How do you get from Phi Phi to Mosquito Island?

If you’re planning a trip to the Phi Phi Islands, one of the most popular things to do is visit Mosquito Island. But how do you get there? There are several ways, but we recommend using a private speedboat. It’s by far the best option since it will give you more flexibility in your schedule and speed up your travel time.

The best way to get from Phi Phi to Mosquito Island is with a private speedboat. There’s no other way!

How do you get from Phi Phi to Mosquito Island

The three main places to start your journey from are Phuket, Krabi (Noppharat Thara Pier), and Koh Lanta.

Phuket is the most popular starting point for boats to get to Mosquito Island as it’s relatively easy to get there even if you’re traveling on a budget. There are also many different tour operators that offer day trips or overnight packages that take you to the island.

Krabi and Koh Lanta are less popular but still good options if you want quieter beaches and less touristy places. You can take a boat from either of these islands too but they will be more expensive than Phuket ($100-150).

The two companies that we recommend for this trip are Seafari and Phuket Fantasea. Both are located on the island’s east side, and both can bring you to Mosquito Island in under an hour.

The price for each company will vary depending on the time of year and how many other people are booked into your tour, but it is possible to book a trip for about $100 per person round-trip. That’s about the same price as a flight from Bangkok to Phi Phi, so if you don’t have much extra time left after exploring Koh Phi Phi Don and getting back on your cruise ship or island hopping tour, it may be worth considering this option as well!

If you’re coming from Koh Lanta, then the local ferry from Saladan Pier is an excellent option. The boats run every hour and take about 30 minutes to get there. They are also a great way to see Phi Phi Don and learn more about its history and culture, as well as meet other travellers on your way.

Private speedboat

Private speedboat

A private day tour is the best option to get from Phi Phi to Mosquito Island. The three main places to start your journey from are Phuket, Krabi (Noppharat Thara Pier) and Koh Lanta. Speedboats depart from these locations at different times throughout the day, so be sure to check with your hotel reception or travel agent for details on when you should arrive at the pier.

Shared speedboat

Shared speedboat

Shared tours operate more frequently than private tours and are often cheaper than arranging a private trip yourself. They usually depart from either: Phuket’s Chalong Pier; Krabi’s Nai Harn Pier; or Koh Lanta Pier on Lanta Yai Island (which is closer than Koh Lanta Noi).


These are the main things to keep in mind when planning your trip from Phi Phi Island to Mosquito Island. We hope you enjoy your time on the island!

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