Moo Dee Bay

A Serene Haven

In the mood for sunny adventures? Moo Dee Bay is a perfect place to unleash your thirst for sparkling emerald waters from the seas of Phi Phi Island, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand.

Situated in a nation from South Asia, Thailand is a tropical country that offers beaches that every tourist loves to indulge in because who would not love to chase the sun from the clear waters of Moo Dee Bay? After all, Phi Phi Island has been famous for Leonardo Caprio’s The Beach because they shot it at Koh Phi Phi Don.

To know more about the details and whatnots of Moo Dee Bay, stay with us as we discuss them in detail below.

An Ultimate Travel Guide to Loh Moo Dee

Travel Guide to Loh Moo Dee

The Moo Dee Bay or Loh Moo Dee for the locals is a secluded private beach in Ao Nang, Thailand. With its peaceful and laidback atmosphere, tourists can definitely find the peace they have longed for here at the Island of Moo Dee.

If you are planning to visit this place and wishes to know more about Moo Dee Bay, here are the general details you should know to become aware of before getting there:

1. Uninhabited Island

Unlike the other beaches in Phi Phi Island, Moo Dee Bay is a secluded and private beach. Because it is remote, it also means that the island has no hotel amenities that you can book if you are planning to stay here for a while.

Moo Dee Bay is isolated due to the absence of pathways and docks. Because of this, the island is still left undeveloped and full of wildlife, and the beautiful natural view of the island is still maintained.

However, even though there are accommodations in the Moo Dee Bay itself, there are a lot available near it:

i. PP Mountain Beach Resort and Waterpark 

This waterpark is only 0.4km away from Moo Dee Bay. Staying from the accommodations of PP Mountain Beach resort can make you access the Moo Dee Bay in an estimated walk of only four minutes. Their price range starts at 3240.10 baht or $99.13 roughly. Their amenities include non-smoking rooms, free WiFi, a water park, concierge service, a snack bar, and more.

ii. PP Blue Sky Resort 

This resort is also located at Ao Nang, Thailand, only 0.6km away from Moo Dee Bay. The price range starts at 4982.15 baht or $91.24. Beachfront, non-smoking rooms with free WiFi amenities will also welcome you as you stay with them.

2. Transportation

Since there are no accommodations available in the Moo Dee Bay, it is ideal to book accommodation near it like the ones provided above. Either way, if you wish to get to the Moo Dee Bay, no matter where you came from, here are the means you can utilize to visit the wonderful private island:

i. Flight 

The Moo Dee Bay is located at Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand, and to get to Krabi, you could travel via bus or train if you are coming from Bangkok. Of course, the ideal transportation means is to fly by air because it will only take you for about one hour and twenty minutes.

ii. Tonsai Pier 

Getting into the Moo Dee Bay via Tonsai Pier’s Long Tail Boat and expect your trip to last for about fifteen minutes. The fee will depend on how well you bargain with the boaters.

iii. By Foot 

Going into the Moo Dee Bay can also be accessed by foot. However, it is only possible when you are staying in the accommodations such as the PP Mountain Beach Resort and PP Blue Sky Resort less than one kilometer away from Moo Dee Bay.

These may only be some of the transportation means that you can use to get into the Moo Dee Bay, but there are many more that you can utilize according to and depending on your situation.

Moo Dee Bay Highlights

One of the most anticipated activities that you can do in Moo Dee Bay is the island’s highlights, ranging from different watersports activities, relaxation areas, and physical activities. You can never run out of them.

And since we’re at it already, here are the activities that you can carry out while you stay on the beautiful island of Moo Dee: 

i. Beach Shack

There are available beach shacks around Moo Dee Bay to refresh tourists during their adventure on the island. However, prices in Moo Dee Bay shacks could be higher than their original prices, and it’s best to keep that in mind to prepare enough budget.

ii. Snorkeling

Who would miss the chance to explore the depths of Moo Dee Bay’s emerald waters? Snorkeling through the clear waters could also make you sight the rich marine life that includes vibrant coral reefs in the sparkling water, making the experience worth the price.

iii. Sun Lounges

There are available deck chairs and sun lounges for rent along the island that you could use and are ideal for your sunbathed skin goals.

Moo Dee Bay in Details

Many tourists would love to know every inch of the places they wish to go because, in this way, they already know the area best when they are already there.

To your convenience, here are the small details of Moo Dee Bay, including the average temperature during the day and the night, average water temperature, the sunny months, and the best time to visit Moo Dee Bay is available for you:

  • Average Temperature During the Day: 32.3ºC
  • Average Temperature During the Night: 28.8ºC
  • Average Water Temperature: 30.4ºC
  • Sunny Months: February & March
  • Best time to visit: It is ideal for visiting the Moo Dee Bay around 3:30 p.m. because you can stroll around the island and enjoy the waters while waiting for sunset.

Final Thoughts

Though Thailand is only the 50th largest country, their beaches are to die for boasting its delicate and soft sands, the scenery that will get you loving, and the relaxing cool sea breeze that will greet you as you visit them.

Add Moo Dee Bay to your Koh Phi Phi bucket list, unwind, and leave all your worries at the cities behind as you follow the sun here in the Land of Smiles.