How To Plan 24-Hour Itinerary In Koh Phi Phi Don

Phi Phi island is one of Thailand’s most beautiful tourist destinations. Beach and island-hopping enthusiasts are lured by its crystal clear waters, the limestone cliffs, the huge mystifying caves, and the lush jungles, among others. Although six islands comprise it, two are the most visited, and they are the Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh islands. Although relatively small, you’ll find heaps of activities to do and astounding sites to see in this tropical paradise.

Considering its size, is it possible to have the best time exploring Phi Phi island in one day? Basically, it’s not. However, it is possible if you optimize your allocated time for it and plan your itinerary well. One is indicated below.

There are several entry points to Koh Phi Phi Don, and one is via Phuket. You take a boat from the province going to the island. You have the option to book a ferry-only service, a bus and ferry service where you’ll be picked up from your hotel, or a day tour where you’ll get hotel pick up and drop off, meals, and water activities services.

Planning Your 24-Hour Itinerary In Phi Phi Don

Planning Your 24-Hour Itinerary In Phi Phi Don

11:30 in the morning- Arrival at Koh Phi Phi Don

Whether you came from Phuket, Krabi, or Koh Lanta, and whatever your mode of transportation, you should be scheduled to arrive at the main island at 11:30 am.
Taking a cruise, or a cheap boat from Phuket to Phi Phi, you must depart at 9 am and arrive at the Tonsai Pier at 11:30 am. Along your trip, you can sightsee Phi Phi Leh. Upon landing at the pier, a landing fee of (usually) 20THB/person is to be paid.

12:00 noon – Arrival at the hotel

Straight from the pier, you would be heading to your hotel. Your room should be ready. If not, you can leave your belongings and look around at the nearer premises.

12:15 in the afternoon- Check for a half-day Phi Phi island tour

One of the best experiences on Phi Phi is to join a group tour or charter a boat. If you want to save on your budget, you can do the former.

You’ll meet a plethora of travel agents in almost every corner of the island. Each of them has different specialties to offer, such as diving, booze, island hopping, and family activities, to mention a few. Go around to find the most agreeable tour package which ought to start at 2 pm, but your pick-up time will be at 1:30 pm.

1:00 in the afternoon- Chow time. Have a quick lunch

You should have booked your tour by now. After checking in at your hotel, pack your snorkeling gear and grab a quick lunch.

1:30 in the afternoon- Leave your worries and go on a half-day tour

It’s time to enjoy the ride (on a traditional longtail boat) and take lots of photos and videos. Relish every moment as they are when you enjoy the delights of the tropical paradise. Your tour will typically consist of visits to the various beaches of Phi Phi. Along your drop-by’s you would be snorkeling and swimming.

7:00 in the evening- Back to the hotel for a shower

Yes, that’s fundamentally it. In this instance, your half-day tour should be over. You freshen up by taking a shower and getting ready for the next activities.

7:30 in the evening- Have a relaxing massage

After a hard day’s trip, you can’t ask for anything more than a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. You can avail of this in any of the massage parlors on the island for 300THB for an hour.

8:30 in the evening- Reload and recharge with a tasty dinner.

Your massage should have been refreshing, and now it’s time to satiate your tummy. What’s so fantastic about Phi Phi Don is that you can hunt for a wide array of cuisines in its hefty selection of restaurants. Other than Thai food, you can get satisfying meals made up of seafood, Indian, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and Mediterranean foods. If you want, you can look for a resto that features a live band and other live performances.

9:30 in the evening- Cool and refreshing drinks, anyone?

refreshing drinks

If you’re the old-fashioned type, you can just buy beer at the convenience store and slurp it up while walking or sitting down by the beach. If you’re a party person nonetheless, you can go to a bar, such as the Reggae Bar where you can have your booze and watch a live Thai boxing match.

10:30 at night- Get your zzzzz’s

6:30 in the morning- Start your day with a delish breakfast

delish breakfast phi phi

Your hotel is likely to offer a buffet breakfast with choices of Western and Asian dishes. You ought to eat like a king on your first meal of the day. There is plenty to do in the following hours!

8:00 in the morning- Take a hike to the picturesque Viewpoint

This spot you should never miss. It’s a must-see. Your journey will be worth it as you conquer the tedious climb on the steps and the ascent uphill. There are directions all over the streets going to the Viewpoint, so you are apt to find your way.

There are 3 Viewpoints that you can explore. Viewpoint 1 is a beautiful park with manicured shrubs. After a 100-meter walk, you’ll get to Viewpoint 2 where you can witness the panorama of the marvelous bay below. If you want to chillax, grab something to munch at the Viewpoint Cafe.

At Viewpoint 3, you’ll receive free mineral water as you indulge in watching the most stunning view of the beaches and the island. A restaurant is situated here so you can chow and replenish your energy.

9:15 in the morning- Get some rest at the hotel

All sweaty and tired from your ascent and descent from the Viewpoints, you can go back to your hotel to get some rest. The AC will cool down and refresh you.

9:30 in the morning- Look around the Tonsai area

With what’s left of your energy, you can take time to explore the Tonsai area. If you’re craving more adventure, look in on Loh Dalam Bay.

10:30 in the morning- Hold on to dear time as you take a dip in the beach

At this time, the weather would be sweltering. The nearby beach may be overcrowded, but you can still have fun. Grabbing coconut ice cream will pacify the heat.

11:00 in the morning- Go back to the hotel to shower, pack up and rest

Your moments in this beautiful isle are almost over. Do the final touches as you pack up.

12:00 noon – Check out from the hotel

Phi Phi Andaman Resort room

Check out time. You can leave your luggage with the concierge.

12:30 in the afternoon- Last meal (lunch) at the fun holiday island

You can check Google maps for an affordable restaurant, or else you can look for it on your own. There’s a small market at the back of the Phi Phi hotel, and you might just find what you’re searching for there.

2:00 in the afternoon- Bid Phi Phi adios, until the next adventure!

If you choose, at this point you’ll be heading to Phuket by boat which leaves the pier at 2:30 pm.

Final Thoughts

With the above itinerary, you can make the most of your 1-day holiday on Phi Phi island. It takes some planning so that you can optimize your time. All you have to do is inquire online and ask for advice from your hotel or travel agent.

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