Sunflower Beach Bar

Sunflower Beach Bar

The trip to Phi Phi Island is incomplete without enjoying Thai food and drinks at Sunflower Beach Bar Phi Phi. It’s a restaurant cum beach bar that offers a colossal view of the sea, low tides, splendid sun, and resting boats. So, add this place to your itinerary without fail, and it’s very near to major landmarks.

Highlights of the Sunflower Beach Bar

Highlights of the Sunflower Beach Bar

These are some of the highlights of Sunflower beach bar, which make it the most special place in Phi Phi islands:

1. Breathtaking View

The sunflower beach has the most amazing sight of a calm sea with low tides. The sunset is simply enchanting, and you can enjoy it sitting on fancy sea-style furniture of hammocks. It’s a perfect location to unwind after visiting the beaches and having adventure activities. 

You can have a serene evening with friends or a girlfriend and party like an animal at night. The location has lots of palm trees, and the breeze makes you appreciate every bit of the location. The Google Sunflower Beach Bar reviews have lots of photos describing pretty sunsets in this beautiful beach bar of Koh Phi Phi.

2. Yummiest Food

Sunflower beach bar has awesome food, and its specialty is perfectly cooked Thai food. Also, there are plenty of western dishes choices too. Some tasty delicacies are perfectly cooked pad thai, prawns, and chicken fried rice. The authentic nightlife of Thailand is at this beach bar, where there is access to unlimited cocktails and excellent service. 

You’re always heard by waiters, and they are never missing from the venue. You can check all the sunflower beach bar reviews on the internet, which only praises its peculiar taste. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner here with drinks at reasonable costs. 

Also, some cheap alternative bars have worse food which has cat hairs and can lead to poisoning. So, always try authentic Thai food at this Sunflower Beach Bar at the northern end of Loh Dalum Bay which has quality food.

Tip: If you’re new to Thai food, some people tend to develop food poisoning resulting in dehydration. In such a case, start with bland Thai food or try other western dishes available at Sunflower Beach Bar Restaurants. Sometimes, Thai food can make you sick if you’re not used to it.

3. Pretty Decor

The decor is unique as it’s all about the sea, oceans, sails, and all the elements that make an excellent site. There are pretty seashells, wooden flutes, hanging bowls, bricks of wood, and much more. 

They have placed a tailor-boat in the center of the bar. Also, the beachfront area has lots of hammocks, mats, pavilions, chairs, and seating furniture. The decor element and furniture have some hippie and indie vibe. 

4. Affordable Prices

Another reason to explore this place is the competitive prices. The drinks, the food, everything is at reasonable costs. This makes it a favorite spot for travelers and tourists from all the countries. 

It’s one of the town’s best restaurants for saving serious money on food. So, watch the sunset relax at the sunflower beach bar at Koh Phi Phi. The affordable price and view do more business to this perfect beach bar and help it gain good sunflower beach bar reviews.

5. Best Party Atmosphere

There are plenty of fire shows, music, and dances for party lovers. The atmosphere is like those famous clubs when the clock ticks 9 pm. After visiting nearby attractions, the travelers come here for unlimited party time. The entry is free; you only have to pay for your food and drinks.

6. Playful mood

Relax on the timber furniture in the front sea and notice pretty skies, cliffs, bays, and beaches. You can surf on a super-fast net, play board games, cards, and much more. You can read books, listen to the amazing playlist they have, or dance to the beats. You can sit and relax as much as you want, and don’t forget to write a sunflower beach bar review.

How to Reach Sunflower Beach Bar and Restaurant?

How to Reach Sunflower Beach Bar and Restaurant

If you’re at Phi Phi Island, take a ferry, shuttle, shared cab, or private cab to Tonsai pier. It’s the main pier of Loh Dalum Bay. From Loh Dalum Bay, walk to the northern end to find the sunflower beach and restaurants. 

The address is Northern End, Lohdalum Bay, Koh Phi Phi Don 81000. You can ask for any means of transport, and they will drop you at this beautiful location. So, visit Sunflower Beach Bar in the afternoon, Friday evening, or take an extra day for relaxation here.

There are plenty of hotels near sunflower beach bars and restaurants where you can check-in. They have websites; you can cancel hours before checking in. You can pay anytime or on arrival at the property. So, a large group or small visit Sunflower Beach Bar without fail. 

What can you do Near Sunflower Beach Bar & Restaurant?

As sunflower bar is a sea-facing restaurant with many landmarks in the vicinity, you can do plenty of things.:

1. Snorkeling

You can begin with snorkeling. The water of Loh Dalum Beach Phi Phi is relatively shallow. This gives erect opportunities to beginners and for viewing marine life more clearly. You can pay local trainers for instructions and gear.

2. Kayaking

You can paddle and kayak, access islands, explore mountains, limestone cliffs, and breathtaking views.

3. Diving

Yes, learn diving in all forms. You can also choose a certificate course. The course is excellent and has various levels.

4. Yoga and massage

Yes, you can hire company trainers for a course in yoga and massage. They take you around all locations in Koh Phi Phi and have regular sessions.

5. Visit Phi Phi Viewpoint

After a successful check-in visit, the Phi Phi viewpoint is the most popular spot of Koh Phi Phi Don is a Phi Phi viewpoint. You can hike, hire a taxi, motorbike, or use stairs to reach this point. The ticket is 30 baht, and the view is incredible. You can take photos, picnic, rest and have drinks, and return to the sunflower beach bar and restaurant at night.

6. Travel to nearby attractions

Go to Maya bay, bamboo islands, monkey beach. Also, Tonsai Bay, Long Beach, Ao Nang pier, Viking caves, moo dee bay, shark watching, cliff jumping, and lots of gorgeous locations are nearby. Review all the activities near the Koh Phi Phi as a guide. It will be helpful for each traveler from a different city and country.