Italiano Bar and Restaurant Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is a place full of natural beauty, shopping sites, beach activities, and of course, restaurants. Italiano Bar and Restaurant is one of the famous places in Phi Phi where you can enjoy various food. 

Whether you are a pizza lover or want to taste traditional Thai food, this restaurant has everything for you. Going on holiday and enjoying good food is one of the best things to relax. No worries of any cooking and dishes wash off when you are on vacation in Phi Phi with Italiano Bar and Restaurant. 

Let’s explore more about this place!

Italiano Bar & Restaurant

It is the best Italian restaurant in Phi Phi and is situated in the streets of Ton Sai Village. The ambiance of this restaurant is very attractive and is very spacious as well. The pizza of this restaurant is very famous, and once you taste it, you will love to try this again and again. Italiano Bar & Restaurant

Besides the typical Italian pizzas, you can taste pasta, macaroni, and various other Italian dishes. The place is very famous in Thailand for Italian food. When you enter the restaurant, you will be amazed to see the interior of the place. There are very comfortable seating and tables that offer comfort to you. 

The Italiano restaurant’s team and staff is very friendly and always there to serve their customers. Since 2008 they have been serving original Italian food prepared by an Italian Chef with imported Italian items. 

The menu of this restaurant and bar ranges from various pizzas, salads, and burgers, to complete meals and fresh meat. There is also a wide selection of white and red Italian wines. And, if you are not fond of Italian food, they also have classic Thai dishes.

  • Food styles: Asian fusion, barbeque, burgers, diners, fast food, sandwiches, seafood, Thai, etc. 
  • Restaurant specialties: Breakfast, coffee, dinner, drinks, lunch 
  • Restaurant services: Groups, kids, outdoor, reserve, takeout, and walkins

What People Like the Most about Italiano Bar & Restaurant Italiano Bar & Restaurant Pizza

Many people had visited the Italiano Bar and restaurant and liked their food. Many visitors like the chicken pesto panini and margarita pizza of this amazing restaurant. With a very active and comfortable dining atmosphere, the restaurant offers great food service at tables. 

International visitors love the staple food of Phi Phi and order the same at Italiano Bar and Restaurant. Also, the variety of cocktails makes it a favorite place for most tourists in Phi Phi. 

1. Crazy about shakes? 

If you love shakes, then try the hazelnut ice cream shake at this place. It tastes amazing, and you will definitely gonna order again. Lovely people watch and enjoy a tasty and refreshing shake! By the way, all the ice cream is super delicious here, mama mia!

2. Want to taste a cocktail in Phi Phi?

When you want to taste different cocktails, the Italiano bar and restaurant is the best place for you. There is an open bar where you can see an amazing collection of bottles – local and international. You can order your favorite cocktail from a wide variety of drinks. In addition to alcoholic beverages, the restaurant also serves fresh fruit juice, smoothies, and shakes. 


Italiano Bar & Restaurant is situated on the shores of Phi Phi Island. It is about 100 meters from the main pier. At the end of the pier, take the first right, walk past the Siam Commercial Bank, and you will spot the Italiano restaurant on your left. 

Things to Do Near Italiano Bar & Restaurant

There are a lot of things that you can do near the Italiano Bar and Restaurant. After enjoying a tasty breakfast or lunch, you can go to explore the place. And, again at the end, you can come back to the restaurant to have dinner. Here are the things that you can do in Phi Phi:

  • Explore local culture

You can take a cruise tour to Ko Phi Phi that features highlights of the island, including architecture and local culture. With stops to swim, snorkel, and see native wildlife, this is a convenient way to explore the Phi Phi. If you don’t want to take a cruise, then you can also explore the area near the restaurant by walking. 

  • Walk and sea drive to the beach

Phi Phi is famous for its beautiful beaches, and you can go to any of its beaches through a long-tail boat. Also, there is a gorgeous jungle, and you can walk through it to reach some particular shores. The place is filled with natural beauty, and you can unwind yourself in its beauty. 

  • Activities

Kayaking, snorkeling, sea walking, boating, fishing, and sea diving are some of the popular activities on Phi Phi. You can enjoy these water sports on any beach in Phi Phi Island. It is a great place for kids, families, and couples. In addition to this, you can go on a long walk alongside the beach or can do cycling. Perfect for long holidays. 

  • Shopping

When you are in Phi Phi, you can restrict yourself from buying local food and clothes. It is also a great place for shopping for decorative clothes. Near the shops are within walking distance of the Italiano Bar & Restaurant. 

Final Words

For those craving pizzas, sandwiches, coffee, pasta, and smoothies, Italiano Bar and Restaurant in Phi Phi is a good place. A long-running restaurant is always a favorite place for locals and tourists. It is also a great eatery place in Phi Phi that offers Italian bread, baguettes, bagels, and dessert. So, when you are in Phi Phi, do not forget to visit Italiano Bar & Restaurant to enjoy tasty food and cocktails.