From Krabi: Phi Phi and 4 Islands for Early Risers

Early morning is a fantastic time to feel the quiet vibes of the sea. And wouldn’t it be lovely to do so while on a speedboat and exploring the islands. Phi Phi Islands, in particular, and from the quaint town of Krabi.

This is what the “Phi Phi and 4 Islands Day Tour From Krabi For Early Risers” is for.

What a fabulous treat it is to rise at the break of dawn and go on a full-day voyage among the islands surrounding Krabi. This boat tour- truly a pleasure- takes 10 hours. A full-day of nature’s wonders and scenery to revel in!

Off to an early start, you’ll be beating the rush and the crowd of tourists as you look around the scenic spots and amazing landscapes of the isles. After all, it is too soon for the hustle and bustle to arrive.Phi Phi and 4 Islands for Early Risers Highlights

The Phi Phi and 4 Islands Day Tour From Krabi for early risers is a well-rounded trip where you traverse Poda, Monkey Island, Bamboo Island and Pileh Lagoon. When doing so, you can have fun doing activities like snorkeling, sunbathing and looking around the islands.

The tour group for this trip is typically small, so it means you’ll get to have a personalized experience. Snorkel gear will be provided, and you can use it to observe sea life below the vivid waters.

Inclusive of this tour are yummies of a light breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages.No worries about your hotel pick-up and drop-off because this service is taken care of.

What’s Included In The Early Riser Phi Phi and 4 Islands Day Tour From Krabi?

  • Hotel transfers are inclusive in your ticket
  • Lunch, drinking water, snacks and fruits are paid for in your package
  • Life jacket and snorkeling mask
  • Professional tour guide service
  • First aid kit
  • Accident insurance
  • Tea and coffee

The National Park fee is not included in your ticket. At the entrance, adults will pay 400 THB per head for it, and 200 THB individually for children.

Itinerary of the Phi Phi and 4 Islands Day Tour For Early Risers

It depends on that which was arranged by your chosen tour company, but the itinerary of the said day tour is typically as follows:

The duration of the tour is 9 hours where the starting point is at Ao Nang.

The first stop is at Chicken Island, Tub Island and Mor Island where guests can indulge their touring pleasure relaxing, probing around the isle and snorkeling. This junction has an allocated time of 2 hours.Phi Phi and 4 Islands for Early Risers Itinerary

The boat then proceeds to Ko Phi Phi Leh as the highlight of the Phi Phi Islands tour. As a premier Krabi package tour, tourists find this one to be a favorite. Here, guests will first visit the famous attractions of the islands such as Ko Phi Phi Leh which is a limestone mountain isle. This spot is so stunningly imposing, being dominantly situated in the middle of the emerald seas. Then there is Koh Phi Phi Don or the Phi Phi Don island that is the largest in the archipelago. This spot is central wherein hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, communities and accommodations are located. At the hub of Koh Phi Phi Leh, you’ll also find a small, semi-moon shaped bay encompassed by limestone mountains, and this is the Maya Bay. 

The Maya Bay is a favorite vista among tourists because it is a clean white sandy beach where you can see corals and fishes swimming below the lucid sea. At Pileh Bay which is surrounded by limestone mountain, there is only one entrance and exit, and you can revel at how beautiful and pristine its white powdery beaches and clear green waters are.

Loh Samah Bay, on the other hand, has an abundant coral life underneath, and it is a popular diving spot. Guests can pay their respects to the Pranag Shrine while visiting this location. The cool, placid seawater awaits them to go swimming.

On all three-sides, Poda island is bordered by beaches, aside from the west side which is margined by a steep rocky cliff that is welted by the waves. Meanwhile, at the front of the island, there’s a white sand beach that is so soft where you can leisurely and pleasantly go walking (barefoot).

Guests definitely love visiting these islands where they can lose themselves in their pristine and awe-inspiring splendor by relaxing, strolling and swimming.

Time-Table Of The Early Riser Full-Day Tour:

  • 6:00 am is the pick up time of guests from the Krabi Town, Ao Nam Mao, Klong Muang and Tub Kaek
  • 6:30 am is time for pick up at Ao Nang
  • 7:00 am is the departure time from the pier
  • 7:15 am is for the first stop at Poda Island where guests have a light breakfast and linger for a while gazing at the sunrise. Following are trips to Chicken Island, Tub Island and Mor island where visitors can snorkel, swim and relaxing along the beach
  • 10:00 am is for dropping by at Bamboo island for sitting back, snorkeling and swimming
  • 11:00 am is spending time at Pileh lagoon where guests can swim and snorkel
  • 12:00 pm staying for an hour at Phi Phi Don where guests have a delicious buffet lunch waiting for them in a restaurant
  • 1:00 pm stopover at Monkey Beach to see attractive sights and take photos
  • 1:30 pm going to Maya Bay to take a look around the location of the British movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio
  • 2:00 pm calling in on Viking Cave for a walking tour
  • 3:00 pm traveling back to the pier and transferring guests to their hotels

Weather and sea conditions will impact the tour schedule and experience. Guests are advised to be patient in case of unforeseen delays along the pick-up route. 

All factors taken into consideration, you can nevertheless have heaps of enjoyment marveling at the beauty of the sun, the sea and the sand at Phi Phi islands.