Blue View Divers Koh Phi Phi: Unrivalled Scuba Adventure Awaits

As a diving enthusiast, I can’t begin to express my excitement when I discovered Blue View Divers in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. This amazing dive centre offers unforgettable scuba diving tours that cater to divers of all skill levels. With their commitment to sustainability and marine conservation, I knew this was the perfect place to embark on my underwater adventure.

During my time with Blue View Divers, I was amazed by the vibrant marine life, the crystal-clear turquoise waters, and the professional guidance provided by their PADI-certified instructors. I felt welcomed and supported from the moment I arrived, ensuring a truly remarkable experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned diver seeking new thrills or a beginner eager to explore the underwater world, Blue View Divers Koh Phi Phi will exceed your expectations. Join them for the ultimate scuba diving experience and create unforgettable memories in one of the world’s most beautiful marine environments.

Quick Overview – Blue View Divers Koh Phi Phi

Blue View Divers Koh Phi Phi

From the moment I arrived at their dive centre, I was welcomed by a friendly and professional team who made me feel right at home.

The dive centre itself is situated in a lovely spot, with stunning views of the turquoise blue waters and lush green surroundings. This setting immediately put me at ease as I soaked in the location’s natural beauty. I appreciated their eco-friendly practices, such as using reusable water bottles, organising frequent beach clean-ups, and being actively involved in marine conservation projects.

The dive sites that Blue View Divers took me to were varied and well-selected for my skill level. As a fairly experienced diver, I was thrilled to explore around the iconic Bida Islands and the vibrant coral reefs at Koh Phi Phi Ley. I was impressed by the crystal-clear visibility, which allowed me to fully enjoy the wide array of marine life inhabiting the area.

During my dives, I encountered schools of colourful fish, delicate soft corals, and unique nudibranch species, and I even had a special encounter with a majestic sea turtle! The experienced dive guides were attentive, ensuring my safety and pointing out interesting marine life that I might otherwise have missed.

The equipment provided by Blue View Divers was well-maintained, and their rental prices were reasonable. The dive boat was comfortable and spacious, with plenty of space for everyone to prepare for their dives and relax in between. The boat crew was also friendly and helpful, preparing fresh fruit and snacks for us during surface intervals.

My scuba diving experience with Blue View Divers in Koh Phi Phi was memorable and enjoyable. Their team’s stunning scenery, rich marine life, and professional service made it a truly exceptional diving adventure.

What Makes Blue View Divers Stand Out

Firstly, their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices truly resonated with me. I appreciated that they were doing their part to protect the beautiful marine life and coral reefs. The dive centre uses reusable water bottles, participates in beach clean-ups, and educates divers on responsible diving practices – a big plus in my books.

Secondly, Blue View Divers offers a fantastic range of courses and dive options catering to different levels of experience. As a novice, I started with an introductory course that helped me become comfortable underwater. I noticed they also offered PADI Certification courses and guided fun dives for more experienced divers, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

What Makes Blue View Divers Stand Out

Another aspect that made my experience exceptional was their experienced and friendly instructors. Right from the beginning, I felt welcomed and at ease. The instructors were knowledgeable and patient and ensured that safety was a top priority throughout the process.

The small group sizes also contributed to a memorable and personalised experience. Blue View Divers ensures that each group is limited so that divers receive ample attention from the instructors. This allowed me to bond with fellow divers and form a real camaraderie during our underwater adventures.

Lastly, the stunning dive sites around Koh Phi Phi were nothing short of mesmerising. Blue View Divers took us to incredible locations teeming with vibrant marine life and breathtaking coral formations. Each dive was a fantastic experience that I’ll remember fondly for a long time to come.

The Variety of Tours Offered

At Blue View Divers Koh Phi Phi, I experienced a fantastic range of scuba diving tours that catered to different skill levels and interests. From picturesque reefs to vibrant marine life, there was something for everyone to explore.

I started with their Discover Scuba Diving programme, which was perfect for beginners like me. It included a brief theory session, a shallow water practice dive, and an open water dive up to 12 metres deep. Thanks to their knowledgeable and friendly instructors, I felt very safe throughout the experience.

For certified divers, they offered a variety of exciting options. The Local Dive Sites package included two guided dives to nearby sites, suitable for all skill levels. Additionally, they provided the Bida Islands Special trip, which took me to two breathtaking dive sites around the Bida Islands – famous for their stunning topography and diverse marine life.

Overall, the variety of Blue View Divers Koh Phi Phi tours made my scuba diving experience memorable and enjoyable. I highly recommend giving them a try if you’re looking to explore the underwater world of Koh Phi Phi.

The Comprehensive Scuba Diving Courses

The Comprehensive Scuba Diving Courses

One of the things that truly sets Blue View Divers apart is their comprehensive scuba diving courses. Allow me to share my experience with their courses and certifications.

Their expert instructors cater to divers of various skill levels, from complete beginners to seasoned pros. The PADI Open Water Diver course is perfect for those new to diving like I once was. It provides a solid foundation of diving skills, safety knowledge, and confidence underwater. 

The course combines theory lessons with practical in-water training, culminating in four open-water dives. I was ecstatic to receive my internationally recognised PADI Open Water Diver certification by the end.

Blue View Divers Koh Phi Phi also offers the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course for divers who already have their Open Water certification and are looking to enhance their skills. 

This course was instrumental in helping me refine my buoyancy, dive planning, and underwater exploration techniques. The course comprises five adventure dives, each focusing on a different skill or speciality. Some popular choices include Deep Diving, Night Diving, and Underwater Photography.

In addition to the Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses, Blue View Divers offers:

Blue View Divers Koh Phi Phi also provides the PADI Divemaster course for those looking to turn their passion into a profession. This comprehensive programme trains divers to guide and mentor others while working closely with a professional instructor. 

As a Divemaster, I also learned how to assist in training PADI courses, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

From my initial Open Water certification to becoming a Divemaster, my journey with Blue View Divers Koh Phi Phi has been unforgettable. 

Their comprehensive courses have made me a more skilled and confident diver and allowed me to forge lasting friendships and work in one of the world’s most stunning diving destinations.

Helpful Tips for First-Time Divers

Helpful Tips for First-Time Divers

I would like to share a few helpful tips to make your first scuba diving experience more enjoyable and safe.

1. Get proper training

Before taking the plunge, it is crucial to receive appropriate scuba diving training from a qualified instructor. They will teach you the essential skills and ensure you feel confident and comfortable in the water.

2. Choose your equipment wisely

When renting gear, always inspect the equipment and ensure it fits well. A mask that doesn’t seal correctly, a BCD that’s uncomfortable or leaking, and fins that are too tight or loose can spoil your diving experience.

3. Plan your dive

Before entering the water, be sure to discuss your dive plan with your buddy and the dive professional. This will help avoid any unexpected surprises and make your dive flow smoothly.

4. Know your limits

As a first-time diver, you might be eager to explore the depths, but sticking to your comfort zone and the limits you’ve learned in your training is important. Slowly build up your confidence and experience over time.

5. Stay relaxed and breathe

Staying calm and taking deep, steady breaths through the regulator will help you enjoy the underwater world while keeping buoyancy under control. Remember, slow down, relax, and let the amazing ocean life come to you.

6. Maintain proper buoyancy control

When diving, it’s important to maintain your buoyancy so you don’t inadvertently damage the delicate marine ecosystem. Keep a sufficient distance from the bottom and be mindful of where you put your hands and fins.

7. Keep an eye on your air, depth, and no-decompression limit

Regularly check your dive computer or gauges to ensure you have enough air, stay within safe depth limits, and adhere to the no-decompression times.

I hope these tips prove helpful during your first scuba diving experience with Blue View Divers Koh Phi Phi. Dive safely and enjoy the underwater beauty that awaits you!

Conservation Initiatives at Blue View Divers

Conservation Initiatives at Blue View Divers

One of the efforts I appreciate is the involvement in reef clean-ups. As a collective, we remove trash and marine debris from the ocean, preventing further degradation of the reef system. Additionally, we educate our guests on responsible diving practices and the importance of protecting our oceans, including the ‘no-touch and no-take’ policy.

It is also worth noting that our dive centre is a Project AWARE partner, meaning that we are committed to incorporating eco-friendly practices into our daily operations. This partnership promotes sustainable diving and snorkelling tourism, ensuring minimal impact on the marine environment.

Lastly, I should mention the coral restoration project. As a passionate diver, I find it incredibly inspiring to participate in coral-planting initiatives that contribute to the conservation of this vital ecosystem. This hands-on approach allows our team, as well as our guests, to be directly involved in positively impacting the underwater world we all love.

In summary, Blue View Divers is more than just a diving centre; it advocates for marine conservation and eco-friendly practices. By participating in their initiatives, I feel like an ambassador for preserving the awe-inspiring underwater treasures of Koh Phi Phi.

Booking and Pricing Information

I recently had the pleasure of diving with Blue View Divers on Koh Phi Phi, and I would like to share some information on how to book your experience and what to expect in terms of pricing.

To book a diving tour with Blue View Divers, visit their official website and browse their available dive packages and courses. You’ll find options for both experienced divers and beginners and PADI certification courses. Once you have selected the package or course that suits your needs, you can fill out their online booking form to secure your spot.

Alternatively, you can contact them via email or phone to make a reservation, or if you are already on the island, drop by their dive shop in person. Their friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

In terms of pricing, Blue View Divers offers a range of options to accommodate different budgets and preferences. Here are some examples of their rates:

These prices generally include all necessary diving equipment, marine park fees, and refreshments onboard the dive boat. However, it’s worth noting that prices may vary depending on the season and specific package details. Check their website or get in touch with them directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

One more thing that I found convenient is their flexible cancellation policy. They understand that plans can change, and they offer free cancellations up to 48 hours before the scheduled dive or course.

So there you have it – a brief overview of booking and pricing information for Blue View Divers on Koh Phi Phi. Happy diving!

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