Private Longtail Boat Tour From Phi Phi

Private Phi Phi Boat Tour Guide

Start your tour with a visit to Monkey Beach, where you may snorkel in the azure waters and observe the mischievous monkeys on the shore. Depart from either Ao Tonsai Pier or Laemtong Pier. Explore the enigmatic Viking Cave and take in the artwork on the walls before moving on to the Pileh Lagoon, one of Phi Phi’s most exquisite treasures.

Sail to the pristine waters of Lo Samah Bay to explore the plethora of marine life and vibrant corals there after snorkelling in the blue lagoon encircled by high limestone cliffs. The final destination is the famous location made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Beach,” which is located just outside of Maya Bay. Admire breathtaking views of the setting sun as you return to Tonsai Pier on the afternoon charter.

While on a visit, you and your family or group of friends can rent a longtail boat. There are plenty of types of tours to choose from, depending on the tour company that you deal with, Below is how a longtail boat tour to Phi Phi island typically goes.

Phi Phi Leh Longtail Boat Tour

Half-Day Phi Phi Leh Longtail Boat Tour

This route lasts for 3 hours and costs about 2,000 THB for 2 passengers. Extra guests are charged 300 THB per head. If you want to extend your tour, you need to pay 500 THB per hour for every person.

Inclusive of this trip is free use of the snorkel, mask and life jacket. Drinking water is provided on the boat. The fins, though, have to be rented.

If you book your tour to go for more than 4 hours, you get free seasonal fruits. Your pick-up and drop-off points are usually at a particular spot agreed upon with the tour company.

However, you can request pick up and drop-off services to your hotel, as well as food and the assistance of a local guide.

Things that you should bring with you are your towel, swimsuit, snacks, food and soft drinks.

Itinerary Of A Half-Day Phi Phi Longtail Boat Tour

  • The boat will depart at Ton Sai Pier where it will go to Monkey Beach or Sam Had Beach. These spots are the most popular attractions of the archipelago. In this location, you’ll find a flock of wild monkeys. 
  • The next stop is the mysterious Viking Cave which happens to have a long history. Hundreds of swift birds inhabit this area, and what makes them unique is that they create their nests with their saliva. The local Thai people who reside in the cave collect these nests to protect the birds. Another activity that you can do in this place is to snorkel. Who knows, you might come upon some black-tip reef Sharks swimming along the shallow water- if you get lucky!
  • The boat will then proceed to Pileh Lagoon where upon entrance, you’ll be amazed to see the surrounding limestone mountains over vivid blue-green waters. This view is so breathtaking you simply cannot wait to dive into the ocean and take photos.
  • Your 4th stop will be at Loh Samah Bay. This spot is a must-see and truly astonishing. Straight out and directly from the ocean, astounding limestone cliffs are standing. This location is also actually the host of a well-known snorkelling and diving area called the “Pi Leh Wall”. Snorkeling around, you’ll encounter exotic fishes and view the spectacular coral reef underneath.
  • The 5th and final stopover of the boat is the Maya Bay. This spot is world-famous, and the highlight of your trip! Travellers around the world have heard about Maya Bay in Phi Phi Islands in Thailand because it was the location of the famous British movie “The Beach”. It starred the good-looking actor Leonardo DiCaprio. “The Beach” was released in the year 2000, and because this setting was so impressive, it attracted thousands of travellers all across the globe to visit Maya Bay every year. If you go at a distance of just 200 meters from the beach, you’ll get to see a stunning coral reef where beautiful fishes swim around. So snorkeling is one of the best things to do and be awed by this gorgeous marine life!

Final Thoughts 

The great thing about a longtail boat tour in Phi Phi is that it is flexible. You get to decide what your departure time is, which means you can leave any time you like. But it has to be within reason. 

If you want to catch the sunrise- you can! Or be afloat in the cool waters while viewing the sunset? Why not?

There are some advantages of renting a private boat over joining a group tour when visiting Phi Phi Islands. The former is quite an authentic experience, what with the longtail boat being symbolic of Koh Phi Phi. It is almost a crime to leave the place without having to cruise on one of those. Hah!

The main reason why you’ll want to rent a private boat in Phi Phi is to get off the beaten track. Avoiding “popular spots” at certain times, you’ll avoid crowds. Your tour will be more exclusive. Plus, you’ll get to see what you would not on regular tours.

A longtail boat tour is thus customisable, and that’s the astounding perk about it. Talking it over with your tour company, you’ll be able to visit the places that you desperately want to see, and steer clear of those you desperately want to avoid!

So sit back, relax and let the memories happen on your authentic longtail boat experience on Phi Phi Island