Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant

Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant is the first and only restaurant that serves Turkish food on Phi Phi island. Besides Turkish cuisine, it also offers European and Mediterranean foods to customers. Therefore, it is one of the most visited places on the Koh Phi Phi.

It has a relaxing atmosphere. You will surely appreciate the commitment of management and staff there. They happily explain to customers about dishes and their ingredients. So, customers feel special and happily enjoy their food in this restaurant.

Where is Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant Located?

Where is Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant Located

Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant, famous for halal Turkish food, is becoming people’s favorite. Tourists like visiting this place because of its traditional Turkish delights like fresh bread with homemade tzatziki sauce, kebabs, sizzling platters, and wraps. This cozy restaurant, located in Tonsai Village, opens Tuesday to Sunday at 12:00 pm and closes at 10:30 pm.

It has limited seats. So, it would be best to reach early to avoid standing in a long queue. Located in the same lane as Unni’s, it is 60 meters away from the main drag on the way to the pier. It is opposite the famous Adventure club. Its address is 125/22 moo 7 Ao nang Muang | Phi Phi island, Ko Phi Phi Don 81000, Thailand. To order food, you can call on +66 95 150 4434.

Menu Items at Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant

The Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant presents a diverse menu. You can find various soup options, different kinds of appetizers like salad, wrap, hummus, Arabian cuisine, hamburger, pizza, grilled chicken, beef, lamb kebab, etc. It serves kebabs on sizzling plates, meats on skewers, Thai seafood, and other delicious items in good portions.

Its Mediterranean cuisine covers a broad range of flavors, originating from different world regions. It has a cozy ambiance with a few seats and tables inside and a small patio. So, the waiting line during dinner time is long.

It’s particular item, Beef Kavurma (made of rice, vegetables, and beef), which is highly in demand, especially by Brazilians. Its Adana Kebab is one of the delicious food items, followed by amazing pizzas. Other than food items, this place offers various beverages and deserts. In addition, it serves fruit shakes, yogurt, juices, and other drinks that perfectly fit hot weather.

They offer delicious Arabian candy called Baklava. It is one of the best Arabian deserts on the island. In addition, it offers excellent varieties of vegetarian food, like choco-cookie, vegan spinach pizza, yummy falafel sandwiches, and other appetizers. You will not be disappointed visiting there. Check the restaurant’s Facebook page to know more about its dishes and reviews.

Special Diets Offered by Efe Mediterranean Restaurant

Special Diets Offered by Efe Mediterranean Restaurant

The following are some special diet options offered by the restaurant:

  • Vegetarian-Friendly Food
  • Halal
  • Gluten-Free Food

Types of Cuisines Served by the Restaurant

You can find the following type of cuisines here:

  • Mediterranean Cuisine
  • European Cuisine
  • Turkish Food
  • Middle Eastern Food

Features of Restaurant

The following features make this restaurant special from others:

  • Home delivery option available
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • You can get Takeout food
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Serves Wine, Alcohol, and Beer
  • Cash payments only
  • Offer free wifi
  • Provide table service
  • Non-smoking restaurants
  • Indoor air-conditioning
  • Clean Restrooms

The Highlight of the Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant

Efe is an excellent and unique restaurant on Phi Phi island. It has a pleasing atmosphere with unique yet cool decorations. For example, there are flags on the top of all tables. Each flag represents a different country. So, it makes tourists from all across the globe feel valued and comfortable. Some people also leave great reviews on money bills and an appreciation note. So, the restaurant placed these notes under the glass of tables as a unique décor item.

Attraction Spots Near Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant

This famous Turkish restaurant, situated beside this restaurant, has excellent reviews. In addition, you can visit beautiful places nearby. But, first, you can enjoy classic Thai meals at this restaurant. Then, you can explore Bamboo Island. This gorgeous island is near Tonsai Beach and Diamond cave. It is also known as the rock climber paradise of Koh Phi Phi. Its scenic beauty is mainly because of beautiful bamboo trees.

Then, you can’t miss Maya Bay. It is a gorgeous bay sheltered by 100-meter high cliffs on its sides. It is a top attraction spot thanks to The movie “The Beach” filmed here in 1999. Further, you can visit Monkey Beach, also known as Yong Gasem Bay. You can find wild yet friendly macaque monkeys at the monkey beach. It is a beautiful beach with soft white sand, crystal-clear ocean water, and colorful fish.

On the same day, you can also explore Pileh Bay. It is one of the most spectacular sites to see on Koh Phi Phi. It is famous by the name Pileh Lagoon, Ao Pileh, or Pileh Cove. It is similar to a canyon cutting Phi Phi into two parts.

Activities to Perform Near Restaurant

  • Snorkeling: The restaurant is near various beaches. So you can try snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. Explore marine life under the water and see the beauty of nature.
  • Swimming: The ocean water nearby is clean, warm, and clear with plenty of marine life. So, why miss a chance to swim. No place is better for swimming than here.
  • Rock Climbing: Caves and limestone cliffs are a few meters away from the restaurant. They are the best spots for rock climbing. So, try this activity under the guidance of trainers and enjoy the adventurous time there.
  • Sunbathing: The beaches near the Efe restaurant glisten in the sunlight. So, you can immerse in tranquility with rumbling waves and enjoy sunbathing there.
  • Kayaking: It is an exciting water activity you can do while staying there on Phi Phi island. You can explore several beaches there using kayaks and enjoy the serene environment.
  • Play Beach Games: You can play beach games like volleyball or football to enjoy your time on the island. It is a beautiful way to make memories on this island.
  • Tattooing and Coloring: You can get a tattoo on your body or dye your hair to enjoy the fun time there.
  • Thai Massage: The beaches near the restaurant also have open-sided rooms. You can get a Thai massage there at the rate of 300 to 400 bath/hour approximately.

To Sum Up

The location of Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant is perfect, so it is an ideal spot to chill on Koh Phi Phi. Explore the best cuisines and views there at reasonable prices.