fees

There are no entrance fees for entering the bar. You have to pay for your drinks and you’re good to go. You can enter the bar and order unlimited drinks or a choice of drinks. So, the bar operates every day from 6 pm to 1 am. The official timing is this, but it usually runs up to the sunrise. It’s genuinely a fantastic place for exploring the Phi Phi island nightlife with loud music and beats.

5. Best to Explore Nightlife

It’s the best place to discover and enjoy the nightlife of Thailand. It’s a dedicated night bar which operates in the evening till midnight. Also, there are travelers from all countries. You can encounter a bunch of talented locals and tourists. 

You will make new connections with good music, food, terrific drinks, and enjoy the Thai fights. The place is known as “Muay Thai with Margaritas.” Its rowdy nightlife is famous in countries like the US, UK, Australia, Asian countries, and New Zealand. Travelers from the world come here to experience the adventurous nightlife of Phi Phi Reggae bar. 

6. Highest Dose of Entertainment

The best thing is when the competitors from the crowds are called upon the ring. These matches become one of the most entertaining matches of the fighting rings. Also, you will never miss the view of the ring as the Phi Phi Reggae Bar Island has large tv screens for showing all the sports and matches. 

There is a full cocktail menu, tempting buckets of energy drinks, ice, and a variety of liquor, and the online reviews about food are excellent. There are a total of five bars with friendly and efficient bartenders. 

In addition, you can try your hand in the pool game. There is a significant crowd near the pool tables too. The drinks range from chilled beers to anything you like. You can watch the fights in the ring with fantastic food and drinks.

7. It’s Prime Location for Exploring Phi Phi Island

The Reggae Bar, Phi Phi islands is between Tonsai and Lah Dalam Bay, making it the best location. While staying at Ko Phi Phi Don or Tonsai village, you can explore plenty of beaches. You can come from your respective hotels, which are nearby, for an incredible nightlife experience. 

The best picks are Tonsai beach, Tonsai bay, Long beach, Monkey beach, Nui each, Bamboo island, Koh Phi Phi viewpoint, and Maya beach. It’s hard to mention all the beaches, bays, and views near this location. So, every night you can chill at a Reggae bar on Phi Phi island. 

So, try snorkeling, diving, fishing, shark watching, kayaking, rent a private boat, shop, enjoy art, massage, and experience yoga. These are the prime business ventures in Phi Phi island, and you can manage to come to Reggae bar after doing all this from your hotels. 

You can shortlist the attraction on travel websites. Create an account, sign up, alter settings for the location. Read reviews by various and finalize all hotels, styles, and locations online, and all your data is safe. So explore the entire site of Phi islands with Thai boxing.

Essential details about Phi Phi Reggae Bar

Some of the things you must consider are:

  • The official timing of the Phi Phi Reggae bar is 6 pm to 1 am. But, it generally runs from 5 pm till sunrise too. You can ask for help, food, and drinks anytime.
  • There’s a good chance you will be tempted to hit the ring for a fight. But, don’t do it while you’re all drunk. Participating in senses will be best for you.
  • The fights are not very harmful. They are meant to maintain sportsmanship, entertainment, and healthy competition.
  • They prepare you with all gears and have first aid.
  • There’s no entry fee, but you have to buy drinks to catch the fights.