Speedboat Transfer From Koh Phi Phi Island To Koh Lipe

There are plenty of amazing islands in Thailand. If you’re a beach bum, you’ll be raring to visit each of them. You’ve definitely heard of Phi Phi Islands, and this paradise of an archipelago is simply a must-see!

There’s more in fact, when it comes to Thai island shangrilas, and there’s Koh Lipe for one.

If you happen to be in Koh Phi Phi for a holiday and want to have more sultry tropical adventures, you can proceed from there to Koh Lipe.

How To Get To Koh Lipe From Phi Phi

The best way to travel from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lipe is by speedboat. If you book with a reputable travel company, you can cruise this route in style. The Andaman sea in all its magnificent beauty awaits you. Along the way while afloat its waters on a speedboat, you can take awesome photos and videos and gaze at the wonderful surrounding vista.

The route on the way to Koh Lipe from Phi Phi is astounding. You will not be bored on your crossing.

How much does it cost to travel between these two isles?How To Get To Koh Lipe From Phi Phi

Phi Phi to Koh Lipe speedboat prices cost 1,750 THB for adults, and 1,400 THB for children on the average. You might think these prices are substantial, but the speedboat transport is basically the cheapest when you’re going to Koh Lipe from Phi Phi.

Your other alternative is traveling by land, but this is generally not viable.Not only is it more pricey, costing twice as much, but your journey takes a grueling two days. This may be workable for you if you have much time to spare, but it’s not as practical!

It is a smart option to book your speedboat tickets at a local Phi Phi tour company. That way, you’ll be booking directly and would not need to pay for commissions. Apparently, service will be fast, and you’ll save money.

Speedboat Schedules For Phi Phi To Koh Lipe Transfers

The speedboat going this route leaves the Ton Sai Pier at 9:30 am, and that’s every morning. It arrives at the Bundhaya Beach in Koh Lipe at 1:30 pm. This equates to 4 hours of traveling from one point to the other.

Wheeled transport does not operate in Phi Phi island, so hotel or resort pick-ups are not possible. If you are a traveler, you must check in at the Ton Sai pier at least 30 minutes before the boat departs. Check-in time, then, is at 9:00 am.

If your accommodation is at the Laemtong area or other resorts on the north part of Koh Phi Phi, your option is to make a taxi boat service arrangement with your hotel. You need to be transported to Ton Sai pier.

Make sure that you arrive early at the pier and be there to check in on time. You wouldn’t want to miss your trip because there’s only one of it for the day!

During the course of the trip, the speedboat typically makes stopovers for comfort breaks. Tourists are allowed to embark and disembark the boat.

You’ll enjoy the experience nonetheless, because the speedboat will dock at Koh Lanta for about 30 minutes. Short stops will also be carried out at Kooh Mok as well as Koh Kradan. Don’t think of these as delays, but relish these opportunities of setting foot on these stunning albeit secluded islands. You won’t have qualms about it because you’re sure to have a fantastic time taking photos.

Additional Information About The Trip

The speedboat used for this trip is a large passenger boat that can accommodate 45 passengers. It is equipped with 4 engines and is manned by a captain and a crew that have your safety and best interest at heart. The boat is well-designed and modern, with comfortable, spacious and padded seating. The passenger area is sufficiently covered, amply protecting travelers from the heat of the sun. There are toilets on board.

If you’re up for a different experience, you can sit in the open area at the front where you can indulge in a 360-degree view of the all-around panorama!

It’s not that you’ll be painstakingly seated for 4 hours in your chair during the journey. The boat will make a couple of stops along the way so that your system can stretch and circulate. It makes your traveling significantly comfortable. You’ll sure prefer this than traveling direct!Koh Phi Phi Island To Koh Lipe

Storage is sufficient on the speedboat, and there is no weight or size limit for each passenger’s baggage. But as per your discretion, it has to be within reason. Luggage is not charged extra. However, it is recommended that you go with not more than two medium to large baggage per passenger.

While you’re at it, it’s a great idea to stop by the 7-11 store on Ton Sai pier to begin with. There aren’t any of those or anything in the Andaman Sea!

When choosing a travel company, inquire about the quickest route from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lipe by speedboat. See to it that the boat is safe and luxurious and manned by an experienced crew. The luggage storage should be sufficient.


Your choice of a travel company will make you enjoy a fast, comfortable and scenic transfer from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lipe. Luggage storage is free on board the speedboat. These are what’s included in your service.

You’ll have to bring or pay for your own because lunch and snacks are not included in your ticket. The same goes for hotel pick-ups. It is not part of the package.

The speedboat transfer meeting point is at the Ton Sai pier in Phi Phi Don, and as a guest, you are required to self check in there. Hotel collection may not be offered, but you can inquire from your travel company if ever you have any difficulties in finding transportation going to the check in location.

All things considered and efficiently taken care of, you can have a splendid time on your journey.