How To Plan Honeymoon In Phi Phi Islands

There’s nothing like a honeymoon on Phi Phi islands. Its powdery and pristine white sand beaches, glassy pure waters, lush rainforests, astounding limestone cliffs, and yawning caves are the perfect sceneries to kindle romance. Add to that the spectacular marine life underneath, and your amour can burgeon beneath the sea.

What can be a more splendid way to nurture your affair than having a candlelit dinner by the beach? There is a plethora of specialty restaurants located on Phi Phi for that. And booze, anyone? The bars are a fun place to get woozy with love and wine!

Accommodation is fantastic where you can stay in a luxury resort or hotel and canoodle in a classy and ultra-comfortable room. These, and more, are what you can do when honeymooning in Phi Phi Islands.

How do you plan for a honeymoon in this paradise of a tropical isle? Below is a list of the romantic activities you can do on Phi Phi island on your post-nuptial vacation.

Honeymoon In Phi Phi Island: Romantic Activities You Can Do

Explore the world under the sea by snorkeling and scuba diving

This has to be the number 1 item on your list of honeymoon activities to do in Phi Phi! It’s easy to snorkel and scuba dive in the waters because they are calm and warm. You can view close by the effervescent marine life, too. With snorkel and scuba diving gear readily available, you can make this Phi Phi paradise dream come true!

The best locations for this deed are Maya Bay and Hat Yao.

Rent and sail through on a catamaran

Rent and sail through on a catamaran

Phi Phi island, as an archipelago, is the honeymooners’ nirvana. It’s one of the best places in Thailand to go to on your first holiday as a couple. You simply have to go island-hopping, and the really lovely way of doing so is by renting an exclusive luxury catamaran and gliding through the seas. Don’t forget to bring a sundowner of a sparkling bottle of champagne!

If you want to do this activity on a budget, you can instead hire a longtail boat which is an iconic tradition in Phi Phi.

Party, party, party! Revel in the island’s vibrant nightlife

No one parties better than people in Thailand! This is what you get to enjoy in Phi Phi island’s dynamic nightlife. You’ll be pumped in this party place no matter how much your budget is. Fire shows at the beach are stunning to watch, along with pool parties and Thai boxing matches. You can even be a warrior yourself. Party the night away on your honeymoon in Phi Phi island.

The best bars in this isle are Carlito’s Bar, Sunflower Beach Bar, and the Banana Bar.

Enjoy the beauty of nature by beach hopping

The best beaches in Thailand are found in Phi Phi. More than the regular white bays, beaches in the archipelago are a protected region by a marine national park. Because of this, the fresh beauty of its natural surroundings is kept intact.

Impressive beach locations in this place are Maya Bay, Long Beach, and Loh Dalum Bay.

Join a shark-watching tour

Another underwater deed (aside from snorkeling and scuba diving) that you can relish on the isles is watching sharks. On the main island of Phi Phi Don, you can witness numerous black tip and leopard sharks swimming by. This has been a popular site through the years.
Shark-watching tours usually start early in the morning and until mid-day. A professional and experienced tour organizer should guide you.

The central Tonsai village is the best area for shark-watching.

relish the extraordinary views of the islands

Go hiking and relish the extraordinary views of the islands

By all means, indulge your senses as you behold the diverse topography of the island. It makes a remarkable vista that you can gape. As you hike to a moderate height, you and your honey can find your spot and relish the magnificent view. The hilltop is ideal for this activity.

Enroll in a Thai cuisine cooking class

It’s heaps of fun when you and your spouse travel to a new place and learn how to cook the local dishes. The teacher is very proficient, but on your own, you can get creative and experimental by adding a tinge of Indian and Italian flavors to your cooking.

You’ll have a great time joining a cooking class in Phi Phi because it is interactive. No worries if you’re lacking in pertinent skills. One whole day ought to be allocated for this deed because it can last somewhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours. This will be an exciting activity for you as a couple.

The best restaurant/cooking school in the region is the Pum Cooking School. See to it that you make reservations in advance.

Have a romantic candlelit dinner by the beach

You and your darling deserve a lovey-dovey treat after joining a cooking class, snorkeling and island hopping, and this is by having an intimate candle dinner. Indeed, this is one of the most romantic things you can do in this marvelous destination. You can arrange for this with a good quality resort or hotel so that they can carry out the preparations.

Your romantic beachside dinner can be facilitated by premier establishments such as the Zeavola Resort and the Phi Phi Island Village Resort.

Experience a rock climbing adventure

You may not have known it, but Phi Phi island is an amazing spot for rock climbing. Gigantic hills and boulders abound in some of its spots making it conducive to try ascending them. Give in to your adventurous streak as a couple by rock climbing in Phi Phi and taking delight in the magnificent views.

Rock climbing is best done on the Tonsai Tower, the Ao Ling Wall, and the Drinking Wall.

Pamper yourselves with a couple’s spa

couple's spa

Before ending your honeymoon in Phi Phi Island, indulge your senses by having a couple’s massage. It’s a great way to pamper not only your body but your mind and soul as well. The spa ambiance here is soulful where you can rejuvenate and are worked on by a trained professional. Fresh, hand-picked herbs and fruits suffuse fragrance into the atmosphere, inciting good feelings and romance. If you want to visit a premier location, that would be Zeavola where Chinese, Polynesian, and European treatments are offered.

Other places that offer a couple’s spa are the Phi Phi Chang Grand Resort, and the Baan Sabai Thai Massage.

Final Thoughts

With the above list of activities to do on your honeymoon in Phi Phi island, you can now have a grasp on how to make your lovely vacation as delightful as can be.

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