Get around Koh Phi Phi on foot

Have you decided where you would take your next vacation? If not, you may want to consider the majestic islands found in the Land of the Smiles, the Phi Phi Islands.

Traveling the Islands of Phi Phi can give you one-of-a-kind and one for the book experience as it lets you reconnect with nature once again and recharge your well-being.

That being said, read more as we give you the basic whatnots that you should know before traveling to Phi Phi Islands.

Getting to Know Phi Phi IslandsGetting to Know Phi Phi Islands

Southeast Asia is known to be home to breathtaking beaches, and the archipelago of Phi Phi Islands is one of them. 

Phi Phi Islands, or Koh Phi Phi as locals call it, boasts its domain as it comprises six majestic islands that will definitely make you say that a heaven is a place on Earth.

  • Koh Phi Phi Don – This island is the only one populated. Apart from that, it is also the largest and the most developed island among the others.
  • Koh Phi Phi Leh – This island is the second-most visited island among Phi Phi archipelago and was even more popularised when The Beach’s movie was shot from here.
  • Koh Mai Phai – Situated at the northern part of Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Mai Phai, also called Bamboo Island, offers serene beaches and snorkeling activities.
  • Ko Yung – Though named after Mosquitos, there aren’t plenty of them here, but it is named after Mosquito because of the island’s shape.
  • Bida Nok & Bida Nai – These two are adjacent and have the towering limestones karsts cliffs that every mountain climber dreams of ascending.

Now that you already know the islands that you can visit during your stay at Phi Phi Islands, the next thing you need to know is how to get around the island to see and appreciate these majestic islands.

There are two ways to get around the Phi Phi Islands by foot or boat. In this article, we will be focusing on getting around the islands on foot. To know more about the exciting trip of getting around the Phi Phi Islands by foot, refer below as we discuss them further for you.

Getting Around the Phi Phi Islands on Foot

Strolling the Koh Phi Phi Don on foot is a great way to experience nature first-hand because it reconnects you more, as you let your feet feel the fine white sands and cool sea breeze.

It may sound tiring at first, but trust us when we say that you won’t feel exhausted because you get refreshed just by strolling. Strolling the island barefoot (at least for a while) may give you one of the best experiences too.

Koh Phi Phi DonKoh Phi Phi Don

The Koh Phi Phi Don island is the most populated and developed island you can find at Phi Phi Islands. Upon getting off from the Tonsai Pier, everything may seem to be accessible within 5 to 15 minutes.

To know more about how to make your Koh Phi Phi Don stroll worthwhile, here are some whatnots you should know first:

  • Getting around the Ao Tonsai Pier area where the ferries drop their passengers from the Phuket or Krabi. 
  • Your walk can take up to 5 to 15 minutes until you get to find the centermost part of the area, where you can find the restaurants, gift shops, and other amenities. 
  • Since Koh Phi Phi Don is the most populated Island in Phi Phi Islands, most hotels and resort accommodations can be found here, specifically in the Tonsai Bay area, 5 to 15 minutes from the Tonsai Pier.
  • Apart from the downtown area of Tonsai Pier, the northern part of the main island comprises Loh Ba Kao Bay, Nui Beach, Laem Tong Beach cannot be reached by foot if you are coming from Ao Tonsai Pier. These beaches are situated behind a wilderness and an undeveloped dirt mountain trail designed for non-hiking people because of the challenging path you must go through first.
  • Additionally, you cannot access Monkey Beach on foot even though it is not too far from Ao Tonsai Pier, but like the beaches above, they are isolated by the jungle and cliffs. 
  • To get to Monkey Beach, you must get there by boat, but once you get there, you can walk around the different beaches, hotels, and resorts situated in the North Koh Phi Phi Don island because the paths there are more developed.

Koh Phi Phi Leh

As the second-most-developed island in Phi Phi, tourists are curious whether you can stroll around this beautiful island on foot. To get to know more, read more below:

  • On the contrary, Koh Phi Phi Leh beaches are challenging to stroll if you aim for peaceful strolls. But if you are feeling more adventurous, you can walk around the islands on foot but beware that they are all covered with thick wilderness and steep rocks. 
  • By the time you get there, you can most walk around the beach areas, such as the giant beach that you can find at Maya Bay. Unfortunately, other than the giant beach, you do not have much to stroll on foot due to the slightly undeveloped area.

Koh Mai Phai, Ko Yung, Bida Nok, and Bida Noi

Unlike Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh, the other four islands from Phi Phi cannot be strolled by foot from Tonsai Pier because they are a distance away from Koh Phi Phi Don are isolated by the water, jungle, and steep paths.

However, you can still reach the majestic islands by boat and explore the rocky paths and channel your inner adventurous self by exploring the islands of Koh Mai Phai, Ko Yung, Bida Nok, and Bida Noi.

In Summary

Traveling the breathtaking islands of Phi Phi can be done in two ways: either you get around by boat, or you stroll on foot.

In this article, we focused on getting around Phi Phi Islands on foot, and there are things that we should keep in mind before deciding to go there: Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh are the two of the islands that you can stroll on foot because of their developed paths.

On the other hand, the remaining islands, Koh Mai Phai, Ko Yung, Bida Nok, and Bida Noi, cannot be strolled by foot if you’re coming from Tonsai Pier because they are a distance away and separated by waters.