Rolling Stoned Bar

A Place to Fall in Love with Old-school Music, Pretty Decor and Good Food

Rolling Stoned Bar or commonly known as Rolling Stoned Bar, is one of the oldest bars of Koh Phi Phi Don of Phi Phi Islands. Come here to fall in love with old-school music, pretty decor, good food, and drinks with a skilled bartender. It’s one of the most popular bars, which is a must-visit for every traveler exploring the Phi Islands. So, get in here and check out the complete guide to Rolling Stone Bar.

What’s so Special About Rolling Stoned Bar?

There are plenty of reasons to visit Rolling Stones Bar, but some of the most convincing reasons are:

The Vibe of Rolling Stoned Bar is Wholesome

The place is quite photogenic and has the best vibes from people, music, and decor. They look pretty good and are painted with famous western stars’ portraits. Also, the setting has floor cushions and private hangout areas. The floor has white and black blocks. The stone bar with dim lights lively music reminiscent of rock songs is simply fulfilling.

Best place to Experience Nightlife of Phi Phi Islands

This stones bar operates 24*7, and when the clock hits eight or so in the evening, the party begins. Everyone sings and dances with great drinks, food, grills, and music. You can order grill rolling stone bar dishes which are the best. The music runs till morning, and the atmosphere of old evergreen live music makes it best to discover the nightlife of Thailand.

The Music is Simply Unbeatable

Rolling Stoned Bar EntertainmentVisualize a tiny stage, band, table service, brunch facility, and memorable songs. Add talented local bands singing Led zeppelin, The Doors, and other retro-rock songs in your imagination. Well, such a site with quality drinks in hand will take you back to those school and college days. 

Pop, blues, rock, hard rock, or reggae; they will play anything for the guests. The performers play songs on request and can hit heavy guitars, drums, and bass anytime you desire. The dancing and music go hand in hand till midnight. Make your trip memorable with this perfect setting and energy of evergreen melodies.

Lots of Entertainment Options

Rolling Stoned Bar HighlightsWell, with such a warm ambiance, they have four pool tables. The pool game is trendy in Phi Islands, and many bars have one or two tables. So to reduce the crowds, there are four tables. You can play and enjoy excellent matches with drinks and a grill rolling stone bar. The stone bar offers everything an authentic Thailand’s nightlife can give.

Variety of Fresh Drinks

There are no drinks in the world that are not available at Stone Bar. The place isn’t as pricey as bars nearby. So, enjoy beer, gin, rum, cocktails, and all drinks with alcohol with a perfect grill. Also, non-alcoholic drinks are available. The rolling stone bar has great bartenders, and the place gives off the vibe of this Los Angeles bar. The drinks are available at all hours. The service has good reviews online and wins everyone’s heart.

The Food is too Good

You can order almost every type of food here, breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner at all hours. Also, they give coffee and a breakfast sandwich to ease the hangover, and it’s pretty good. You can eat Thai delicacies with almost all western English dishes like burgers. The waitress and waiters suggest things from the menu and are friendly.

Location Details

So, the Rolling Stone Bar is at central Tonsai Village, the most inhabited place of Koh Phi Don. Koh Phi Phi Don is the largest island of Phi Phi Islands. The tourist attraction near Tonsai village makes it popular and a hub for business.

Take shuttle, cab, bus service to Ao Nang Pier from Krabi or Phuket Airport. Then take a private boat, a long tail boat to Tonsai Bay from Ao Nang. After reaching Tonsai Bay, walk to Tonsai Pier. The Rolling Stones Bar is at 450 east of Tonsai Pier. You will surely enjoy this place famous for its nightlife, don’t forget to review it for other travelers.

You can book many hotels, stays, hostels, and resorts at Koh Phi Phi Don. Check the online booking website in your browser, and book the room straight away. Don’t fall for a Facebook link, as the booking can be risky. Instead, talk to the manager hours before booking and verify hours and location details beforehand.  


Central Tonsai, Koh Phi Phi Don, Ao Nang, Krabi 81000, Thailand


Daily from 5 pm until late

Contact Number

+66 (0)83 109 2003

What can you do Before you Visit Rolling Stones Bar?

You can explore many things before visiting Rolling Stones Bar at night. Some of the things to do nearby are:

Try rock Climbing

Before you arrive at the Stones Bar, you can go to Tonsai Bay to try hands-on rock climbing. It is a world-famous spot for rock climbers. The limestone cliffs, view, and climb are beautiful. You can hire a trainer and relax at Stones Bar after this activity.

Try Water Adventures

Yes, try snorkeling, diving, surfing, motorsports, and other water adventures at the beaches nearby. For example, you can go to Tonsai beach, Long Beach, Monkey Beach, or Nui beach.

Explore Phi Phi Viewpoint

A few meters away, hike, bike, or take a cab to this spot at elevation. You can view the lovely sea, sand, palm trees, and cliffs from this viewpoint.

Enjoy a Massage day

Take a day off from your Phi Phi islands toys and enjoy Thai massages at the beach. Relax and come to the party at night at Stones Bar.

Go Shark Watching

Shark watching is a beautiful way to create some long-lasting memories. There are many locations near Tonsai village which have shark shows.

Go Fishing

Also, relax and fish at many spots near Tonsai village. Soak the sun, relax and try fishing. Come to Stones Bar at night to party hard.

Let’s Wrap it

The rolling stone bar is indeed a heaven for party lovers and people looking to explore the Phi islands’ nightlife. Travel to the rock music era with amazing songs as performers. Eat and drink till you wish terrific service. Explore the destination nearby and have a great time at Phi Phi Island.