Renting a Car in Koh Phi Phi Islands

Summer is fast approaching, and as travel restrictions continue to subside, you might as well plan your next getaway trip!

No idea where to go? Thailand got you covered. With its breathtaking turquoise water, stunning tropical beaches, and magnificent rock formations, Koh Phi Phi — known as the Jewel of Asia – will indeed offer you the best quintessential Thai beach escapade. 

Car Rentals Availability in Koh Phi Phi 

As of writing, car rentals are yet to be offered on any of the Koh Phi Phi Islands. It is one of the eyed upcoming services in the said paradise as the number of visiting tourists continues to increase year by year. Car Rentals Availability in Koh Phi Phi

Before, apart from authorized emergency vehicles and “taxi boats” used to explore the different parts of Koh Phi Phi, there were no other modes of transport available on the islands. Bicycles and scooters are rare, so more likely than not, exploring the islands’ narrow roads and tottering structures should be done on foot. 

Due to public demand, and as Thailand’s sought-after paradise is becoming more progressively popular, Phi Phi’s administrators are now partnering with local car rental agencies to make car rentals available on the islands as soon as possible. 

So buckle up because automobiles are coming to Koh Phi Phi in no time to make your approaching island trip more convenient and hassle-free!

Moreover, it is worth noting that car hires are readily accessible in Krabi Province, where Koh Phi Phi is situated. Prior to your Thailand getaway trip, you can already book an automobile of your choice to initially set things up. 

Subsequently, you could phone the local car rental agency you contacted to get your leased car from Krabi International Airport. Wheeling your way around Krabi Province would be a perfect opportunity to traverse the place’s alluring spots before deciding to proceed to Koh Phi Phi. 

How Much Would it Cost to Rent a Car?

The cost of leasing a car would vary depending on the size and type of car you are going to borrow, of course. 

As Koh Phi Phi is eyeing a partnership agreement with local car rental agencies, it is safe to say that the rental pricing within and outside Phi Phi Islands would be pretty much similar. Here are some popular local leased car models:

Honda Brio (5-seater)

  • Belongs to Small, Compact, Mini car rental class
  • Transmission options: manual and automatic
  • Offers easy-to-drive characteristics; compact dimensions are enough to squeeze through traffic and park in tight parking spaces.
  • Cheapest car rental offer in Krabi Province
  • Costing around 930.57 Thai Baht (THB) or 27.76 United States Dollars (USD) per day

Honda Jazz (5-seater)

  • Belongs to Economy car rental class 
  • Transmission options: manual and automatic
  • Features striking exterior design, spacious interior space, improved rear legroom, and passive safety attributes, including inertia reel seatbelts and dual front and curtain airbags
  • Most competitive Economy rental car in terms of price
  • Costing around 1,367.16 THB or 40.80 USD per day 

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (7-seater)

  • Belongs to Intermediate SUV car rental class
  • Transmission options: manual
  • Offers comfortable rear and front seats; easy to ride on the road and performs well off-road; has autonomous emergency braking. 
  • Costing around 2,500 THB or 74.55 USD per day

BMW 3 Series (5-seater)

  • Belongs to Luxury car rental class
  • Transmission options: automatic
  • Highlights comfortable and immense cabin space; offers optional driving aids; integrates a lot of car technology in its interior space.
  • Costing around 10,000 THB or 303 USD per day

BMW 520D (5-seater)

  • Belongs to Luxury car rental class
  • Transmission options: manual and automatic
  • Features vast interior space, comfortable driving experience, and premium interior built armed with the latest BMW technology.
  • Costing around 10,000 THB or 303 USD per day

Perks of Renting a Car in Koh Phi Phi 

Aside from saving you from a long, tiring walk under the sun, renting a car for an island trip will make your time at Koh Phi Phi as worthwhile as you could have imagined. Here are some benefits to consider:

  • Freedom

Leasing a car is like owning a vehicle temporarily. When you have your wheels, you don’t have to join group trips anymore, for you can explore the different parts of the island at your own time and pace. 

Having a car gives you the freedom to enjoy the attractions thoroughly enough without minding other tourists. Relax, drink a beer, and be mesmerized by the beauty of Koh Phi Phi – at your own discretion. 

  • Convenience and Comfort

Why worry about bringing tons of essential things on a tour if you have a car? Imagine the hassle of going back and forth in your hotel room because you keep on forgetting something, or minimizing your to-bring list for these things might be too much to handle on a walking trip. 

Renting a car at Koh Phi Phi lets you access your sunblock, sunglasses, or extra clothes effortlessly. Moreover, you can easily pull up by nearby establishments whenever you’re in need of something such as food or a comfort room. In simpler words, renting a car saves you from any form of nuisance.

  • Temporary Shelter

Every year, it is reported that over 600 thousand people visit Phi Phi Islands. Chances are hotel accommodation slots might run out if you do not make prior reservations ahead of your Koh Phi Phi trip. So, while waiting for available bookings, you can use your leased automobile as a temporary home. 

Cars nowadays have high-end features to make users feel cozy while driving or even sleeping. With that, renting a car in Koh Phi Phi ensures us an optional shelter.

Final ThoughtsCar in Koh Phi Phi

As you visit Phi Phi Islands, transportation options are very limited. While some travelers prefer depending on public transit to explore different tourist spots, renting a suitable car for you and your family offers practical advantages that aren’t accessible with other modes of transport. 

The perks stated may sound like petty considerations, but come on, having control over your time, your things, and other unexpected mishaps guarantee a perfect and worthwhile island trip!