Laem Tong Beach

The Most Exclusive Beach

Tranquil places are one of the most desired spots that many people wish to go to because of the mundane works they have to perform daily. Because of this, a vacation to a serene place like Koh Phi Phi Don’s Laem Tong Beach is an ideal place to go.

The peaceful ambience that this majestic beach offer draws many tourists curious about Laem Tong Beach’s wonders. With this guide, you can now explore, at least virtually, the remote and exquisite beach of Laem Tong.

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Laem Tong Beach

Ultimate Travel Guide to Laem Tong Beach

Situated in Phuket in the culture-rich country of Thailand, Laem Tong Beach is probably the most exclusive, appealing, and remote beach of Northern Koh Phi Phi Don Island with the purest soft white sands.

With the lovely views and probably the quietest beach on the island, there are a lot of tourists that seek to rest and chill as they get away from the busy city and as they follow the Sun in Phuket, Thailand.

This guide is filled with a lot of information that is a must before wandering in the sands of Laem Tong, including the exclusive sneak peeks of activities to do there and other small important details for you.


Getting in the Koh Phi Phi Island, where Laem Tong Beach is situated, is probably one of the most challenging transportation. Unlike other beaches, the travel to Laem Tong is not as straightforward as you think it is.

Since Laem Tong beach is one of the most exclusive beaches in Thailand, you have guessed it right if you have also thought that getting there is quite difficult.

To get there, here are some of the Phi Phi island things to do that you could keep in mind so that you won’t have to be clueless by getting there:

  1. Travelling by boat – Getting to the Laem Tong beach by boat could cost you about 150 baht per head if the boat is fully occupied. However, if you wish to rent the entire boat on your own, doing so could cost you about 1200 to 1500 baht each trip. You can expect that every trip can take up to forty-five minutes, depending on variable factors like the weather and the people getting in the boat.
  2. Ferry – By travelling via ferry, it is important to remember that they come by in the Tonsai village at 7 a.m. The trip may take about an hour and cost you 100 baht per head.
  3. Travelling by air – Flights from Phuket to Laem Tong is probably one of the most popular means because of their convenience. Destination Air provides the most common air transport that flies four times a day, pre-pandemic. 
  4. Overland travel – For those fond of travelling overland, there is a good route for you going to Laem Tong beach and bonus, it is not difficult to follow through. Your route will start at the Eastern Loh Dalum Bay, then a half-hour to a shady rainforest. After ten to 15 minutes, Loh Ba Kao Bay is waiting for you. Then after 20 minutes along the shore on a sidewalk, finally, the Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island will welcome you.


Of course, one of the most important considerations for tourists when visiting a vacation place is their facilities because excellent amenities could also determine the enjoyment of the tourists relaxing the beach.

Staying in Laem Tong beach is sure to be an exquisite one because your visit could be slightly costly because of its world-class ambience to offer you and your family.

Some stays in Laem Tong can be high-end in terms of prices in turn of the decent vacation experience.

For your guidance, here are some of the things you could expect in Laem Tong beach facilities:

  1. Sun Loungers – Unlike other beaches, there are no sun loungers or umbrellas rentable for tourists, but most hotels offer them for their guests. This situation is because Laem Tong’s design is made for high-end resorts. 
  2. Rentable chairs – There are rentable chairs around the beach, and they are affordable.
  3. Toilets – are very accessible around the beach and can be found anywhere in hotels and restaurants.
  4. Tiny market – Phi Phi Natural Resort is open to serving tourists as a mini-market that offers beachwear, souvenirs, and necessities that most tourists look for.


Of course, tourists would love to become refreshed by exploring the unique attractions that they can wander on the island of Koh Phi Phi Don’s Laem Tong.

With this, along with many other things, one can say that attractions are named like that because they lure people to visit their place, and of course, it is worth it.

To know more about the stunning tourist attractions in Laem Tong Beach, here are some of them for you to fancy:

  1. Loh Bakao bay viewpoint – This majestic view is a 200-metre climb that crosses the bridge before Aroi Dee restaurant. Wait for a few treks, and an enjoyable dirt trail awaits you. The route to the viewpoint may take you from twenty to thirty minutes. If you only have your flip-flops, it may be fine, but it is highly suggested to wear proper trekking shoes that are more robust. On the way up, expect spectacular Phi Phi views of Loh Lanah bay and some views of Loh Ba Kao.
  2. Phi Phi Natural Resort – With vivid-coloured longtail boats to get you roaming here, coral reefs are also awaiting you. These boats can take you out to the Bamboo island or Mosquito Island, which are neighbouring Islands of Laem Tong, and are both of which have white sand beaches and beautiful snorkelling spots. 


Another way to enjoy your vacation at Laem Tong Beach is to engage yourself in fun-filled activities you can try while you are chasing the sun here in the Koh Phi Phi Don island.

Laem Tong beach offers activities since they are an excellent way to keep your heart pumping, not just for the majestic view but also for the activities that will keep your heart healthy and active.

Watch out as we give you a bucket list of activities to do while your stay in Laem Tong Beach:

  1. Water activities – Of course, who would miss the fun water sports activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, and scuba diving in the clear blue waters of Laem Tong. You can also try windsurfing, which you can find to rent at any resort.
  2. Beach sports – Activities such as beach volley, football, and badminton can make you enjoy your stay at Laem Tong beach if you wish to have an active day.
  3. Thai Culinary – The Thai culture is sure to have a vibrant culture, and one of knowing them is by enjoying Thai cooking classes. 


Visiting the wonders of Laem Tong beach also means experiencing the vibrant culture of its hailing country, Thailand. Experience the majestic views this island offers and find serene out of your busy city.

While chasing the sun, we’re sure that it will lead you to the exclusive beach of Laem Tong, where tranquillity, calmness, and relaxation awaits you.