Explore Rantee Beach – Offbeat Location For Travelers

The beach is where you can enjoy a relaxing, peaceful vibe. It’s where you can bask in the warmth of the sun, the sand, and the sea, and relish the breathtaking beauty of nature all around. These, and more, are what you can get on Phi Phi island.

Koh Phi Phi is one of Thailand’s most beautiful tourist destinations. During November to April, its peak season, these isles are flocked by thousands of beach and island hopping enthusiasts. These vacationers hail from all across the globe.

You’ll be amazed at the pristine and stunning beaches of this place. Especially if you want to relish some time alone- away from the tourist crowds, you can hop on to Rantee bay.

What Is Rantee Bay On Phi Phi Island?

What Is Rantee Bay On Phi Phi Island

Rantee beach is located on the east coast area of Koh Phi Phi Don. This site is astoundingly calm, mainly because of its unique shape that’s akin to a water breaker. Coconut trees line the bay, seeming like a border. Setting foot in this location offers you a truly peaceful experience.

A laid-back mood pervades this bay. It’s typically because of the bamboo huts and hammocks situated throughout the premises.

Rantee beach is famous for its marvelous coral reef found 80 m out into the sea. Snorkelers and divers find it to be an astonishing area to explore. Larger sea predators abound in this reef, such as marlin, black tip sharks, barracudas, long toms, trevally, and jacks, to mention some. Come the low season, you can also see pods of dolphins swimming by.

Rantee bay, being situated on the east coast of Koh Phi Phi Don provides an unobstructed view of the full moon. The panorama of it is remarkable, that’s why this beach is a popular attraction for tourists.

Taking A Trip To Rantee Beach- How To Get There

You will arrive at Rantee Beach by taking a longtail boat taxi from the Phi Phi Don main pier. The best times to visit are from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, with the most preferred hours at 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Visitors often stay in the place for an average of 2 hours. The busiest days on this site are Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

If you want to avoid the tourist crowd and the noise when vacationing on Phi Phi island, go to Rantee Bay. It’s where you can have the best time enjoying the peace, and tranquility of the natural environment. The beach is dog-friendly, too.

Initially, you might find Rantee beach (although small) to be pricey compared to other beaches in Phi Phi, however, it is the cheapest one on the eastern side of the island. You’ll nonetheless cherish its seclusion and calmness. A Rantee beach experience is conducive if you are budget-conscious.

Despite the isolation, the beach has numerous amenities to offer. There are bars, restaurants, and toilets situated in the area.

Why Visit Rantee Beach on Phi Phi Island?

Rantee Beach on Phi Phi Island

You will find a fusion of the old and the new in this place. Along its beach, you’ll come upon the traditional travelers’ hangout. It will just be you, the awe-inspiring tropical sea, and your peace when you laze in it. Various businesses have tapped into it by putting up simple resorts that are conducive to tranquility. It’s just like the way it was in the decades of the 1980s and the 1990s when backpackers would set foot on the beach.

Far from the boisterous crowd of the main Phi Phi Don village and pier, you can settle comfortably on Rantee beach, even just for 2 hours.

Rantee beach is set under the main viewpoint mountain. This relatively small paradise is all that stands before you and the impressive coral reef that nestles 80 meters out into its sea. In the direction of the north, you’ll feast upon the splendid views of the Bamboo and the Mosquito islands together with Phrang Nga cliffs and the coastline and islands of the Krabi province.

A longtail boat taxi takes tourists to the beach, but the nearby reef is a well-known and favorite snorkel spot for these visitors. One of the main and enjoyable activities on Phi Phi is a tour around the islands, and this is popular during the low season when the waters are placid due to the westerly winds. During the high season from November to April, the sea breeze tends to be soft and cool what with the winds coming from the north.

Rantee bay has an impressive and expansive marine ecology. Don’t be misled by its 3 km length and size or its shallow waters because it is among the best key snorkeling sites on Phi Phi.

Going To Rantee Bay On Foot

For a short duration of time, you can walk your way to Rantee bay. That is, you can reach this beautiful destination on foot from the main Phi Phi Don village. Follow the way of the concrete steps all through the rough footpath that leads to the Viewpoint. When you get there, you’ll be stunned by the attractive vista of the Tonsai and Loh Dalum bays as well as the Tonsai cliffs beyond. This is the trademark picture of the isles of Phi Phi.

There are signs that will guide you at the top of the mountain where you’ll come across the Coco shack bar. It would be nice to grab a drink there. As you descend upon a perpendicular path, you’ll chance upon the Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort which is on the other side and located exactly on the beach.

Another means of trekking to Rantee bay is to go along the Loh Modee area and follow the fisherman’s path. You can find and access it behind Long Beach. If you come from the northern side, you can reach Rantee beach by taking the same path that originates from Loh Bagao beach.

Accommodation At Rantee Beach

Accommodation At Rantee Beach

If you want to savor the best of the beauty and peacefulness of Rantee beach, you can book accommodation there. Right at the beach, you’ll find simple and tranquil bungalow complexes that are operated by the Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort and the Tohko Beach Resort.

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