Grand PP Arcade Restaurant

Your vacation to Phi Phi Islands is incomplete without experiencing the taste of delicious food offered by restaurants here. This global tourist location offers adventures, serenity, parties, talent, relaxation, and more. With all such great things, the food here is amazing, whether Thai or western cuisines. 

One such fantastic place is Grand PP Arcade Restaurant, located at the heart of islands at Koh Phi Phi Don. So, dive in here to know everything about this fabulous place.

Guide to Grand PP Arcade 

The owner of a small shopping mall in Phi Phi that hosts fashion and stylish accessories boutique runs this famous restaurant. It truly is a family-run restaurant with the most comfortable and lovely vibe. Let’s discover everything about the place.

How to Reach Grand PP Arcade

Grand PP Arcade is in the northeastern part of Tonsai Village. Tonsai Village is the heart of the Koh Phi Phi Don island of Phi Phi islands. Ko Phi Phi Don is the single most inhabited and largest island of Phi Phi. The Tonsai village is a hub to markets, artists, nightlife, and lots of eateries. In addition, the location is near all the breathtaking beaches and the adventures it offers. 

So, at northeastern Tonsai village, the Grand PP Arcade is just 75 meters from Loh Dalum. So, you can walk or take ferries to the Tonsai pier from all the places on Phi Phi islands.

Address: Next to Harmony House in the northeastern side of Tonsai Village, Phi Phi Island, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

Timings : Daily from 8am to 3pm and from 6pm to 10pm

Phone: +66 (0)80 538 2608

Why is the Grand PP Arcade so famous?

Discover all the reasons which make it so popular:

  • Artistic AmbianceGrand PP Arcade Restaurant Ambience

The ambiance of Grand PP Arcade is so welcoming and gorgeous. The outdoor seating with hanging lanterns and decorative ribbons from trees looks dreamy. There are enough tables outside, and people love to dine here. 

There is a large Banyan tree outside, hanging branches and providing natural shelter. The interior seating is also cute with all wooden furniture, menus on chalkboards, and pretty decor. The lights, furniture, flags, and decorations make it the most comfortable and inviting restaurant in the town. 

  • Super Friendly Staff

It’s a family-run restaurant who are very hardworking and never compromise with the service of restaurants. The waiters wear black t-shirts with black caps and are always ready to help you. They give valuable suggestions on food and are very interactive and quick.

  • Best Vegan and Vegetarian Options

Grand PP Arcade offers the best vegetarian options; they use high-quality vegetables and dairy products to make healthy and delicious goods. So, if you’re fed up with eating non-vegetarian items in Phi Phi islands, you can come here for some fresh and quick vegetarian bites.

  • Both Thai and Western Cuisines are Available

The menu is quite extensive, and you can enjoy both Thai and various western cousins who are popular. This makes the restaurant a favorite of all types of tourists that come here. You will find every dish on the menu.

  • Best Breakfast Options

Grand PP Arcade is especially very famous for its breakfast options. That’s the reason that it opens early in the morning. The smoothie bowls and other healthy breakfast options are amazing here. But, of course, you can ask the waiters for some best picks.

  • Quality of FoodGrand PP Arcade Restaurant Food

The owners of Grand PP Arcade restaurant aim to provide quality for money. They use good quality vegetables, meats, sauces, and seasonings. The food looks very well presented with fresh ingredients. So, if you want some quality food, this is the place.

List of Best Things to try at Grand PP Arcade

When everything on the menu feels so delicious, it’s hard to order. So, These are the top reviewed, most loved dishes of the Grand PP Arcade restaurant Phi Phi Island:

1. Thai Fried Rice Noodle

A unique Thai fried rice noodle, in which long rice is fried and loaded with veggies, chicken, egg, and garlic, is amazing. In addition, you can customize other ingredients for a personalized taste.

2. Tom yum Goong

The sweet, sour, and tasty prawn soup in a large bowl feels accomplished. It’s top-rated and one of the best in the town. 

Shrimp burrito

The outer layer of the omelet is wrapped in a shrimp burrito. The shrimp is fresh, and they present exciting sauces with it. The dish is unique and has a peculiar taste full of flavors.

3. Banana Pancakes

The breakfast here is a delight, and the best one is banana pancakes. The fresh dips healthy pancakes are a savior. Have it with your favorite coffee for a fresh start to the day.

4. Fruit Salads

Freshly picked tropical fruits with seasonings are best for beating the heat. The vegan salads with the goodness of nutrients feel so yummy.

5. Vegetable Spring Rolls

Vegetable spring rolls are quite famous as they are not sticky or oily. The stuffing is amazing, with delicious sauces and sips. Pair it with amazing drinks, cocktails, beer, or wine.

6. Chia Seed pot Fruit Pudding

Healthy food with unmatchable taste is a big yes. For example, the chia seed fruit pudding is delicious and refreshing for summers.

7. Tom Kha Vegan Style

Tom Kha coconut dish with chili paste in vegan style is unique and mouth-watering. The vegan doesn’t have to compromise with taste at this restaurant.

Bonus Tips for Traveling Phi Phi Islands

Here are some quick tips if you’re visiting Phi Phi islands.

  • Always drink water from filters or use filtered sealed bottles.
  • Thai people prefer to eat food by fork and spoon.
  • Always carry mosquito repellent as mosquitoes can bother you.
  • Have a bag with all essentials like first aid, umbrella, rain jacket, extra socks, or footwear.
  • Always check local weather updates before trying the adventures.
  • Say “Me phed” to the waiter if you don’t want your Thai food to be overly spicy.

Summing Up

So, add Grand PP Arcade to your itinerary for amazing dishes and for making your trip successful. The place has a vibe, friendly owners, and unique food items. So, have a happy trip to Phi Phi islands with scrumptious food.