Can You Rent Two Wheelers In Phi Phi? 🚲

Yes, you can rent two-wheelers in Phi Phi. It’s the best way to travel around the island. 

Let’s dig into everything you need to know!

If you’re a beach and island hopping enthusiast, you simply will not be able to resist the lure of Phi Phi Islands. After all, it is famed as the most beautiful group of tropical islands in the world. When you go to Thailand, it is worth it to visit this place because it is one of its most attractive tourist destinations.

The movie “The Beach” which starred Leonardo DiCaprio was set on Phi Phi island. That’s why all the more this stunning tropical paradise became renowned. It has also been established as a national park along with the neighboring Noppharat Thara Beach.

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What you need to know about renting bikes

  • 🚲 It’s challenging to explore most of Ko Phi Phi by bicycle, except for off-road biking.
  • 🏞️ There’s a road from Tonsai to Long Beach and some cycling options at the north end of the island.
  • 🏨 Bike hire shops or signs are scarce, but tourists might rent bikes from guesthouses.
  • 🚵‍♂️ Some tourists have been seen riding bikes around Tonsai.
  • 🌴 Using long-tail boats for longer distances and walking is often a better option due to the island’s small size.
  • 📌 The topic has been closed due to inactivity on the forums

You can rent a bike for cheap on the island to get around easily.

What Is Phi Phi Islands? Main Attractions You Will See With A Two-Wheeler? 🌴

What Is Phi Phi Islands

One of the main gateways to Phi Phi Islands is Phuket where most visitors accrue from. Then again, this tourist haven is not a part of this province. Noppharat Thara Beach and Phi Phi Islands are an inclusion of Krabi Province which is almost the same in distance as Phuket on the other side.

A lot of people think that Phi Phi islands are comprised of only two islands- the Phi Phi Don and the Phi Phi Leh. That is not correct because Phi Phi consists of 6 islets where the other 4 are Mai Phai, Yung, Bida Nok, and Bida Nai. For the most part, you’ll find that these areas are made of limestone.

They are an expansion of the limestone mountain range of Phang- Nga, another province in Thailand. Just like that of Phang- Nga Bay, the islands and mountains of Koh Phi Phi have steep perpendicular cliffs, large and spacious caves, and lush dwarf trees sprouting from their rock crevices.

It is only on Phi Phi Don island that you’ll find resorts and hotels to stay in. This isle is larger in area where you’ll likewise find pristine white beaches and amazing coral formations. The most famous beaches you’ll find here are Ton Sai Bay and Lodalam Bay.

At the former- the Ton Sai Bay, you’ll come across some shops where you can find assistance to go on snorkeling and diving trips throughout island or the nearby ones.

The other islands of Koh Phi Phi, such as the Phi Phi Leh are on their own uninhabited because they don’t have any surrounding beaches and they subside into the sea. Here, you can explore the picturesque coves of Au Maya and Au Lo. Snorkelers find these locations a favorite. All around this isle, the sea is deep of over 30 meters where tourists can dive and have a glimpse at the spectacular coral formations underneath.

Modes Of Transportation Within Phi Phi Island

These said about the beautiful main attractions of Phi Phi, you might be wondering about how to go about your activities there. For one thing, what are the modes of transportation and how do you roam around the place?

How do you go from one spot to the other on Phi Phi Islands? Considering that there are only a few paths and you can’t find real roads on them, you could be asking if you can rent two-wheelers within their premises. This refers to scooters and bicycles.

In this aspect, it’s best to elucidate the different and basic means of going around Koh Phi Phi.

Ways To Tour Around Phi Phi Islands

While 6 islands make up Koh Phi Phi, it is only in Phi Phi Don where hotels are situated and visitors can be accommodated for their stay. When people say “Phi Phi island” what they are referring to is Phi Phi Don which is the destination’s biggest island. The second biggest island is Phi Phi Leh which is famous for Maya Bay wherein the movie “The Beach” was shot.

If you want to go around Phi Phi Don and the rest of it or among the islands, you take the following modes of transportation:

By boat

boat phi phi

You can rent a longtail boat with a driver to go around the beaches and islands in Koh Phi Phi. All 8 passengers can occupy it, and it costs around 3000 baht. With a longtail boat, you’ll be able to explore the different parts of the main island along with favorite places like Maya Bay, Monkey Bay, Bamboo Island, and Mosquito Bay. Packed with these trips are snorkeling opportunities in pertinent locations.

If you want something cheaper, take a longtail “taxi” boat to go anywhere on the island as you pay for a fee. However, a private rental boat is advisable if you want to experience exclusive group trips.

By bicycle

bicycle phi phi

It is very common for tourists to ride a bicycle to go around Phi Phi. Primarily, there aren’t plenty of empty spaces or decent paths or roads on the island. However, there are a few resorts and hotels in the main town where you can rent bicycles. Your use of this two-wheeler is nonetheless limited, but you can ride it to reach the town from your hotel, or from Ton Sai bay to the main beach.

On foot/ by walking

by walking phi phi

You’ll have plenty of places to go to on Phi Phi if you travel on foot. There are heaps to see in the place by walking, such as all over the town for shopping or grabbing something to eat. You’ll also chance upon numerous restaurants in the area.

From the main town, you can proceed to the secluded beaches on the east coast and hike to the viewpoint. If you walk or go on foot around the island, your trip can take about 2 hours.

By kayak

kayak phi phi

If you’re considering a cheap way to get around Koh Phi Phi, take a kayak ride. It costs only 500 baht for one person, 700 baht for 2 persons, and 200 baht for a short 1-hour trip. With this affordable mode of transport, you can range over the island at your own speed, time and pace.

Can You Rent Two-Wheelers On Phi Phi?


You can rent bicycles on the island, however, there are limited establishments that offer them. A few hotels and resorts provide rentals if you want to avail of quality service.

As for two-wheelers like scooters, no, you cannot find rentals for them on the destination, mainly because you wouldn’t need these to tour the place. After all, Phi Phi Don and the rest of the islands aren’t that big or spacious when it comes to their roads.

Motorized vehicles and two-wheelers such as scooters do not find access to Phi Phi because there aren’t any real roads in it and the place is usually full of people. It wouldn’t be safe, fun or easy to take a trip all over the area with these transport methods.

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