Cliff Jumping in the Phi Phi Islands

Koh Phi Phi offers an exciting and fun-filled activity that would indeed boil up the enthusiasm among visitors, that is, through cliff jumping. 

This world-renowned tourist destination has already hosted a similar world-renowned sporting event because of how perfect and majestic these landscapes are compared to the rest of the world. 

Let’s find out why the Phi Phi Islands have the best cliff jumping sites globally.

Koh Phi Phi Cliff Jumping

Koh Phi Phi Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping in Phi Phi has become quite popular – with the famous island hosting the globally-recognized Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series finals way back in 2013. Koh Phi Phi Don and Leh is the perfect spot for this adventurous sport because they have excellent tombstoning locations. 

Some of the most notable sites in the Phi Phi Islands are Maya Bay. This spot is a famous cliff near Viking Cave and at Monkey Bay. Thrill-seekers will surely enjoy the heightened sense and exhilarating feeling of jumping off from these majestic limestone cliffs and into the clear waters of the sea. 

Take note that cliff jumping is very dangerous, a risky sport by nature, so be aware of the risk you are about to take.

1. Cliff Jumping and Other Related Activities

All by itself, cliff jumping in Koh Phi Phi is already exciting and unforgettable even by only thinking about it. But you know how you can double or even triple the experience you’ll eventually have? 

Go and experience activities pre-requisite to your cliff jumping so that you can make the most of the fun and excitement you will be getting. Here’s our suggested itinerary you can do first as you ascend to the excitement that is the Koh Phi Phi cliff jumping.

2. Phi Phi Viewpoint

Walking to the picturesque Phi Phi Viewpoint is among the best things you can do and experience while staying on the Island. Once you’ve done invigorating walks to the Viewpoint a few times already, you’ll indeed feel that it’s one of your favorite activities during your Koh Phi Phi vacation.  

The hike to the top of the Viewpoint is no easy feat, but it’ll be well worth it once you’re already there. Seeing what the hike is like checking out videos online of walks to the Phi Phi Viewpoint – only this time, it’s finally real! While some use the long-tail boats in exploring the Phi Phi Islands and their beautiful beaches, some resort to hiking the tracks among the hills for their love of going hiking.

In more ways than one, the Phi Phi Viewpoint is one of the high points to visit when in Koh Phi Phi Don. This Instagram-worthy Viewpoint is set at an elevation of around 186 meters, which isn’t that high considering other towering locations in nearby places. Take a brisk 20-minute walk up or go for a leisurely 30-minute stroll to the top whenever you feel energetic.

The journey up will not be that difficult, though, because the path is well-trodden and paved most of the way. There are many places for you to rest if there is a need. Starting from the Reggae Bar, you can head towards Loh Dalum Bay, eventually seeing signs for the Viewpoint. As a reminder, don’t forget to buy water at the bottom to quench your thirst later on!

3. Rock Climbing at Phi Phi

Penultimate to the climax of cliff jumping, there’s also another adrenaline-pumping activity that you may want to try – rock climbing. Sheer limestone walls on the islands are perfect for exhilarating rock climbing. 

Beginners and confirmed climbers can do adrenaline stimulation on these rocky cliffs that shape and form the majestic and jaw-dropping landscape of the Phi Phi Islands, so atypical if you ask anyone. Caution, though: do not venture to go alone because most specialized centers offer tips on the best spots on the island, with safety and appropriate equipment. 

You can find these centers in the center of Tonsai village. However, be ready and expect to pay about 900 Baht (more than 30 USD) for half a day of rock climbing and around 1500 Baht a day (about 50 USD). There are a few spots only accessible by a long tail, so better take your chances and decide first before making the trip.

4. Cliff Jumping at Phi Phi

We’re now to the highlight of it all – cliff jumping. If you are looking for an extreme activity to do while having your vacation in the Phi Phi Islands, you could try cliff jumping. 

This activity is not for the faint of heart, so proceed with caution. But if you’re middle name is “extreme adventure,” then this activity fits perfectly for you. Koh Phi Phi’s limestone cliffs provide the ultimate spot for heart-thumping cliff jumping.

What to Expect

The package for cliff jumping is a 3-hour tour, starting at 10 in the morning, up until around 2:30 in the afternoon. Your tour begins with an in-depth briefing about cliff jumping. Then, it is followed by a short boat ride going to the site.

Guests are all provided with safety shoes and protective gloves so that you won’t get easily bruised and injured while on the rocks. You will then proceed to jump spot #1 – with a height of about 6 meters. This spot is the best opportunity for the visitors to practice their jump techniques before going to the higher jumps. 

As the guests improve their jumps, they can also start doing higher jumps. Guests can do unlimited jumps as much as they want. The price you’ll pay will cover the following: mask and snorkel, fins, shoes, gloves, fruit, water, and divemaster.

The cliff jumping trip is typically filmed by videographers and will be available for purchase at the end. You can culminate your exhausting cliff jumping by spending some time snorkeling at Monkey beach while watching the crab-eating macaque monkeys loitering the coast.

The 2013 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

As mentioned earlier, cliff jumping in Koh Phi Phi already became host to the 2013 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Established in 2009, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series was created by Red Bull as an annual international series centered around cliff diving events. A few competitors are the pool that determines the Cliff Diving World Series winner.

Cliff divers will jump from a platform at a staggering height that ranges from 26 to 28 meters, or 85–92 feet. Competitions are held yearly in a limited number of venues around the globe, with Koh Phi Phi hosting last 2013. After performing four (4) dives from a height ranging from 26–28m, from a total of nine groups (front, back, reverse, inward, front twists, back twists, reverse twists, inward twists, and all arm stand dives. Afterward, the highest cumulated owner of points will determine the Cliff Diving World Series champion. 

The athlete who scores the highest cumulated points in all competitions during the season. At the end of the season, the top six (6) divers from the overall ranking will automatically pre-qualify for the next cliff jumping season.

Final Thoughts

Are you excited to experience cliff jumping in the Phi Phi Islands? What are you waiting for on your next trip? Book it now and have fun doing this exciting and blood-rushing sport and have the best time of your life while, of course, being cautious and following guidelines, too.