Hey, you! We know you’re wondering what there is to do in Phi Phi on New Year’s Eve. Well, we’ve got some good news for you: there are plenty of fun things to do in this tropical paradise! You can party like it’s 1999, take a midnight dip or even get out of town (although we highly recommend staying put). But the best thing about visiting Phi Phi is watching their spectacular fireworks displays at midnight.

Spectacular Firework Displays

Spectacular firework displays

Starting at 8pm, the main beaches on Koh Phi Phi are the best place to watch the spectacular firework displays. The display lasts for one hour and will begin shortly after dark. There are also two smaller fireworks displays that take place in other parts of the island at 9pm. It is strongly advised that you arrive early as there will be a large crowd by 7pm.

It is advisable to arrive early as there will be a large crowd by 7pm

Party like it’s 1999

New Year's Eve in Phi Phi

The best way to spend New Year’s Eve in Phi Phi is to party like it’s 1999. The island has a number of events and parties going on all over the island, which means you can pick where you want to celebrate your last night of 2019.

If you’re looking for a low-key option that still gives you an impressive view of the fireworks, consider heading out to Maya Bay Beach where there will be plenty of space for everyone. You could also enjoy dinner at the restaurant or hotel where they’re hosting their party or visit one of the many bars and clubs around town too!

Take a Midnight Dip

Take a midnight dip

There are many places to go for a dip. One of the most popular is the beach at Sairee Beach, which tends to be busy but not overcrowded. Once you’ve found your spot on the sand, make sure to bring along a flashlight and towel so that you can find it again! You’re also going to want something to drink (and maybe some food). If you have any leftovers from last night’s festivities, they’ll come in handy here.


The night is young and there are many things to do in Phi Phi. You can party like it’s 1999 or you can go for a midnight dip. You can even go outside of the town. But the best thing to do on new years is to watch the spectacular fireworks displays.

The island has great views and you are guaranteed a good time. One of these places will be crowded but it doesn’t matter because you’ll have an amazing view anyway!

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