Phi Phi Safety

Phi Phi island is an absolute paradise on the earth. The mesmerizing view, luxurious accommodations, and relaxed ambiance are perfect for a vacay! But as a visitor, you must wonder about its safety. Is it secure? What are the things to keep in mind when visiting the island? Are there any dangerous places as such? Here, you will get answers for all! 

Ferries and Boats for Traveling: How Safe is it?

To reach the island, you may require a ferry ride from Krabi. It’s a 45-minute ride, and you will be able to get there quite easily. Alternatively, you can also take a speedboat ride from Phuket. Ferries, speedboats, and long tails are quite common in Phi Phi island. 

They are likely to be the main source of traveling throughout the island. So, that’s why many visitors wonder about its safety. While most of these ferries and boats are safe, make sure to avoid the boats that are under-equipped. Let’s say the one that lacks life jackets or emergency kits. 

See Important Tourist Information Koh Phi Phi

Additionally, you should look for alternative boats or ferries if the current ones look damaged or under-maintained. Also, if it seems to have too many people already, avoid taking that boat. Sometimes ferry drivers have life jackets, but they aren’t adequate for all. If that’s the case, then avoid taking the ferry.  

Safety of Phi Phi Islands: Do’s, Must-Do’s, and Don’ts

Amidst the beautiful nature and captivating landscape, Phi Phi island is an eye-candy for all. The atmosphere is so peaceful that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from a long stay. One of the best things about this beautiful island is that it’s away from the chaos of the city! That’s a plus point for those who are looking for a peaceful stay. Besides that, you are quite unlikely to experience the noise from larger tourist towns. Safety of Phi Phi Islands

Speaking of one of the most secure beaches of Phi Phi, Koh Phi Phi Don is the safest of all. That’s because everything is nearby and you wouldn’t have to travel long for essentials. It’s also quite eco-friendly! The reason is that the entire place is free from any automobiles like motorbikes and cars. 

So, how do people travel across the island? Well, places are quite close to each other. Thus, you wouldn’t require large vehicles like cars and automobiles to travel in the first place. Plus, there are cycles available for your convenience. You can also walk to your destination. 

While the beaches are pretty safe, you should also make efforts to keep yourself relatively sober. We know! We know! People go there to drink and party, but all you need to do is be a little careful with over-drinking. For example, try to stay away from buckets! 

That’s an insane amount of alcohol for consumption. If you consume that much, eventually, it may backfire. Many people have spoken about having buckets and getting so wasted that they end up losing their stuff. So, if you don’t want to lose your valuables, do not drink more than your capacity. 

Also, keep your alcohol consumption low when visiting roof-top hotels. That’s because some restaurants may have ordinary staircases for that authentic wildlife touch. Thus, to avoid any accidents, it’s best to sober yourself up before leaving the restaurant. This is especially for those who are on solo vacations!  

Likewise, if you have been traveling through ferries or boats to the party destination, request your ferry driver or boat skipper to avoid cold beers. Thankfully, the skippers are quite good, so they would understand why you are requesting them to do so.  

Sports Activities and Safety

While some individuals visit the beach to relax and have a great time with their loved ones, others may have a plan B. They are the ones who want to indulge in common sports activities like diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping, rock climbing, etc., offered by the beaches. Most activities are performed under expert surveillance with adequate safety. Sports Activities and Safety

However, in activities like cliff jumping, you might be susceptible to injuries. They are organized in Maya Bay in Krabi’s Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park. Cliff jumping is where you have to jump from a considerable height into the ocean. Some of the cliffs may be elevated to 52 ft! Thus, it’s common to face injuries like sprains, tears, and fractures. 

Note that the medical charges for cliff jumping aren’t included under your insurance. So, unless you are a professional diver or absolutely sure about your decision, stay away from such sports. Also, avoid cliff jumping if you are suffering from any chronic diseases. 

What Happens If Someone Requires Medical Assistance in Koh Phi Phi? 

Koh Phi Phi has a small hospital where patients are treated for minor injuries. Note that these aren’t for serious conditions. If you encounter any serious injuries, you will be managed by the local hospital first. Then, you will be redirected to medical help in the nearby city. Most of the time, you will be taken to Phuket, the capital of Thailand’s Phuket Province. 

If you or your family members/friends/co-traveler requires medical help, connect to the emergency assistance team. They will guide you through the next steps. Also, do not forget to inform your travel insurance provider! 

To be on the safer side, it’s recommended to carry a first aid box along with you

 Make sure to keep the essentials like bandages, ointments, and medicines inside the same. To avoid dehydration, carry a water bottle along and keep yourself well-hydrated.  

Beware of Monkeys in Monkey Beach

If you are visiting the monkey beach, beware of the monkeys. Do not feed them anything by any means. Also, if they seem aggressive, try to avoid that place. 

Most important: If you get attacked or injured by the monkey, contact the emergency assistance team. Make sure to get your rabies shot instantly. 

Quick Tips to Avoid the Scammers

  • Always book your ferries/boats from the official booking office.
  • Avoid tour packages that seem too captivating. Make sure to do your research and read online reviews before selecting any luxurious packages with false claims. 
  • Luggage transfers are free for Phi Phi Don hotels. However, it’s not applicable for return trips.