Khao Lak: Phi Phi Islands Snorkeling Day Trip by Speedboat

It’s the vibrance of the sparkling sea. So crisp, so vivid, so cool and refreshing. What a wonderful experience it would be to relish such ambience, and what better place to do it than in Phi Phi Island.

You have plenty of options for a day tour in Phi Phi. Ranging from the early riser ones, to full day trips, you’ll have a splendid time exploring the archipelago. The night time revelry is yours for the taking, too. What with the lavish and fun nightlife in the isles, you’ll have a fantastically grand experience.

If you’re an active daytime beach bum, you can join a Khao Lak to Phi Phi Island Snorkeling Day Trip By Speedboat. There’s so much to do on this tour, and the whole day is allocated for its pertinent activities.

You can of course swim and snorkel, walk around or just sit back on the famous beaches in the Phi Phi archipelago and enjoy your exciting adventure under the sun, on the sea and the sand.

What Are The Key Details Of The Khao Lak To Phi Phi Islands TourKhao Lak to Phi Phi Islands Day Tour

The location of this trip is in Phi Phi Islands in the tropical country of Thailand. It is particularly from the location of Khao Lak going to Phi Phi Island that is a tour with Khai Islands. This tour has a duration of approximately 10 hours where departure time is at 6:30 am to 7:00 am and return time at about 6:00 pm.

A professional live guide will lead the excursion. Guests staying in a hotel in Khao Lak will have free pick-up service as part of their ticket.

What To Do During The Khao Lak To Phi Phi Island Speedboat Tour

At 6:30 am to 8:00 am, guests will be picked up from their hotel in Khao Lak via an air conditioned minivan transportation. They will be taken to the Royal Phuket Marina Pier, and at the lounge, they will be served with a light breakfast.

The ongoings from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm are as follows. The speedboat will depart from the pier, going on a 1 hour journey. The tour guide will brief the guests about the safety features and the details of the tour. While on board the speedboat on the way to Phi Phi island, free soft drinks are provided. 

The first stop is at the Phi Phi Islands National Park where tourists can explore and laze around in Maya Bay. They’re free to drift throughout the place and go snorkeling to see the abundant sea life underwater. It’s also a fantastic time to go swimming and do fun sun leisure activities.

The next stopover is at Monkey Beach and the famed Viking Cave where tourists can go on a walking tour and take memorable photographs.

Then comes the splendid Pileh Lagoon with its breathtaking beauty. Here, you can take a dip in the vivid blue-green waters, swimming or snorkeling in the midst of awe-inspiring and magnificent cliffs.

Come 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm, visitors will have a sumptuous lunch at the Ton Sai Bay in Phi Phi Don Island. Following that is seeing sights at the Loh Samah Bay. The speedboat then moves on to Khai Nok Island where tourists can indulge more of their snorkeling and relaxing pleasure. The clean white powdery beaches of the isle welcomes you to delight in its scenic marvel where you can take part in frisky sun activities. The beach bar is particularly attractive, and you can munch the juicy lusciousness of seasonal fruits.

From 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm, the guide will organize the group’s return, and at this point leave Khai Nok and head to Phuket. Free transfer of the guests to their Khao Lak hotel will be carried out.

What To Expect On Your Khao Lak to Phi Phi Islands Day Tour By Speedboat

A wide array of snorkeling and diving gear is available to guests at no cost. Top-quality speedboats are utilized for these trips, and you’re guaranteed to have a pleasant and comfortable ride. The seasoned crew and captain of the boat are well-versed in what they do, and the accompanying professional tour guide is efficient and engaging. To Do During The Khao Lak To Phi Phi Island

The full-day tour of Phi Phi Island from Khao Lak is an astounding one-day vacation by itself, and while journeying on a speedboat, you get to breathe the fresh breeze of the ocean and feel the lively warmth of the sun. Stunning vistas surround you and you can gaze at their wonder to your heart’s content! Go ahead and take amazing pictures and videos. This is one holiday that you wouldn’t want to miss for a long time!

Take a closer look at the animated sea life underneath the waters by snorkeling. Clothe yourself with the refreshing energy of the sea when swimming. 

On your speedboat ride, you’ll have a good view of the impressive Phi Phi Island sights, especially the Khai Islands that is a popular spot in the Andaman Sea. Waters akin to crystal-blue pools abound in these areas, surrounded by staggering mountain cliffs. It truly is an extraordinary experience.

Safety Information To Remember Before Joining The Day Tour

It is fundamentally not safe for pregnant women, people aged over 65 years old and those with back pain and heart diseases, among other serious medical conditions to join the tour. It is not advised to bring infants under 1 year old as well.

The features of the tour may be changed, modified or canceled, depending on tide and weather conditions.


As you can see, a Phi Phi islands Snorkeling Day Tour By Speedboat From Khao Lak is one of a kind. It generally depends on the itinerary designed by your chosen tour company, but the above is a typical example of how such a day tour goes.

Contact the tour company of your choice and carefully select the best itinerary for yourself and your group or family. While doing so, carefully consider your enjoyment and safety.