Adventurous Phi Phi Island Speedboat and Snorkeling Day Trip

Do you want to have the best tour of Phi Phi Island? Then you shouldn’t miss going on a speedboat and snorkelling day trip on it.

Taking this adventure needs a Phuket snorkeling speedboat because it’s the most apt transport and the only way of travelling.

The adventurous Phi Phi island speedboat and snorkelling day trip is actually a shared trip where you get to visit not only the Phi Phi isles, but also the Monkey Beach along with the Viking Cave, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lae.

The speedboat will stop at Bamboo Islands for your snorkelling pleasure, and lunch will be served at Phi Phi Don.

What is Phi Phi Island?

It is an archipelago that consists of 7 islands, and all these belong to the Krabi province in Thailand. This gorgeous group of islands are stunning to behold where you get to enjoy the surrounding white sand beaches and the vivid, alluring waters.

Don’t be misled by the idea of taking a ferry to have a day trip on Phi Phi Island. It simply won’t work because it will limit the time of your tour. You won’t have the leeway to visit the islands throughout Phi Phi.

The best option by far is to use a speedboat for your Phi Phi Island day trip.

It takes 1 hour to cross Phi Phi from Phuket by speedboat. For the most part, these vessels depart from Chalong Marina or Boat Lagoon.

A day trip to the islands is astounding when you get to snorkel and see the panoramic views underwater. You’ll get to gaze at the splendid vista of the Andaman Sea. The cliffs around Phi Phi are magnificent and towering as well.

A Snorkelling Adventure On Bamboo Island

A Snorkelling Adventure On Bamboo Island

On the north side of the main island of Phi Phi Don, you’ll find the Bamboo Island, and it is a perfect site for snorkelling.

Bamboo island may be small and quite remote, but its white sands are soft, making it conducive for snorkelling. It’s even fantastic to stroll along the place barefoot, and you’ll be allocated 20 minutes to do that. While doing so, you can take great photos of its attractive spots.

The view of the ocean on Bamboo Island is spectacular where you can do fun activities such as snorkelling, swimming and getting tanned.

The day might get hot, but no worries because you can chill out and find shelter under the pine/casuarina trees scattered all over the isle.

If you get thirsty, you can drop by the local small shops and buy some drinks or something to nibble. If you prefer, you can pack your picnic basket and tag your camera, sunscreen or snorkel gear.

Tour Itinerary Of Phi Phi Island Day Trip

It depends on the tour company that you have chosen, but typically the Phi Phi island tour itinerary is as follows:

  • 9:00 to 10:30 am- a minivan will pick up visitors from their hotels.
  • From Chalong Marina in Phuket, the Phi Phi island speedboat departs.
  • The tour will start where tourists stop by Loh Sama Bay and then Pileh Lagoon and Viking Cave. They can go sightseeing and feed the monkeys at the beach.
  • Tourists will be taken to a beachfront restaurant where they eat lunch and relish the crystal-clear blue waters of Tonai Bay.
  • The speedboat proceeds and stops at Mosquito Island where guests can snorkel to view the coral reef below and the lively reef fish.
  • Next visit is at Bamboo Island where guests can relax on the white-sand beach.
  • The speedboat will then return to Phuket.
  • At 19:30, the speedboat arrives at the Phuket pier where guests will return and be transferred to their respective hotel resorts.
  • There may be extra charges if you plan to be transferred to certain areas such as Phuket Town, Cape Panwa, Rawai and Tri Trang, among others.

What’s Included In Your Phi Phi Island Tour Price

  • Hotel transfers (It’s free in some locations, while others are charged)
  • Lunch and snacks; fresh fruits, coffee, tea and softdrinks
  • Life jacket
  • Professional tour guide service

What’s Not Included In Your Phi Phi Island Tour Price

  • Mask, snorkel and fins (snorkelling equipment): 100 THB
  • Entrance fee to Phi Phi Island National Park

How To Stay Safe When Snorkelling

  • Do not bring a small child. Only people who are 4 to 60 years old are suitable to join a Phuket- Phi Phi Island speedboat day trip.
  • Children who are below 1 year old, pregnant women or women who intend to get pregnant are not eligible to participate in the trip.
  • People with spinal, back and neck conditions are not safe to join the trip.
  • Sitting in front of the boat is prohibited.
  • Monkeys and other wild or marine life should not be fed. Any dead or living coral should not be picked out.
  • Shells should not be collected from any beaches.
  • Avoid standing on the corals.
  • Do not litter or leave your trash such as plastic or paper along the Bamboo Island beach because this location is part of the National Park area.
  • Wear a life jacket while onboard the boat or in the water.
  • Refrain from standing while the boat is moving.
  • Smoking is not allowed while on the boat.

Who Are Not Suitable To Join The Trip?

  • Guests who are aged 4 years up to 60 years can join the tour. It is not safe to bring a child under 1 year old.
  • Women who are pregnant or those who intend to get pregnant.
  • People who suffer from spinal, back and neck conditions.

The trip includes time for going around the island, sightseeing and taking pictures.

Certain conditions of the weather tend to impact the tip, consequently changing the itinerary.

Use sunscreen because you’ll be exposed under the sun for long hours during the trip. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Contact your preferred travel and tour company if you have any queries about the Phi Phi Island Speedboat and Snorkeling Day Trip.