Coral Bay & Phi Phi Island Day Tour

When in Thailand for a tropical vacation, there’s one place you shouldn’t miss, and that is Coral Island.

Locally, Coral Island is known as Koh Hae or Ko He. This gateway destination is splendid, having much to offer in sights and experience. It is situated 3 kilometers on the south east of Phuket, and you simply cannot get enough of its scenic and inviting beaches.

The 2 main beaches of Coral Island are Long Beach and Banana Beach and there’s heaps of activities and relaxing to do in them.

For instance, you can snorkel to your heart’s content in Banana Beach, and if it’s spectacular coral reefs that you want to see, you can go a bit farther into the Long Beach area.

Come the night time, you will relish the beautiful calmness of the island. In the day time, it can be as bustling as it can be.

Exploring the extremities of the two beaches, you’ll discover places of total peace and quiet. Sit and laze around in a deck chair or a sun lounger that you can rent. However, if you’re a visitor on a day tour, you can use these amenities for free.

Going on a day tour in Coral Island includes lunch in their package. Then again, if you go there on your own, you can munch this meal in any of the premier restaurants on the isle. When you think about the 9 best islands in Phuket, you’ll find Coral Island as one among the top in the list.

Things To Do In Coral Island

There’s a lot of water sports activities that you can do on the two beaches of the island. There’s snorkeling, of course, as well as banana boating and canoeing. In Long Beach, you can ride a speedboat that can have you enjoying a parasail outing.

You can drop by the Coral Island Resort, too, and join the batik painting or scuba diving classes that they organize. The classes are conducted in Chinese, English and Thai. If you want to feel rejuvenated, you can proceed to the eastern end of the island and settle in an open-air pavilion to delight in a massage.

Coral Island: How To Get ThereCoral Bay & Phi Phi Location

Your departure when going to Koh Hae is from the Rawai Beach or Chalong Pier. Rent a long-tail boat for your transport. Via speedboat, you can get to the island from Chalong in 15 minutes if you book a snorkeling trip.Included in your trip is a snorkeling mask and finds, together with a buffet lunch.

If you set foot on Long Beach, you can find a trail on its eastern end that you must hike for 15 minutes to get to Banana Beach. It’s basically a jungle with a lot of uneven surfaces to travel, so this activity is not suitable for the elderly or guests with small children.

Lively and multicolored coral reefs surround Koh Hae, that’s why it is called Coral Island. In its pristine and vivid blue waters are a plentiful bunch of tropical fishes that you can feed.

Recommended Tours and Activities In Coral Island

  • Coral and Racha Island Sea Tour In A Luxury Catamaran

This is a special sea tour that lasts for 7.5 hours. On board a luxury catamaran, you’ll discover Coral and Racha islands that are 2 of the most stunning locations near Phuket. While on the vessel, you can comfortably sunbathe on a day bed or listen to the groovy music of a live DJ. If you want to feel refreshed, jump into the enticing blue waters of the Andaman Sea.

You have the option to choose your hotel transfer to make your tour hassle-free.Coral Bay & Phi Phi Activity

The tour starts at 11:00 am where you have to board the boat at Chalong Pier. A decadent buffet lunch awaits you on it, where you can select various edibles such as tapas and sushis and a wide variety of Thai food. 

At 12:45 pm, you’ll be making your first top at Coral Island. Swim and snorkel or simply relax on the white sand beach until 2:00 pm. At that hour, you will then get on with your next stop and that is in Racha Island. This particular island is popular for snorkeling and diving. 

Come 4:30 pm, you’ll be boarding the boat again and revel in an afternoon of dancing until sundown. Then behold the amazing panorama of the vibrant sun setting into the horizon while its myriad of hues paint the ocean. By 6:30 pm, guests are taken back to the Chalong Pier.

  • Coral Bay and Phi Phi Island Tour By Big Boat With Lunch

This tour starts at 7:00 am when guests will be picked-up from their hotel. The vehicle heads out to the Rassada Harbor where the passengers will board the big boat and settle on their VIP seats. As the boat proceeds, you’ll gaze at the picturesque Phi Phi Lay while afloat the amazing Maya Bay. It is actually in these locations where the British movie “The Beach” was filmed. 

Continuing on, you’ll delight in the vista of the turquoise deep of the Loh Samah and the Pileh Lagoon. In the Viking Cave, you get to witness hordes of swallows’ nests. 

At the Tonsai Pier, you’ll be boarding a snorkeling boat and be close to nature by swimming or snorkeling in the lucid pristine sea of the Coral Bay. 

A premium lunch follows at Phi Phi Don where you can satiate yourself with delicious Thai food. At this point, guests are given the free time to look around and explore the island.

At 2:40 pm, the boat leaves Phi Phi Don at Ton Sai Pier, and from thereon travels back to Phuket.


These are the remarkable island activities that you can do on Coral Bay and Phi Phi Island tour. The warmth of these tropical isles are eagerly awaiting to give you the best it has to offer.

Contact a reputable company for your bookings, and ensure your safety and enjoyment when doing so.