Most Comfortable Hotel to Stay in Phak Nam Bay

If you are looking for the best hotel to stay in Phak Nam Bay, Thailand, look no further than Marriott Resort & Spa. This hotel is luxurious and has many amenities, such as a casino and spa.

Marriott Resort & Spa

Marriott Resort & Spa

The best hotel to stay in Phak Nam Bay is Marriott Resort & Spa. It is the most luxurious hotel on the island. There are several reasons why this hotel is great.

The most luxurious room you can stay in at the Marriott Resort & Spa is their Deluxe Suite with two bedrooms. This room has two king-sized beds and a queen-sized sleeper sofa with a living room area that includes an entertainment center and cable TV with international channels such as CNN, Star Movies, HBO Asia etc..

This suite has access to its own bathroom and one other shared bathroom between both guest rooms. Both bathrooms have tubs and showers, but only one has a separate shower stall from the bathtub itself.

The Marriott Resort & Spa offers several different locations and price points depending on what budget you’re working with or how many people will be staying with you during your trip to Phak Nam Bay

The Amenities

The amenities at the Marriott are amazing. There is a spa and a casino on site. You can also enjoy the ocean breeze from one of the three outdoor pools. There are also multiple restaurants including an Italian restaurant called Da Vinci’s Table which serves delicious pasta dishes like lasagna and ravioli in tomato sauce as well as other entrees such as rack of lamb served with roasted potatoes or grilled chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto ham and provolone cheese served on top of angel hair pasta tossed in olive oil (my favorite).

This hotel offers many amenities that make it an excellent choice for travelers seeking luxury accommodations in Phuket Thailand.

The hotel has several rooms to choose from depending on your budget, but all have luxurious beds equipped with comfortable pillows and down comforters that are perfect for sleeping late after a long day exploring Phak Nam Bay!

Da Vinci’s Table

Da Vinci’s Table is a small, intimate Italian restaurant with a romantic ambiance. The restaurant serves up some of the best food in Phuket, Thailand with great service and an extensive wine list.

At Da Vinci’s Table you can find some amazing dishes like their lobster ravioli in tomato sauce or their grilled octopus with mashed potatoes topped off by decadent chocolate cake for dessert!

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love the caramel cheesecake. If your taste buds are more savory, try the chicken tenderloins stuffed with cheese and jalapeno peppers. For those who want something more exotic, there are plenty of options: lobster-stuffed mushrooms or crab cakes appetizers will not disappoint!


The Marriott Resort & Spa is the best hotel for those seeking luxury accommodations in Phuket Thailand. It has everything you could want, including luxurious rooms and amenities like a casino and spa. Plus, there are three outdoor pools where you can relax in the sun or take part in water activities such as swimming laps!

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