Cost of a Trip to Phi Phi Island

Relaxation is one of the ultimate gifts you could ever bestow yourself after all of the stressful paperwork you have been doing while in the city. As a matter of fact, taking a vacation is proven to reduce the stress you have accumulated while working.

In light of this, spending your vacation on an island with clear blue waters may sound like a dream, but in Phi Phi Islands, a day trip is attainable whenever you want to take a break.

Hop on and discover what awaits you in the islands of the Land of Smiles, the Phi Phi Islands.

Travel Costs for Phi

Cost of a trip to phi phi island
Travelling is one of the means of relaxation for those who tirelessly work. Apart from this, some people find therapy in being a wanderlust. However, one of the realities of travelling is facing the costs that may come along the way.

As mentioned above, let’s face it, everything may cost once you travel. The entrance fee, tour guide, call tours, day trips, vacation rentals, visit the National Park, and trying out different beaches, such as the Monkey beach and Maya beach. Moreover, enjoying a snorkelling time at Ton Sai beach and exploring the coral reefs of the Bamboo Island, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Lagoon, and many others.

Phis Islands have a lot of beauty and should be visited. Phi has been rated as a more expensive city than the rest of Thailand.

To save money, listed below are the best deals and special offers you can keep in mind before you book a full-day trip to the beautiful island of Koh Phi.

Prices for Activities

In wandering the islands of Phi Phi, it is understood that you are there to have fun with the water-related activities waiting for you. This may include jumping off the limestone cliffs, exploring a hidden cove, snorkelling spots with a great view, and riding a fast boat.

This Phi tour is a good value for the Phi Islands sightseeing tour by speedboats. A Phi Islands tour may be advisable for a low price as it includes all of the included amenities for an enjoyable snorkelling day.

It’s cheaper to arrange half or whole-day trips in a group. Full-day tours are more affordable and are ideal for visiting in a short time. They’re pretty exhausting. So for an uneventful party day, maybe a half-day visit would be a better option.

Prices for Food

Prices for Food

Good travel also means experiencing good food. Now, because you’re in Thai, a good lunch is just one walk away with all of the restaurants available on the island that are proud to exhibit Thai cuisine that reflects Thailand’s rich and vivid culture.

However, quite frankly, the food in Phi Phi Islands is more expensive than in some places in Thailand, but of course, the quality of the food is just excellent and crafted well. For your reference for the pricing:

Prices for Accommodation

Prices for Accommodation

Staying in one of the pristine Thai islands may cost you; that is why Phi’s hotels are quite renowned for being expensive. Even cheaper hostels in Thailand can cost between ฿200 and ฿300 to ฿400, and Koh Phi about ฿400.

The accommodation fees may rise even more during the high season or what they call the peak seasons. The minimum cost of the hotel should be around ฿300 per night.

There are also instances where you may pay ฿1200 to find a decent restaurant and breakfast in an accommodation. There are also resort prices ranging from ฿300 to ฿500.

That is why it is safe to budget ฿3500 if you plan to stay in Phi Phi for a week.

Cost of Phuket Tours and Tickets to experience Phi Islands

The islands of Phi are just a whole new kind of beach, most renowned for their turquoise waters that are perfect for spending your weekend getaway.

Some tours are available up to:

With the variety of slots a tourist can choose from, it is definitely worth it to enjoy a vacation to the Phi Phi Islands.

Sunrise Trip to Maya Bay

Maya BayPhuket tours offer snorkelling activities during early trips to the Sun Rise Phi Tour. You can get here by departing from Phuket with a top-speed boat to visit renowned Phi Island. The early departure to Phi usually arrives around 9 to 10:30 am on Maya Bay which is why if you are not quite a fan of being an early bird, you will have to adjust for this one.

Although sunrise tours appear identical to speedboat trips to Phi, what’s unique about them is their schedule. An earlier departure means your arrival at Maya Bay will be more likely convenient because fewer tourists will visit the beach.

You have to keep in mind that Phi Islands tend to become busy, which means you’re likely to have a better start at 5 pm to see Maya Bay at its finest.

Overall Koh Phi Travel Cost

To comprehensively plan your trip to Koh Phi Phi, You can at least prepare €60 each day of your stay. This was in line with the past experiences of every tourist that spent a cost averaging of ฿340 (€10) per meal and ฿202 (€6) per trip for local travel, and the average hotel room costs around ฿2365 (€69).

In other words, a trip to Koh Phi costs averaging ฿29,434 (€855). All these average trip prices were collected from other travellers in an attempt to help you determine a travel budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is travelling to Phi Phi Island cheap?

The island of Phi offers many budget hotels. Even a single bed in an 18-bed dormitory room costs more than €13.

How many days are enough for a trip to Phi Phi Islands?

If in case you are wondering how much time is needed for Phi island? For starters, it comprises six islands that are easily accessible within three days and five days are perfect for a visit to Phil Phi Island.

Are the Phi Phi Islands worth visiting?

Koh Phi is an idyllic destination for all the families who want to visit, and the water is turquoise. Phi Phis will help provide you with everything you could need for a relaxing holiday.

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