Bamboo Island

Your New Favourite Tropical Hot Spot

The heart-shaped island hailing from Phi Phi archipelago, Phuket, Thailand, will also make your heart flutter as it is remote, making it ideal if you would rather fancy a quiet and peaceful vacation in Southeast Asia.

Located in the North-eastern part of Koh Phi Phi Don, relaxation is very accessible to you. It draws you closer to the inner peace you have been craving while still in the busy city.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy as we tour you, at least virtually, in the wonders of Bamboom Island, also best known as the Koh Mai Phai.

The Complete Guide to Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island Your New Favourite Tropical Hot Spot

Bamboo Island is the place for you for the people who seek to find their inner peace and wish to take a break in the meantime from the mundane daily routine in the busy city.

The locals also called the Koh Mai Pai, so tourists know that Bamboo Island is ideal for holistically relaxing your well-being.

Since this is a complete guide for you to get to know the Bamboo island more, here are the things you need to know first before getting there, the recreational activities you could do, the majestic, stunning views that this island has to offer for you.

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Getting in the Phi Phi archipelago, where Bamboo Island is located, may not be the easiest ride you have experienced, but it is sure to be memorable. Unlike the other beaches out there, the trip to the Bamboo island is one for the books.

Bamboo Island is one of the remote parts of the Phi Phi Archipelago, and because of this, the transportation to get there can be a bit unique and challenging.

To finally enjoy the Bamboo Island, here are the transportation means you can try to make your travel smooth and easy-going:

Day and overnight trips (sleeping in tents) are available from Koh Phi Phi Don, or you could visit the island on a Phi Phi day trip by speedboat from Krabi or Phuket. Since Bamboo Island belongs to a national park, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee to get there.

1. Long-tail Boat

Getting to the Bamboo island via Laem Tong beach by boat could cost you about 150 baht per head if the boat is fully occupied. However, if you wish to rent the entire boat on your own, doing so could cost you about 1200 to 1500 baht each trip. From Tonsai, it is expected to take forty minutes to get to Laem Tong Beach and another fifteen minutes to get to the Bamboo Island finally. Note that these are all rough estimates and depend on variable factors.

2. Simba Sea Trips

The ideal way to reach Bamboo island is to get to the Koh Mai Phai. Just enjoy the voyage, and let the majestic view of Thai islands amuse you as you head to Bamboo Island.

3. Ferry

Travelling to Bamboo Island via ferry, it is necessary to know that they come by at the Tonsai village at 7 a.m. The trip may take about an hour and cost you 100 baht per head. Afterwards, you can head to the Bamboo Island by long-tail boat, which will take you another fifteen minutes estimated.

4. Travelling by air

Every year, travelling the Bamboo island by air has been recognised as a popular transportation means because of its convenience. The Destination Air mostly attends flights from Phuket to Laem Tong, and during the pre-pandemic times, they fly about four times a day so no one would miss their flight.

5. Overland travel

Travelling overland is for you for those wishing to travel and enjoy the best of their lives. There is a suitable route for you to head to Bamboo Island via Laem Tong beach, and it is not hard to carry out. Your pathway will begin from the Eastern Loh Dalum Bay, then a half-hour to a shady rainforest. After ten to fifteen minutes, Loh Ba Kao Bay awaits you. After twenty minutes of waiting, the Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island will welcome you. However, since Koh Mai Pai is an island, it is impossible to travel by land only. That’s why you’ll have to travel the island by boat at this point.

Important note: Since Bamboo Island belongs to a national park, you will be required to pay an admission fee of 400 baht or $12 to enter the beautiful island.


Bamboo island is attractive to tourists as a vacation place because its attractions will definitely blow the minds of travellers who wish to get to the island.

On the other hand, future tourists must get to know the place first before actually going there that’s why they research the location and its small details.

As part of those small details, here are the attractions that you can enjoy while your stay on the Bamboo Island:

1. Hin Klang Coral Reefs 

Bamboo Island offers a fantastic snorkelling experience for its tourists. Linking the Phi Phi Don and Bamboo Island is a recognised coral reef that locals call Hin Klang, allowing travellers to swim in an aquarium. Additionally, since the island is very close to the beach, it’s surrounded by reefs that stretch up to 500 metres.

2. Astonishing White Sands  

Getting away from the city and getting to the seas, feeling the breeze blow away your hair is a perfect way to heal from the stress that the busy cities have given you. With Bamboo Island’s white sands, you’ll feel that nature is welcoming you to take your relaxing vacation on the island.


One of the great ways to enjoy your vacay is to engage in activities that will make your vacation memorable and enjoyable and could take your mind away from the stress of your work.

In Bamboo Island, these are ordinary activities and adventures that are definitely one for the books.

To keep you guided about the fun adventures you could do in Koh Mai Phai, here are the activities that you will surely love during your stay at the Bamboo Island:

1. Water activities

The clear and serene waters of Bamboo Island surely awaits you to try and explore the wonders of the Hin Klang reefs by snorkelling and meeting Nemo in scuba diving.

2. Beach sports

Aside from the water activities, the lovely beach sports await you, such as beach volley and badminton, that will let you channel out the inner athlete in you as you stay in the Bamboo Island.

3. Thai Culinary 

Since the Bamboo Island hails from its mother country Thailand, tourists are privileged to be introduced into Thai culture that is sure to have a rich culture. One of knowing them is by enjoying Thai cooking classes. 


Visiting the wonder of Bamboo Island will make you say that heaven is a place on earth because it sure is, and you can experience heaven as you indulge in the place of white sand beaches, cool sea breeze, and reconnecting to nature once again. 

The environment will entertain you and the Bamboo Island locals’ culture, which is sure to boast a rich culture through their cuisine, way of living, and values.