Phi Phi Island Mosque

The Muslims are the largest minority in the country, Thailand. The Phi Phi Islands are located in Southern Thailand, a group of six islands with beautiful Muslim attractions and people. In addition, Koh Phi Phi Don, the largest inhabited island of Phi Phi, has many Muslims. So, let’s discover the beautiful Phi Phi Island mosque and all the information.

Discovering The Al Islah 

Explore this beautiful Mosque of Phi Phi islands. Let’s have a look:

  • Location

The Al Islah is located on the largest inhabited island Koh Phi Phi Don of Phi Phi Islands. So, you can take ferries to Phi Phi Islands from Krabi and Phuket airports. There are many ferries, and you can get the departure time by inquiry. 

The ferries will drop you at Tonsai bay. The Al Islah is located just outside the Tonsai Bay, at Koh Phi Phi Don. The Muslim fisherman constituted more than 80 percent of the population of Koh Phi Phi Don. Currently, there are other religions following people too. Muslims migrated to Thailand in the 1930s by Arab traders. 

  • The Al Islah MosqueThe Al Islah Mosque

The Al Islah is a prominent spot for community life on the island. It was built with the help of the Sunni King of Saudi Arabia. It has become a national identity due to its beauty, the devotees, and the aura it holds. You can hear morning prayers at 5 am as they recite them on loudspeakers. 

Daily Muslims offer prayer at this Mosque, and it became very popular after the 2004 tsunami. It’s believed that God is protecting a will to save the land from any disaster. The best time to look at the Mosque is during the end of Ramadan and Eid-al-Adha.

Outside the Mosque, some restaurants are famous for Halal food. The azan is recited daily, which is very calming and beautiful. The Mosque is very well maintained, clean, and the locals are welcoming and friendly.

Halal Restaurants

Phi Phi Don used to be a simple Muslim village with local business people, and soon, it became a major tourist attraction. With so many natural attractions and adventure activities, it’s on the bucket list of all travelers worldwide. So, as there are many Muslims, the streets of Tonsai and other villages have instant dining halal restaurants. Halal Restaurants

Near tonsai bay and The Al Islah mosque, there’s tonsai village. There’s an incredible wet market consisting of halal eateries. This market is for everyone looking for budget food to high-end food. The small eateries have Bismillah or halal logos or hijab-clad females treating the booths. The food is great, and the menu is in the Thai language. 

The high-end halal restaurants have bilingual staff and menus. The delicacies are delicious. The shops offer breakfast to dinner and are open till night. So the best option is to walk or take a bicycle ride around the Tonsai village.

Things to do Near The Al Islah Mosque

Before and after visiting the glorious Al Islah mosque, you can try some fun activities. Here’s a list of all the adventures:

1. Rock Climbing and Cliff Jumping at Tonsai Bay

It’s a world acknowledged place for daring rock climbing and cliff jumping. The tonsai bay is just meter’s away and heaven for rock climbers. one can take a certificate course or try one time adventure with trainers. The large limestone cliffs are beautiful and give a thrilling experience.

2. Try Snorkeling, Diving, Surfing, and much more.

Along with fishing and watching shark shows, you can indulge in water activities. Some of the best exercises are snorkeling without a guide, diving, and surfing. 

3. Kayak to Nearby Islands

You can kayak to nearby islands and explore pretty clear water and cliffs nearby. You can hire a professional or do it by yourself.

4. Explore Phi Phi Viewpoint

Head west from Tonsai village and follow the signs on the viewpoint. You can use stairs, hike, take a bike or car to the location. The elevated view gives a panoramic scenery of sea, cliffs, and pretty white sands. It’s a very photographic point, and you can picture and watch stunning sunsets.

5. Yoga and Massage

Yes, there are many beaches near Tonsai village, like Tonsai Beach, Long Beach, Rantee Beach, Nui Beach, Monkey Beach, etc., they offer certificate courses for yoga and massages. Also, you can experience it without a course. The professionals take you to pretty beaches in Phi Phi Don and relax your body with yoga massages and views. Herbal Thai massages are very popular and beneficial.

6. Thai Cooking Classes 

Thai food is delicious and popular globally. So, take some cooking experience from the Thai people themselves. Learn cooking on the beach at beautiful destinations in Phi Phi Don.

7. Enjoy Nightlife of Koh Phi Phi Don

There are amazing bars, pubs, and resorts in ko Phi Phi don. After experiencing all the adventure unwind at these locations for a full night party, drinks, dance, and music at the beaches.

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