Is Phi Phi Expensive in 2022?

Cost Guide For Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi is a tiny tropical island that is one of Thailand’s most renowned and frequented islands. As a result, the prevalent consensus is that visiting the island for a vacation may be rather expensive.

The island is known for its natural beauty, magnificent limestone cliffs, and excellent scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. After the movie “The Beach” was filmed here in 2000, the popularity of Koh Phi Phi surged.

It isn’t the cheapest or most affordable destination in Asia, but it isn’t the most expensive either. In reality, it’s mostly up to you to interpret it. You’ll undoubtedly spend a lot of money if you go for all the bells and whistles—luxurious hotels, private excursions, and all-inclusive packages. However, if you’re ready to scrimp and save, there are plenty of possibilities for you as well.

In this article, I’ll provide you some helpful hints that will benefit all tourists (see Phi Phi tourist information), students, and backpackers. You’ll learn where to stay on a shoestring budget, where to dine inexpensively, and what to do in Koh Phi Phi.

Why Is Koh Phi Phi More Expensive Than Other Places in Thailand?

The mainland is a two-hour boat journey away from Phi Phi Island. This implies that all commodities, as well as electricity and water, must arrive in some way.

As a result, grocery prices will be somewhat higher than onshore. This is equally true in terms of lodging. On Koh Phi Phi, electricity and water are quite costly, thus hotels and hostels are a little more expensive than onshore or inland since they must pay their higher operating expenses.

guide to the cost of visting phi phi island in thailand

When Is the Best Time To Come to Phi Phi Island?

The dry season, which runs from November to April, is the best time to visit Koh Phi Phi. As a result, that is also the busiest visitor season. If you’re on a tight budget, though, visit Phi Phi Island during the off-season.

Even in the offseason, the weather is typically pleasant, there are fewer tourists, and hotel costs on the island are at their lowest. In truth, low season runs from May 1 to October 31, and this is when hotels offer the best deals.

The most costly time to visit is during the two weeks around the Christmas and New Year vacations, as well as a week in mid-February when the Chinese New Year is celebrated. Almost all hotels on the island are fully booked during these two months, and nightly rates can be up to five times more than off-season rates.

Average Cost of a Trip to Ko Phi Phi

A 7-day vacation to Ko Phi Phi costs an average of $2,311 for a solitary tourist, $4,151 for a couple, and $7,781 for a family of four. Hotels on Ko Phi Phi range in price from $11 to $143 per night, with an average of $40, although most vacation rentals cost between $80 and $340 per night for the full house. Economy flights to Krabi Airport (KBV) cost between $1,975 and $3,203 per person, while first class flights cost between $6,198 and $10,051. We recommend allocating $25 to $42 per person each day for transportation and dining at local restaurants, depending on activities.

Accommodation on Koh Phi Phi

The cost of living in Ko Phi Phi is significantly cheaper than in most other cities. The average cost of a hotel room is lower than the cost of a vacation rental. Because of the high property expenses in Ko Phi Phi, luxury vacation rentals are more pricey. On average, a 2- or 3-star hotel room costs $26 to $50 per night, while a 1-bed vacation rental costs $62 to 76 a night.

Best Hostels for Backpackers on a Budget

Koh Phi Phi is a popular party island frequented by backpackers. As a result, there are a plethora of excellent alternatives for affordable hostels. These are only a few possibilities.

  • Ibiza House – Ibiza House is all about having a good time and having a good time. Every week, they host three pool parties. They offer a live DJ and a pool and beach bar where you may order drinks. Guests should be aware that the celebration usually lasts until late at night, making sleeping impossible due to the noise.
  • The Pier 519 – If you wish to sleep at night, the Pier 519 is an excellent alternative. Many of the hostels are close to clubs and restaurants, which makes it very noisy late at night. This hostel is close enough to the excitement to avoid walking too far, yet far enough away to allow you to rest. WiFi and air conditioning are available in every room.

Where To Find Good and Cheap Food on Phi Phi Island?

While meal costs on Koh Phi Phi vary, the average daily cost of eating in the island is about 333THB ($10). Based on past tourists’ spending tendencies, an average lunch on Koh Phi Phi should cost about 133THB ($4) per person while dining out. Breakfast is frequently less expensive than lunch or supper. Food at sit-down restaurants on Koh Phi Phi is frequently more expensive than quick cuisine or street food.

The local market, which is located near the major harbor, is the greatest place to go for affordable cuisine. There are a number of kiosks and restaurants where you may get good and inexpensive food.

PA NOI, a family eatery, comes highly recommended. The cuisine is amazing, and you may order whatever you want because everything is prepared fresh and to order. In compared to other Thai restaurants, the portions are also not awful. Meals like rice and pad thai cost between 60 and 70 Thai Baht ($2) per dish.

Apart from the market, another decent and inexpensive alternative is the ONLY NOODLES resto, which serves inexpensive Pad Thai and yellow noodle meals. Behind the Dubliner Bar is where the stand is located.

The TOM YAM restaurant, located near the ONLY NOODLES, serves European cuisine, including pasta and pizza. It offers both European and Thai cuisine.

What Can You Do on the Island Without Spending Much?

  • Viewpoint: The Phi Phi Viewpoint is a must-see for anybody visiting Phi Phi Island. The admission fee is merely 30THB, and the trek is not too difficult. You’ll discover Viewpoint #1 right after the steps, and Viewpoint #2 after a 20-minute uphill hike, where you’ll find the Viewpoint restaurant and a wooden platform to enjoy the view. Hike up to Viewpoint #3, which is another 20-minute walk, if you want to go any farther.


  • Kayaking: One of the most popular activities on Phi Phi Island is kayaking in Loh Dalum Bay. A three-hour kayak rental for two persons costs around 500 Thai Baht, or 250 Thai Baht per person (8 USD per person). You can get a better deal if you wish to rent the kayak for the entire day.


  • Beach and Jungle Hiking: If you enjoy walking, spend a day climbing to the island’s northernmost point and relaxing on magnificent beaches such as Leam Tong and Loh Ba Kao Bay.

Nightlife and Bars in Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Don is famous for its nightlife, including large beach parties and other types of entertainment. It’s one of the most expensive places to party in Thailand, so be prepared for that when planning your trip.

Every night, the Banana Rooftop Bar offers “buy one, get one free” drinks and mix buckets. Downstairs, there’s a gaming zone with a pool table, table football, and other games you can play for free while you drink at the bar. Every night at 7 p.m., a movie is shown on the rooftop, and thereafter, you can enjoy some fantastic music and a game of beer pong.

When you buy a drink at the bar, you can also enter the Reggae Bar for free. You can watch Thai boxing events here starting at 9.30 p.m. and even participate in a contest to win a free whiskey bucket.

All of the beach bars are open and you may go wherever you choose. It is customary to purchase at least one drink at a bar, but it is not required. You may purchase wine at a store or on the street and then relax on the beach while watching the fireworks. Every night at 9 p.m., the fire display begins at Stones Bar and Slinky Bar.

Paddy Shack is located adjacent to Cappulate Cafe in the heart of town. Paddy offers excellent beverages at a reasonable price, as well as the greatest cocktail buckets on Phi Phi.

Budget Boat Trip in Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island has a wide range of tours and excursions to choose from, and even those on a tight budget will be able to find something to suit their needs. A ride on a classic long-tail boat, which is less expensive than a speedboat tour, is a good alternative if you want to save money on your vacation. You may do a half-day tour of Phi Phi Lay Island and avoid paying admission to the national park (saving 400THB).

However, don’t be enticed by incredibly low-cost excursions. When a half-day tour with lunch costs 350-400THB ($10-$12), you can almost always expect to be on a packed boat. If someone sells such low-cost tours, they must, by definition, load the boat to capacity in order to make a profit. I propose spending a bit extra money to get a better experience and create lasting memories.

A half-day tour with lunch and a guide costs roughly 500-600THB (16-19USD).

How Many Days Should You Stay on Koh Phi Phi Island?

We found that 2-3 days on Koh Phi Phi island was more than enough time to take in the island’s bustling nightlife and explore the majority of its attractions. Of course, if you enjoy island life, you may spend more time lounging on the beaches and soaking up the sun on the island.

So, Is Phi Phi Actually Expensive?

Phi Phi may be as pricey or as affordable as you like.

If you’re prepared to stay away from the resorts and arrange budget accommodations on your own, you may get a lovely room for approximately $30 per night. Closer to the shore, where the accommodations are more opulent and have greater views, the rate rises.

If you stick to street food (cheap and delicious), avoid alcohol (it’s expensive in this part of Thailand), and forego tour packages in favor of DIY explorations (rent a bike or simply walk from your hotel), your Phi Phi

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