What is the cheapest resort to spend 5 nights on Phi Phi Island

There are many budget resorts for those who wish to visit Phi Phi Island. However, the cheapest resort depends on whether you want to stay in Tonsai village or on the beach. If you want to be close to everything, staying at a hostel, guesthouse/homestay will prove ideal.

But if you do not mind being away from the main town center, you can find cheap bungalows or beach huts for very affordable prices!

Phi Phi island is where anyone can easily find the ideal budget accommodation.

Phi Phi island is a popular destination for backpackers and budget travelers.

There are many different accommodation options on the island, including luxury hotels, resorts, and hostels. The cheapest resort to stay at is found in Tonsai village. It costs around $15 per night per person and includes free breakfast, WiFi access, and air-conditioning (it can get quite warm here). If you want more facilities like a pool or gym, other places offer these things at an extra cost; however, they will still be cheaper than most places off the island!

There are also some cheap resorts on Koh Phi Phi Don Island, as well as several hostels and guesthouses/homestays in Tonsai Village.

Here are some of the best cheap resorts to stay in Koh Phi Phi Don Island:

1. Baan Tai Resort

Baan Tai Resort

This is one of the cheapest resorts on Koh Phi Phi Don Island, but it’s also very nice. The rooms are clean and private, and there are good amenities, including free WiFi and an outdoor pool. All-inclusive packages can be purchased for as low as $9 per night.

2. Maya Bay Beach Resort

Maya Bay Beach Resort

Another great option if you’re looking for a cheap resort on Koh Phi Phi Don Island is Maya Bay Beach Resort, which has beautiful views of Maya Bay (where “The Beach” was filmed). You’ll enjoy many facilities here, such as your private balcony/deck, air conditioning, hot water shower facilities, and more! Prices start at around $15 per night, depending on your package; there’s even an all-inclusive option that includes breakfast daily!

3. Other Options

Pirate Huts Guesthouse

There are also several hostels and guesthouses/homestays in Tonsai Village, where you can find plenty of options under $20 per night (and sometimes much less).

These include The Pirate Huts Guesthouse, run by two friendly English speakers who will give you tips about where to go around town; Paradise Bungalows, run by another couple who offer tours around the island; or Rock Backpacker Hostel which offers dorms as well as private rooms for couples looking for something romantic (this would be perfect if this trip included a wedding proposal!).

Bungalows VS. Beach huts Phi Phi

Bungalows VS. Beach huts Phi Phi

If you’re searching for the best deals in accommodation, bungalows or beach huts will prove the best option.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

The cheapest resort on Phi Phi Island depends on whether you wish to stay in Tonsai village or on the beach.

For those looking to save money, the best places to stay on Phi Phi Island are in Tonsai village.

For those who want a resort experience, staying on the beach is best. But remember that this comes at a premium price tag. With so many beautiful beaches around Thailand, why not explore one of them instead? Many budget travelers choose not to spend their precious holiday time on an island when so many other places are worth exploring!


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to find cheap resorts on Phi Phi Island. Hopefully, we’ve given you some helpful tips for finding an ideal budget accommodation.

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