Aroy Kaffeine Restaurant Phi Phi

A Bohemian restaurant in the middle of the tropical vibe of Koh Phi Phi Don, which offers amazing delicacies, is a must-visit place. Located at the largest and inhabited island called Koh Phi Phi Don of Phi Phi islands, it is at Tonsai village. 

After enjoying your days witnessing beautiful beaches, clear water, and white sand, everyone wishes for good food. Well, Aroy Kaffeine is visitors’ most popular choice as the dishes, ambiance, and service is incredible. 

So, let’s look at all the reasons which make Aroy Kaffeine so special.

Story of Aroy Kaffeine

Aroy Kaffeine is another name of JaJa Cafe & Spice Restaurant. So, Jaruwan Yosrungrueng, also known as “Ja,” hails from northeast Thailand. Born into a farmer family, he always aspired to do something different. He is a chef, entrepreneur, and small business owner now. His curiosity led him to become the owner of one of the most famous restaurants of Phi Phi Islands, which is recognized globally.

He aims to explore the world, meet new people, try dishes from the world and interact for knowledge. He seeks to present healthy and delicious food, and the restaurant practices his goal very well. Also, he’s a local guide to Phi Phi Islands, and you can discuss your itinerary with them. The super friendly owner couple adds to the beauty and taste of the restaurant. 

What Makes Aroy Kaffeine so Awesome?

Have a look at some convincing reasons which will make you visit this super charming place in Phi Phi islands:

  • The Location

Aroy Kaffeine, also known as Ja Ja cafe & Spices, is in the middle of Tonsai Village. What makes the location significantly special are the beautiful lagoons surrounding it. It is located behind Phi Phi Village resort. The area is near to all the beautiful beaches and centers of adventure. You can shop and try Thai massages and spas too. 

To reach Tonsai village, take ferries from any part of Phi Phi islands. But, if you’re nearby, walking and cycling is the best option. So, come here for adventures and delicious food of Aroy Kaffeine, which every traveler reviews positively. 

Address: 125/48 Moo 7, Koh Phi Phi Don, Ao Nang, Krabi 81000, Thailand

Timings:  9 am to 6 pm

Contact No: +66 (0)95 257 5452

  • The Ambiance

The Aroy Kaffeine has signature vintage wooden furnishings. The ambiance has a cozy bohemian vibe which is very welcoming. The thing that adds to the atmosphere is the owners, who are super friendly and dedicated. The amiable staff, good service, and affordable prices make it feel like home. 

This beautiful restaurant in Tonsai village is a heavenly food escape for every tourist. Bamboo mesh ceiling lights are hanging all over the restaurant, giving it a cool bohemian vibe in the middle of a tropical village. 

  • Aroy Kaffeine FoodDelicious Options

The Aroy Kaffeine Restaurant has both Thai and western cuisines. So, if you’re having a hard time adapting to Thai food, you can try the popular dishes of the world. The staff speaks English and Thai.

The best Thai food available is pumpkin soup, green curry, and Thai fried rice. Also, try fish and noodles with various curries and sauces. The best standouts are chicken satay, red curry prawns, chicken tortilla, and premium beef burger. Their banana pancakes are reviewed the best. 

The coffee here is simply divine and relaxes you eternally, try cappuccino and latte. Go for special iced coffee, fresh juices, or mango smoothies for beating the heat.

  • Variety of Drinks

It’s a great place for attempting some drinks. After exploring the island’s adventures, you can unwind here for German or Belgium beer, craft beer, and wine. In addition, the restaurant has 17 types of cocktails and spirits. There are all old and new labels. 

  • Healthy OptionsAroy Kaffeine Healthy Options

The owners and chefs focus on creating some tasty and healthy recipes too. These are best for having a safe trip that is full of adventures. So, try gluten, vegan or vegetarian options here. 

Acai, spirulina, chlorella, and turmeric are just some of the superfoods sprayed throughout the menu and on your plate. But, of course, the Smoothie bowls are the winner as they are so tasty and the favorite of many customers. So, have power-packed healthy meals here, both yummy and very nutritious.

What can you do Before or After visiting Aroy Kaffeine/ Ja Ja Cafe & Spices?

You can quickly check Tonsai for some activities. So, before or after visiting the restaurant, you can try:

1. Buy Souvenirs on the way

Tonsai Village is a hub of local artists selling famous decor pieces, apparel, and much more. You can hop in the shops to buy some souvenirs which will stay as a memory with you. Support these local businessmen, and you will find some great shopping items here.

2. Explore Paintings Workshop

Yes, a talented artist can quickly make any painting, whether it’s your portrait, house, scenery, or dog. You can buy ready-made paintings or try custom paintings.

3. Get a Tattoo

There are many professional tattoo artists on the market. Get a tattoo in the Thai language or something special to you. Always look for hygienic places which follow all safety protocols.

4. Get a Massage

There are plenty of spas in Tonsai. You can get full-body herbal Thai massages. Also, scrub and natural baths are the options. It’s really good for the rejuvenation of the mind and body. So give yourself a relaxing day by trying a massage.

5. Enjoy Fire Shows

Tonsai is famous for fire shows, and there is fire dancing, hula hooping, and slacklining. You can see the posters and the performances at famous night bars or by the beach. So, catch these daring shows and parties till night.

Final Words

Aroy Kaffeine/ Ja Ja cafe & Spices is, of course, an overwhelming place that is in a prime location. The owners, staff, extensive menu, and ambiance are perfect for relaxing. You can make new friends here, and get valuable suggestions for trips. You will love every bit of time spent here. So, add it to your itinerary and have some tasty dishes here. Have a happy time exploring the Phi Phi islands.