Is It Worth Spending Two Weeks On Phi Phi Island?

Thailand boasts of a good number of popular tourist islands, and one that stands out is Koh Phi Phi. Several aspects have made it well-known, such as the splendid Maya Bay because of the movie “The Beach”. It starred the gorgeous hunk, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Monkey Beach is also renowned for being inhabited by exotic monkeys. And of course, who doesn’t know about the fantastic activities that you can do on Phi Phi Island, such as diving and snorkeling? Then there are the luxurious and astounding resorts and the lively, fun, and vibrant nightlife.

Despite having been ruined by the tsunami way back in 2004, Phi Phi prevailed. It has been extensively rebuilt and developed in the aftermath of the catastrophe.

Nevertheless, a drawback has tarnished the stellar reputation of the island, and that is over-tourism. Maya Bay, in particular, is overtaken by over 5000 tourists every day, making it polluted.

How Many Days Is Ideal For A Phi Phi Island Holiday?

How Many Days Is Ideal For A Phi Phi Island Holiday

Koh Phi Phi has gained prominence as a tourist destination in Thailand, and thousands of travelers flock to it consistently. Six islands comprise the region, and 3 days would suffice to explore them with much excitement.

The fact is, 5 days is the ideal period to spend for a Phi Phi holiday. Within this specific amount of time, you can have ample space to relish and experience the island’s top attractions, along with ranging over its limestone islands, its mystifying caves, and clear blue waters.

Is it advisable to stay for 2 weeks on Phi Phi? That would honestly be too indulgent, or rather unnecessary. Boredom could set in if you repetitively visit the tourist spots there, not to mention that it is too pricey. Take note, that the island is relatively small, but it is quite overdeveloped. Spending too much time in there could cost you a lot. Almost everything is expensive, especially in the main area. If it fits your budget, you can spend two weeks in Phi Phi, but that would not be very practical.

It’s up to you to decide though because hordes of tourists visit Phi Phi every year, and you can still nonetheless spend your holiday there on a budget.

What Are The Top 5 Activities You Can Do On Phi Phi Island?

1. Spend some time on Maya Bay

Maya Bay

You and your bunch can just stay for an hour at the beach. Swimming is not allowed and boats are prohibited in there since its reopening in early 2022. Maya Bay is a stunning location, and it became more well-known because of the movie “The Beach” which featured Leonardo DiCaprio. The flick was set on this location.

2. Go for a trek to the Phi Phi Viewpoint

Phi Phi Viewpoint

It takes 20 minutes to hike to the Phi Phi Viewpoint, and your effort will be worth it. As a reward, you’ll meet an astonishing view of the island’s panorama. Along the trails, you’ll find steep staircases that will ultimately bring you 182 meters or 600 feet high to the viewpoint. As a caveat, ensure your physical stamina and fitness before doing this activity.

3. Take a shot at rock climbing

rock climbing

Truly, Phi Phi Island is an ideal rock climbing destination, mainly because its landscape is rugged and it has featured cliffs. Ask around for a vendor that offers tours to the limestone rock areas of the island to get on with your feat. A half-day trip is usually enough.

4. Try some snorkeling or scuba-diving adventures

scuba-diving adventures

Amazing diving sites abound in Koh Phi Phi, and one of them is Hin Muang. Tourists find the spectacular vertical wall here which is the highest in Thailand. It stands 60 meters or 197 feet. At the depths of the waters, there are manta rays, whale sharks, leopard sharks, and reef sharks patrolling around, but the crowning glory of this site is a massive purple rock.

5. Take a trip to Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island

Hin Klang, a breathtaking coral garden resides in this isle. A day trip to this area is perfect, especially as there are awesomely relaxing beaches.

What Other Things Can You See and Do In Koh Phi Phi?

1. Have fun with the nightlife


“Wild” is the apt word to describe the nightlife on Phi Phi Island. A formidable mixture of energy drinks, soda, and liquor happens to be the go-to drink in most bars. In these locations at the beach, you can enjoy watching Thai Boxing matches as well as Fire Shows. Bars that are far from the beach on the other hand often have parties at the poolside or on a stunning rooftop deck.

There is no specific closing hour for a lot of bars where they typically stay open until the last customer leaves. Huge and revelrous parties happen on the island on most nights of the week. Nevertheless, these events don’t come cheap.

2. Go diving at the King Cruiser wreck

King Cruiser wreck

The King Cruiser wreck is one of the truly exciting diving sites on Phi Phi. This passenger ship sank in 1997 because it crashed against the anemone reef. Hordes of fish abound in this area, and among them are the lionfish, tuna, barracuda, and clownfish. Occasionally, a turtle or a leopard shark would swim by, making it a spectacle to behold.

The King Cruiser wreck, which is at 30 meters or 98 feet below is quite deep, and only experienced divers are allowed to dive it.

3. Watch a Muay Thai or Thai Boxing match

Thai Boxing match

Usually held nightly at reggae bars on the island, Muay Thai shows are entertaining to watch. If you really want excitement, go into the ring yourself and show your brawns. Free drink buckets are awarded to winners. If you wish to bet on some high-stakes local matches, you can inquire about their schedules. These fights are among professional fighters.

4. Hang around Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach

This beach is indeed beautiful with its powder-white sands. It is an amazing site for diving that all the more makes it popular. Nonetheless, the real spectacle of this place is the monkeys coming down at the beach. Beware of those crafty animals, though because they tend to steal anything that guests might have left unattended. They could come to close proximity to you, but never pet or feed them.

5. Go kayaking and gaze at the sunset

kayaking tour in phi phi

A kayak tour or rent can be arranged with most of the resorts on the island. Phi Phi is fantastic for kayaking where you can go to the waters and watch the sunset. You can go on a sunset kayak tour at Wang Long Bay. You have plenty of options for this activity, so determine what your real fancy is.

Final Thoughts

There are heaps more activities to do on Phi Phi Island. Take time to explore so you’ll know what your options are. This article has provided some information and a good dose of advice so that you’ll know what the ideal number of days to spend on Phi Phi is, and you can make the most of your holiday without poking a hole in your pocket.

You can visit this astounding tourist destination on a budget, or splurge your heart out, but it is always good to be on the safe side and informed.

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