Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Kho Phi Phi

Go straight to Kho Phi Phi if you want to experience the new year’s eve with the feeling of sand between your toes and an endless supply of drinks.

This is the place with the most New Year’s Eve beach parties and the New Year celebrations that are specific to Thailand’s culture are fascinating in and of themselves!

Here are our top recommendations for the best places to attend at New Year’s Eve in Kho Phi Phi.

Koh Phi Phi Island

The busiest island in Bangkok is Koh Phi Phi, and it’s also one of the best places to celebrate the New Year. You will have the time of your life on the island of Phi Phi if your idea of having a great time at a new year’s party involves being surrounded by people and a lively party atmosphere. People who don’t like places with a lot of tourists should stay away from this location during Thai New Year. Therefore, take action right away and reserve your space.

1. Phi Phi, The Beach Resort

Phi Phi, The Beach Resort

Any traveler seeking an exciting or relaxing vacation will find Phi Phi The Beach Resort to be the ideal destination. Our hillside villa views are unrivaled because they are located on the peaceful Long Beach, which looks out over the magnificent Maya Bay island.

The resort’s amenities, which include Deluxe and Superior Villas, a beach restaurant, a beach bar, a swimming pool, and more, when combined with warm Thai hospitality, make it a haven for both tourists and business travelers.

You can spend time at the beach at Phi Phi The Beach Resort and take advantage of beach umbrellas, volleyball, and sun loungers. You’ll also have access to kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving right on the property. In addition to the three outdoor swimming pools, there are also massages available for those who want to treat themselves.

The Beach Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and serves Thai food. A terrace and a bar/lounge are additional highlights. The pool and beach location have received favorable reviews from other travelers.

2. Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort

Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort

Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort is a vibrant beachfront building close to Tonsai Pier. The resort offers a wide range of amenities for visitors to use. The property offers visitors beach umbrellas so they can spend the day relaxing on the sand because it is situated right on the picturesque shoreline.

A sparkling outdoor pool, a kiddie pool, and a rooftop terrace with even more breathtaking views are all available. For the comfort of the guests, the property has air conditioning, and the front desk is manned around-the-clock. Daily room cleaning is performed, and a bellhop is available to assist with luggage. Every day, a complimentary breakfast is offered, and there is free WiFi throughout the entire property.

The 54 guest rooms are elegantly furnished with plush mattresses and fine linens. On request, cribs are available, and for a small additional fee, the family-friendly hotel offers rollaway beds. A microwave and a refrigerator are provided in the guest rooms. Additionally, private bathrooms add yet another convenience.

Visitors can take advantage of the many attractions in the area. Ton Sai Bay and the Ko Phi Phi Viewpoint are easily accessible from the resort’s grounds. Maya Beach is a short distance away and is reachable after a 40-minute walk. Additionally, nearby attractions include Pileh Lagoon and Monkey Beach.

About 30 miles separate the resort from Krabi Airport. The ferry from the mainland, which departs from the Rasada Pier five times daily, allows visitors to travel from Phuket to Ko Phi Phi.

3. Zeavola Resort

Zeavola Resort

The Zeavola Resort is a 10-acre expanse of five-star tropical luxury situated on Phi Phi Island’s northernmost tip. One of the best resorts on the island, Phi Phi is a favorite among couples seeking opulent lodging on the island. Each suite features bathrooms with both indoor and outdoor showers, as well as amenities for entertainment and refreshments.

The Zeavola Resort has access to the white sands of Laem Tong Beach and a private beach area in addition to an outdoor pool and spa services. Residents can enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet at the Baxil restaurant, and the on-site activity center, Zann Zanook, has volleyball and frisbee gear available. Additionally, Zann Zanook provides PADI diving lessons and guided tours for visitors who want to visit the nearby islands.

The Zeavola has started Project Coral Freedom, a reef watch and regeneration initiative, and was recognized as a Green Fin resort by the Phuket Marine Biological Centre. The resort is working toward its objective of being the undisputed origin of Five Star Diving in the Andaman Sea by fusing opulent lodging with exhilarating diving excursions that also give visitors the chance to give back and get involved.

With a captivating new birdwalk, Koh Phi Phi’s top luxury boutique dive resort, Zeavola, is bringing its dedication to environmental education and conservation above the waterline, giving tourists and aspiring ornithologists a peek into the private lives of the island’s fascinating tropical bird population.

Key Attractions

1. Ko Phi Phi Leh

Ko Phi Phi Leh

Ko Phi Phi Leh is a breathtaking location. The island retreat is surrounded by crystal-clear waters, golden sand, and views of craggy cliff faces because of its beauty, The Beach, a Hollywood blockbuster, was set there.

The story of the film is told from the viewpoint of Richard (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), a man in search of paradise who joins a hidden civilization living in an area undiscovered by tourists. It says it all that the Phi Phi Islands were selected as the ideal location to represent this undiscovered paradise.

Ko Phi Phi Leh provides more than just a stunning natural setting for those who are fortunate enough to visit. For those seeking adventure, there are many things to do in this area.

2. Maya Bay

Maya Bay

Maya Bay is a breathtakingly beautiful bay that is protected on three sides by cliffs that rise 100 meters high. Here, you can enjoy a number of beaches. Most are tiny, and some are restricted to low tide. The main beach has a length of about 200 meters and has pristine white sand. The underwater scene in this bay, which is made up of one large reef, is filled with exotic fish and colorful coral in exceptionally clear water.

After The Beach (1999) was filmed here, Phi Phi rose to the top of Phi Phi’s list of attractions. Even people who had never heard of Phi Phi have heard of Maya Bay since the movie came out, despite the fact that it had always been very well-known before.

Maya Bay is best visited between November and April, during the peak tourist season, when the seas are calm and it is simpler to get to the bay. Seas can be rough from May to October, but entry is rarely denied.

It is lovely and it is not remote. Since it became well-known, the beach receives thousands of visitors every day. Another thing is that there were numerous boats that transported tourists in and out; at any given time, there would have been more than 30 speedboats and longtail boats on the beach, with massive ferries carrying hundreds of snorkelers and tourists moored in deeper water.

Thai authorities intervened to stop Maya Bay from deteriorating and declared it closed so that the seabed and reef could recover ecologically. It is anticipated to reopen in the middle of 2021 and has significantly improved over time. Vessels may enter the bay during the closure so that you can enjoy the stunning scenery, but it is not permitted to park close to the beach.

3. Ko Bida Nok

Ko Bida Nok

The best day trip dive site in Phuket may be at Koh Bida Nok – Phi Phi. When diving in the Phi Phi Islands, you are most likely to visit this dive site, which is one of my favorites in the region (weather permitting).

A dive site that is convenient for divers of all skill levels and offers excellent entertainment.

With sandy bottoms, sloping reefs, a great wall, small caves, big crevices, and a great variety of both hard and soft corals, the underwater topography is diverse.

The fish population is teeming with large schools of tuna and snapper as well as a variety of anemone fish, surgeon fish, and butterflyfish. Here, the rare Ghost Pipefish is frequently seen lurking in and near the sizable coral bommies. One of the best fish populations in the area may be found at Koh Bida Nok.

The marine life is also among the best in the area, with Black Tip reef sharks frequent, Leopard sharks regularly resting on the sandy bottoms, and Whale Sharks passing by from May to August. Turtles, cuttlefish, and octopus are also frequently encountered. Sea snakes and moray eels, including the magnificent Zebra Moray, are frequently encountered. Neither are seahorses or vibrant nudibranchs out of place.

Large populations of both Yellow and Two-Spot Snappers have recently made this island their home. They are now a common sight, with schools of tens of thousands forming beautiful formations that keep divers awestruck while diving. Large schools of tuna frequently come and go; this makes for breathtaking scuba diving visibility.

One of the best dive sites to finish your PADI Open Water Course is probably this one. You won’t be satisfied with just one dive here.

One of the top snorkeling spots in the area is Koh Bida Nok. It offers snorkelers a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with black-tip reef sharks and a variety of reef fish.


Thailand is a very well-liked vacation spot that has enchanted visitors with its beautiful beaches, incredible landmarks, food, and culture. It should come as no surprise that Thailand would rank as the world’s top destination for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Thailand’s rooftop pub parties and beach parties provide the best option for those who prefer to celebrate NYE without too many restrictions.

You can travel to some of the islands or beaches after your NYE party to unwind and recover from the festivities. It’s best to stay in Thailand for at least 10 days to fully explore the country’s culture, cuisine, and a few different regions. Thailand has a lot to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Bangkok should you spend the new year?

Bangkok is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, and the residents lavishly celebrate this fact. You can celebrate the New Year in this city in a variety of ways, from watching fireworks to hosting Champagne-filled rooftop dinners.

Which renown rooftop eateries should you visit on New Year’s Eve?

You can have a romantic or family dinner on New Year’s at any one of the many rooftop restaurants in Thailand. These restaurants are also renowned for hosting alluring New Year’s parties in Thailand. The Sky Bar rooftop at Lebua State Tower, Octave Rooftop and Lounge, and Three Sixty are some of the most well-known.

What name does the Thai New Year go by?

The Songkran festival, also known as the Thai New Year, is celebrated by locals in Thailand in April. Every year on April 13th, people celebrate for three to four days during Songkran.

When and how is the Thai New Year observed?

Cleaning one’s home, visiting the elderly, enjoying opulent meals, and—most importantly—throwing water over one another are all part of the Thai New Year celebration. Water is the main element of this festival because it is thought to be pious, and the throwing of water starts on April 13th. Three or four days are dedicated to the Thai New Year celebration, and all locals enjoy public holidays during this time.

Is Koh Phi Phi worth It?

Should you go to Phi Phi? After reading this, you at least know that if you decide to go.  Just be sure you go in with a clear understanding of what it is—a costly, developed island that is best for partying.

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