Semi-Private Supreme Sunrise Tour from Phi Phi

The early morning sun peeks as it is about to come out. Its subtle hues paint the clear pristine seas bringing out soft golden tones of welcoming light. The skies hide with their silent blue, shyly prying at the muted dawn…and the air is fresh, as crisp and vibrant as can be, swaying the revitalizing, vivid and cool waters to sing a cheerful melody- the mellow song of the sunrise waves.

This is the break of dawn in Phi Phi Islands. Splendid and charming, isn’t it?

Now, wouldn’t it be fantastic to cruise on a longtail boat with your private group of family or friends along Phi Phi during these hours?

Definitely you can, with a semi-private supreme sunrise tour from Phi Phi. 

It generally depends on the tour operator that you choose, but this article will discuss the details of it.

What Is A Phi Phi Semi-Private Sunrise Tour?

Koh Phi Phi is a famous tourist spot in Thailand. Travelers from all around the world flock to the island year after year. Other than enjoying its revelrous nightlife, most of them relish taking day tours.

This is when tour operators on the island take advantage of the situation, tending to just cram as many tourists into their boats. 

You thus have to be wary and choose a company that offers quality over quantity to their guests. Your well-earned vacation should be as comfortable and sweet as can be, especially when with your family, friends or loved ones.

If you plan to go on a day tour, you can opt to have a semi-private one, where passengers are not packed like sardines on a boat. 

An Incredible Experience Of A Sunrise Boat Tour

While you are at it, you can have your semi-exclusive tour of Phi Phi Island at sunrise. The experience of a Semi-Private Supreme Sunrise Tour from Phi Phi is absolutely incredible.

If you’re staying in Phi Phi Don, you can avail of this tour. Right from your hotel or resort on the island, the tour will take place on the Koh Phi Phi Leh Marine Park.

The whole trip has a duration of 4 hours. Don’t think that it’s too short! Consider that you’re doing a tour in the early hours of the day when the islands (which are of close proximity to each other) are deserted. That means you won’t be competing for time and space with hordes of other tourists. 

You’ll have the best scenic spots all to yourself (with your limited number of bunch) and you’ll have ample time to swim, snorkel, explore and take lots of photos and videos.Sunrise Boat Tour

Not that your boat will be alone on the National Park during your tour, but chances are, it might! And early in the morning, in the Koh Phi Phi Leh isles, you’ll find that the scenery is magical. You’ll have the leeway to appreciate the beautiful panorama you are in because there are only 8 passengers of you on the boat.

The boat leaves Koh Phi Phi Don at 6:00 am. Too soon in the day, you would think. But it’s worth the early rise and shine. Your sunrise tour is essentially off the beaten track, and think of it as if you’re doing something new and different!

At these hours, the island is basically asleep. You’ll find that the vibes are tranquil and blissful.

Coffee is fresh and hot, and it’s free. The azure lagoons are ever so calm, and there are no crowds on the beach. You’ll be awed to view the open sunrise and you’ll snorkel to be in the company of the sterling and spectacular marine life underneath the waters. It’s exhilarating. The Andaman sea welcomes you at the start of the day with its unadulterated wonder.

Places To Visit On Your Semi-Private Sunrise Tour

The itinerary arranged by your tour company often varies from day to day. It depends on the management of each, though. However, if you choose a quality tour operator, they are likely to take you to the best spots at the best times in order to avoid the crowds.

Since you’ll be leaving at Phi Phi Don, you don’t need an hour of travel time to get to the Koh Phi Phi Leh National Park.

As a national park and an island, Koh Phi Phi Leh is uninhabited. This island is one with the most beautiful scenery and the most stunning places to visit in the whole archipelago.

Cruising along the bay for 4 hours, you’ll set foot on Maya Bay, Viking Cave, Phi Phi Leh Lagoon, Loh Samah Bay and Monkey Beach.

Things to remember on this tour:

  • It is not suitable for children under 13 years old.
  • Tours depart from Koh Phi Phi Don To Phi Phi Islands, not Phuket.
  • Tickets usually include National Park Charges, depending on your tour company.

Avoid The Crowds and Have Quality Time

You’ll feel the authenticity of Phi Phi Islands when you go on a semi-private sunrise tour. It’s all the beauty of the isles for you to take in. No noisy crowds to distract you, and it’s you and your familiar bunch with you appreciating the silence and the grandeur of the pristine and magnificent sea and its surrounding vista.

The feel is so real, and it’s what most bona-fide beach bums can only dream about. If you are one, you simply have to visit Phi Phi Island and take a semi-private sunrise tour!Semi-Private Sunrise Tour

However your organizer arranges it, the meet-up is usually at 6:00 am in the Ton Sai Bay area for the tour to start. At a cafe, guests will have coffee and yummy fresh-baked pastry before the boat leaves at 6:30 am.

A jolly crew and a professional boat captain will accompany tourists, and while everyone is on board, they will be sharing their local knowledge and interesting information to make the ride engaging.

Indeed, a semi-private supreme sunrise tour from Phi Phi is something you must do to make your vacation on this island paradise complete.