Private Phi Phi Islands Speedboat Tour From Phi Phi

You’ll want your vacation to be unforgettable, that’s why you want to visit the best places in Phi Phi. After all, you’re in Phi Phi Islands, one of the most splendid tropical shangrilas in Thailand.

How about a Private Phi Phi Islands Speedboat tour?

Booking a private speedboat tour of Phi Phi Island is an amazing way of exploring the isles. When you do, you get to choose the scenic spots that you’re going to set foot on. You’ll have your own privacy in your boat- not crowded- and enjoy the warm, familiar company of your family, friends or loved ones while cruising the vivid blue-green waters surrounding the archipelago.Private Phi Phi Islands Speedboat

You get to drop by the locations that you prefer for as long or as short as you want, too. And those hidden paradises that are off the beaten track? You can have the chance to see them- especially if they are not within the route of regular tours. Plus, you get to avoid the bustling hordes of tourists calling in on the popular spots as well. You can choose to go there during off hours, that’s why.

Now, how does it go with a private Phi Phi Island speedboat tour?

What Is A Phi Phi Island Private Speedboat Tour?

This article will actually discuss the details of a Private Phi Phi Island Speedboat Tour from Phi Phi. So for instance, when you rent a speedboat from a local speedboat hire and travel company, the boat is likely to leave from Phi Phi Don itself. It wouldn’t entail that you be picked-up from Phuket. 

If you do stay in Phuket and need to be transferred, then you will need to book a Phi Phi Island private speedboat tour from Phuket, and that’s another page!

On a Phi Phi Island private speedboat tour from Phi Phi Island, you’ll be spending six hours on your tour via your very own chartered speedboat. The boat will be used exclusively by you and your pack- whether they are your family, friends or loved ones. Hiring your own speedboat lets you have an enjoyable time hopping along the islands, snorkeling and relaxing on the gorgeous islands of the archipelago.

It’s six wonderful hours of cruising, exploring, taking videos and photos and bonding with your bunch all over the stunning spots of your choice. And that’s with the comfort and privacy of your own water transport- a fast, modern and clean speedboat.

With the boat, you’ll be accompanied by a friendly and amiable crew along with a professional boat captain who will guide and show you around. If you stay from any of the hotels in Phi Phi, then you’ll be picked up for free.Phi Phi Island Private Speedboat Tour

Because it is a private Phi Phi Islands speedboat tour from Phi Phi Island, the departure point will be from Phi Phi Don island, then going around- touring over the islands- and ultimately returning to Phi Phi Don. The speedboat hire company does not pick up from any other locations. 

This package does not include pick-up from Bangkok, or Ao Nang, or Krabi, or Phuket. Rather this is for guests who are staying in Phi Phi Don.

Your boat is yours for the day when you hire a private speedboat for a tour of Phi Phi. You can leave at the time you prefer or what’s most convenient for you. The team from the travel company will pick you up from whatever hotel or resort you are accommodated in Phi Phi Don.

With the exclusive use of your boat, you have six hours to look around and visit the breathtaking spots in Phi Phi. That’s an awful lot of time already!

Visit Gorgeous Scenic Spots On Your Private Speedboat Tour

The most picturesque locations in the isles are yours to gaze at and set foot on- literally. That is, you’ll get to feel the pristine white sandy beaches with your bare feet and swim and refresh yourself with the revitalizing energy of the vibrant and lucid sea. The awe-inspiring marine life beneath the waters welcomes your company as you snorkel- as long as you are kind to them!

Snorkeling in Maya Bay is a particularly exciting experience. Then there’s the marvelous and mysterious Viking Cave. Take a dip at the enchanting Pileh Lagoon and meet the frolicsome Macaques along Monkey Island. It is spectacular as well to go sailing through Nui Bay Beach!

There’s plenty more adventures awaiting you on your private tour! The scenic and charming spots are yours for the taking to savour and experience in Phi Phi Islands!

The boat crew will enliven your ride as they share their local knowledge with you and tell you interesting information about your visit points.

What’s Included On Your Private Speedboat Hire?

Snorkeling equipment is provided by the hire, along with drinking water and season fresh fruits. In the speedboat, there’s an ice-chiller that makes it handy if you bring alcoholic drinks along.

If you choose a reputable one, rest assured that your travel company will prioritize your safety and enjoyment.

Inclusive in your tour are your snacks and drinks, but the meals are not. Then again, if you do get hungry, you can arrange for the boat to make a stopover at a particular beach restaurant where you can satiate yourselves.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Private Speedboat To Tour Phi Phi?

On the average, a private speedboat tour of Phi Phi costs 15,000 THB. It’s quality time, nonetheless, and if you split it with your friends, it’ll be great value for your money. Couples on a honeymoon or wanting to enjoy privacy on their tour can find this touring option practical.

Of all the private tours on the islands, you’ll find the private speedboat tour of Phi Phi to be the most exclusive. 

You wouldn’t have to go around the stunning isles of Phi Phi with strangers, and you do so with luxury and style when you rent a private speedboat.

These, among truly fantastic others, are the amazing perks of going on a private Phi Phi Islands speedboat tour.